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D. Eric Beckles
• 01.15.10 11:55 am

I’ve always known timing was the essence to success, so when I found that killer, insightful, condensed blog post about a nation’s history in the wake of a few hundred thousand of them dying in an earthquake I thought, “YES! Perfect timing.”

I’ve always known timing was the essence to success, so when I found that killer, insightful, condensed blog post about a nation’s history in the wake of a few hundred thousand of them dying in an earthquake I thought, “YES! Perfect timing.” Thanks to this incredibly crafted Street Carnage think-piece, serious minds have started a worthy debate about … something.

I know if I was on the shit end of God’s stick I’d want to read something like “Haitin’ on Haiti.” I’m not saying they deserved it either, but I can only hope an act of God that has wiped out hundreds of thousands of you will finally get you to think about Jim’s points. Come on people. And please, do not think I am racist or a liberal. My best friends are white, even my mom is, so I can’t wiggle out of this ’cause my tribal instincts have too many forks in the road.

My point is this: I really hope another piece-of-shit country gets tough love soon. I do not care what color they are, I just want there to be an opportunity to place another well-timed assault on some stuff and things and how much they suck while they lay bleeding to death under rubble.

Heck, I can barely tell the difference between pre-earthquake Haiti and post earthquake Haiti myself. Why Haiti is so fucked isn’t really the point here — rather it’s just a perfect opportunity to paint them all as a seething mass of “cracker killers” or “honky haters.” Those are both pretty catchy Goadian Knots. Anyway, I’m hoping we can franchise this treatment and film it. Sneak in with some news teams pretending to give a shit and use this GOLDEN opportunity to hammer home important references to genocide, Danny Glover, Liberia, and killing crackers.

Just prop my leg up on a piece of concrete rubble, just above the half-crushed head of a three year-old, and read the little idiot the game changing “Haitin’ on Haiti.” Obviously most Haitians are content or else they would have split long ago but maybe I’ll even find some Haitians who will embrace the lesson. If they have any sense they’ll thank me for bringing it to their attention and once they dig themselves out, they’ll hopefully frame the blog entry as their new constitution — just like when Captain Kirk goes and gives those weird aliens a piece of “the truth hurts” on Star Trek.

Ohhhhh shittttt! I was in an earthquake in San Francisco and golly if it wasn’t one of the most frightening and surreal experiences of my life. A lot of injured and crying people etc., etc., but nowhere near this death toll. I wish I had realized then that I was in the midst of a killer opportunity to dish out some tough love about something San Franciscan.

Well, like I said, hopefully there will be another catastrophic opportunity to punch up soon. Actually, Haiti itself will probably erupt into civil war and, with my fake news crews already embedded, that will surely be a win-win for dogmatic timing! So, on behalf of people of all colors and nations around the world, who may be now or in the future lying under rubble, I’d like to pass this along: “Thanks for the timing, Jim!”


P.S. For anyone retarded enough to think I really think this, sorry to disappoint you. I do not. I think choosing a moment at which people are crushed beneath rubble to make a point about hypocrisy, I guess … sort of … plus some race stuff for good measure and a Danny Glover movie(?) is poorly timed and confusing. Not a huge leap there.

I figure if I had a kid trapped in that fucking mess I would not be excited to read “Haitin’ on Haiti.” If you didn’t get that from my piece for some ridiculous reason, I hope you do get it now. I feel retarded writing this.

  1. dess says:

    On behalf of my now dead cousin Sarah, and about 50-100K other Haitians, a big FUCK YOU to you Jim Goad.

  2. Come ON. says:

    Goad has lost the plot. If I worked at Streetcarnage I’d be angry and embarrassed. What I didn’t get was his argument that you have to want live there if you want to help (or what was it again??). No sane person could’ve written that piece.

  3. Fool On the Hill says:

    Right so need to see 100K people dead to realize how fucked the country is? May as well get Americans to do the job for us as a substitute for Mother nature.

  4. Sambo says:

    Cool! Derrick stopped doing drugs long enough to get on a soapbox.

    And he’s right—the worst time to actually talk about Haiti is when everyone’s talking about Haiti.

    I think Derrick’s buying into the voodoo idea that it’s bad mojo to talk about other bad things related to a bad thing when bad things are happening to the bad thing.

  5. . says:

    this post is disgusting.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think that for any sane adult, the key to compassion is pretending a horrible event is happening to us and our loved ones, even though we know it isn’t. And Derrick’s a compassionate person because he cares about people with smoking problems.

  7. Anonymous says:

    so this article was about an article, or…

  8. Plotte en vrac says:

    HAITIN’ ON HAITI was disgusting too. Not “a killer, insightful, condensed blog post”. Just mindless neo-con drivel.

    Fuck the USA.

  9. Perfect says:

    This article is obviously a parody of Goad’s post. Well done Beckles

  10. rafael says:

    this post isn’t funny or “shocking”, it’s just idiotic.

