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TV Carnage
• 05.29.09 01:58 pm

Blaire! Don’t you ever let me hear you put yourself down like that again! You are a human and a fat! So you get out there and parade yourself around!

  1. Welcome back kotter says:

    She should drink jesus’ own hot sauce of truth.

  2. Gay Terrorist says:

    I have a suggestion for Gavin; let’s both put our cocks in her ass simultaneously and stretch it to unimaginable proportions so that it looks worse than a 70 year-old gay man’s ass.

  3. wack-boy says:

    There is humans on television?

  4. streetbummers says:

    It seems like the kid from Fat Chicks In Party Hats dot com has been editing the site this week.

  5. haha says:

    this reminds me of faces of death

  6. Cynthia says:

    you guys are silly…poor Blaire

  7. Chris Duncan Clothing says:

    hey guys

  8. pinchmynads says:

    your life is stupid

  9. skull front says:

    is she homeless yet.

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