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• 11.09.12 11:25 am

My dad blew a gasket on Fox News last night. He’s the only rational human being in America and he’s visiting from Scotland. 


  1. curb says:

    do you really think all this gimmicky shit is helping your point? first a fake letter from a (time traveling?!)joseph goebbels and now you’re pretending to be your dad on fox news? are you melting down?

  2. ZOMBIEGOP says:

    Just keep up the GREAT work. Maybe when most of these ass hats move out of mommies basement or daddy cuts there funding they will actually see what is going on.

  3. Public Transportation says:

    i think all this gimmicky shit is helping your point. first a fake letter from a time traveling joseph goebbels, and now you’re pretending to be your dad on fox news. you are reasonably melting down.

  4. curb says:

    zombiegop, im confused. so the ass hats live in their mommies basement, or “there” funding comes from daddy? do mommie and daddy not live together? or do the ass hats have more than one “mommie”? is “mommies basement” a term for a room in a house i’ve just never heard? i wish i could see what was going on.

  5. lil' homie says:

    Nothing wrong with melting down, totally normal at a time like this. Thanks to the democratic process we are again stuck with the black Jimmy Carter. Can I buy futures on the unemployment rate?

  6. nicole says:

    do these people really think gavin is scottish and his own dad??

  7. Madman says:

    There funding.

  8. Gavin says:

    Andy Levy made a good point my dad didn’t really counter well. Andy asked how you can be mad at cops for drumming up charges on the filmmaker then get mad at them for NOT enforcing the law re illegal aliens.

    The beef is: The state has made everything illegal so it’s up to them who goes to jail. They obviously don’t care about illegals so that crime goes unpunished and 12m of them feel so comfortable they set up asylum cities with their own rules. When the cops do care (or a politician tells them to care because someone is bad for business) they cut the thread on the Sword of Damocles and – plunge – he’s fucked.

  9. you got away with it says:

    if only they knew what wogs meant

  10. Zlur says:

    Tell you what i hate, the fucking Sun newspaper ad’s at the top of your blog, for shame! Its viceland all over again, your losing it dudes.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This guy isn’t being arrested for bank fraud. He already was arrested for that and now he’s on probation. One of the rules of his probation was that he couldn’t use fake names. He didn’t change his name when he made the movie because he wanted to rip people off. He did it so Muslims wouldn’t kill him. Turns out he was right. They issued a fatwa on him. So, you deserve to go to prison if you avoid death by changing your name because it violates some stupid rule? That doesn’t make you people angry?

  12. Jay says:


  13. Domo says:

    Gavin is a genius and his gimmicks are Godhead. He just happens to be right.

  14. Chapter After says:

    I’d drink with Gavin (and his dad) all night long. We’d argue about politics the whole time and it’d be a fucking riot. Being funny and being right aren’t mutually exclusive.

  15. cook says:

    gavin would you please present a clear articulation of your political views free of obfuscation and irony so we can actually understand what you are trying to say. I don’t give a shit about obama but I am still incredulous over the idea you would want romney and ryan running your country. just lay it it all out please.

  16. Gavin says:

    Presidents don’t run a country. They don’t create jobs and they don’t get us out of trouble. All they do is get in our way. Romney was less likely to get in our way mostly because he had a libertarian as his VP. Obama’s already proven he wants to get in my way and now he’s going to do it for 4 more years. Oh well, at least you guys can say The Fonz is your president. That makes it worth it.

  17. Gavin says:

    Also, Ann Coulter doesn’t get paid by Fox News. She goes on those news programs to promote her books which are incredibly well written and are rewarded with Best Seller status. Try reading one before you start whining about not being able to handle what people say.

  18. anne-onymous says:


  19. cook says:

    i don’t understand. Romney ryan wanted to change constitution to ban gay marriage (!?)- gets in my way. ryan was extremely pro life (romney sways prolife and def would support a prolife justice if he had appointment chance)- gets in my way. they wanted to increase defense spending – gets in my way. they wanted to prolong wars even more than obama. what the fuck was up with all that BS anti woman culture war shit? i don’t give a shit if obama is cool or not. again i would love you to lay out your views. are you down with glen beck and limbaugh POVs? where on the spectrum do you lie? would you have rather have had gary johnson?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I think I got banned…bummer

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