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• 08.28.15 03:21 pm

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It’s not an exaggeration. They cannot deal. When confronted with anything that confuses them they don’t counter it. They shut down. 

This is especially true of broads. When Steven Pinker suggested they may not be genetically predisposed to excel in math and science, a woman in the audience started having convulsions. If that isn’t “literally can’t” I don’t know what is.

Anyhizzeroos, my column on the subject is HERE

  1. STINKY says:


  2. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Not enough logic and too many “fee-fees” bouncing around in the brain. Same folks that expressed sympathy for Tsarnaev and wanted to him to avoid the death penalty but then turned around and demanded that a dentist should be hunted and killed because he shot a lion in a country where killing lions is legal.

  3. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Apparently the rules for debate are steeped in white supremacy and privilege: Like Dr. Frankenstein, college professors are now being terrorized by the monster they created:

  4. “Is this satire?” – usually asked by someone who (I dealt with these two recently): Doesn’t understand a reference to “A Modest Proposal” and fairly brags about never having heard of it; Thinks my reference to Chaplain’s “The Great Dictator” is a dig at Obama.

    Those people also told me I needed to “educate myself.”


    “Troll” = “someone who dares to disagree with them, and hold views they’ve never heard before but were considered normal 15 years ago”

  5. Peter Crawford says:

    I have been banned as a troll from a supremely stupid outdoors forum. They asked me my favoured way to go up the majestic mountain Tryfan with my wife (at the time). I told them the usual way was to take her up Bristly Ridge, which she loved, but would she, for a change, like it if I took her up the Miner’s Track instead.

    I don’t know what an internet troll is. But apparently I am one despite not hating black people.

  6. MildMessiah says:

    You gotta drop the ‘millions of kids that won’t be born’ schtick. Trying to guilt trip people about random kids that won’t exist because of their actions is total bullshit. You act as if producing random kids for it’s own sake is a good thing. Anyone who gives a moments thought to it knows that’s not true. The only people who support that argument are the supporters of the pyramid scheme that is Social Security.

  7. TJ says:

    I am a “troll” because I am a dual US/Italian citizen who has witnessed the absolute shitshow that is unchecked 3rd World migration into Italy and in pointing this out, encountered a horde of deluded idealists who insist that everything that can be seen with your eyes is really just an illusion and here, here’s this study that proves its all just a big mirage, per the wisdom of Professor Finkowitz.

    Yeah, though. “Troll” is becoming one of those buzz words you throw at someone because what they say causes cognitive dissonance and labeling them negatively lets you discount the point they made.

    “Troll”, “Ignorant”, “Racist”, the buzz words are very predictable.

  8. Doug says:

    Dual citizenship? Love it or leave it, buddy.

    Oh, and Italians were pretty “third world” when they came to America. Acted and were treated as such. Took at least 100 years for them to enter the mainstream. That was 100 years of crime epidemics, terrorist bombings and other anti-social behaviour within the Italian community. It wasn’t until after the 2nd World War they became accepted.

  9. prince paul needs a haircut says:

    Who the hell says they’re accepted? A doo wop wop wop

  10. TJ says:

    “Love it or leave it” is a retard mantra, so thanks for clarifying that right off the bat, so I don’t have to invest too much effort in discussing this as though you had a brain.

    Your narrative on “Italians” is uninformed. Southern Italians are idiots. Northern Italians are genetically the same as Swiss or Austrians and their society reflects as much. Its like categorizing all southerners based on what we see in rural black communities in Mississippi.

    In short, you’re dumb.

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