  11. BrooklynChimp says:

    I don’t agree with everything that happens in the world. Nor with the commentary that follows it. But there are certain things which only a situation of such extremes can teach.

    On 9/11– I saw people, become, people. There were no colors, no religions, no preferences in sexuality, just people. Humans helping humans- on the fact that two of the city’s largest building had just been torpedoed. At no other point in my life had I seeing such occurrences, obviously. When all had settled, it was the people being people that I remembered most. Everything after that- was just rhetoric on all sides.

    The earthquake in Haiti was devastating, there’s really no point in arguing that. But as much as Haiti needs the world. Haiti really needs Haiti, right now.

  12. Lonfellow says:

    Caring about Haiti is so 2010.111111119

  13. jessup says:

    i am glad somebody at SC thought the timing of Goad’s message was troubling

  14. Come ON. says:

    People on Streetcarnage don’t get irony?

  15. Plotte en vrac says:

    Yeah, that’s it, we just don’t get the joke.

  16. Dude says:

    Dear editors of Street Carnage,

    Your series of street carnage articles regarding Haiti is both distasteful and patently offensive.

    Your journalistic integrity has been compromised.

    You have officially lost my readership and my children Taylor, Brantforth and Cockfuck will no longer be allowed to view your site.

    yours truly,

    Douche who cares about shit

  17. ... says:

    you’re SO funny! SO NOT PC!!!!


  18. Come ON. says:

    @Plotte en vrac,

    Derrick is obviously ashmamed to be associated with Goad’s post. He can’t say it earnestly because he’s a stereotypical hipster (how fucked is that, BTW?) so he shit’s on Goad in that jokey, indirect way that they do it.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Surprise! Massive looting reported in Haiti:

    Have fun with your outreach efforts, kids.

  20. mumbles says:

    This is a good indication as to why this site should stick to posting video clips and making snarky, fashion fag comments about peoples shoes.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Jim Goad cannot write so he says stupid things so you don’t notice his terrible writing.

  22. ty says:

    What the golly-darn, people?! This was the dope ass money shot here. Thanks Pinky.

    People so busy cryin’ PC crocodile tears about some people they did not give one shit-pebble about three days ago that they don’t even understand that this and the Goad piece were probably the best things written about Haiti in a decade. You couldn’t point out Haiti on a map last week.

    What? Now you want me to txt some money? As my friend said, “what’s our national interest here? i can’t run my car or heat my house on dead hatians?”

    Offensive to whom? After the Jets lose and the three-day weekend’s over it’ll be all, “who’s got weed?” again.

    Keep workin’ it my half-black brother!

    Your Jew friend,


  23. PenisLargo,DDS says:

    “Ohhhhh shitttttt! I was in an earthquake in San Francisco and golly if it wasn’t one of the most frightening and surreal experiences of my life. A lot of injured and crying people etc., etc but nowhere near this death toll. I wish I had realized then I was in the midst of a killer opportunity to dish out some tough love about something San Franciscan.”

    but I bet it got you to briefly take Gavin’s boner out of your mouth. Snap!!

  24. Vane$$a says:

    Even though I just skimmed his article (I have zero attention span), I’m going to defend Goad, after which I’ll take a long, hot shower. I don’t tend to automatically view Mr. Goad as “evil.” That’s mainly because I’m white and NOT self-loathing. I think that all the guy does is speak in nebulous terms designed to tempt the complete morons/hypocrites of the world into calling him evil. You know that Haiti has always been fucked, but in true phony western philanthropist style, American pseudo-human beings are finally crying about it now that 3 year olds are getting crushed under buildings. Seriously, where the fuck were all you do-gooders when Haiti was perhaps in a salvageable state of crisis? You were off in some shitty john snorting coke and not giving a flying fuck, but now that the country has experienced a mighty fatal cum shot, you’re all about saving Haiti. Haiti’s entertainment value, its Q rating, has finally reached a point where you can lift yourself from the mirror and cry, “Oh the humanity!” Are your lives really this meaningless? Yes, I believe they are. Go fuck yourselves.

  25. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    I am blown away that you had to add a p.s. to clarify your intent. However, it was clearly necessary. Initially, I didn’t feel much about Goad’s post yesterday. Later in the evening I came across a photo of a man kneeling over, head in hands, and crying because he had just found his three-year old’s body outside a morgue. I felt compassion for the man, and sickened by Goad. I suppose some teenagers, and other blustery, blowhards will find this sort of “emotion”® inauthentic. They can fuck themselves.

  26. Bantu says:

    People who aren’t compassionate are subhuman idiots who deserve to be slowly tortured and then murdered.

  27. From the Outside says:

    You guys need a “Pinky vs Goad” forum. Or better maybe sell tickets to a debate Gavin where they sit in rocking chairs discussing race until they kill a bottle of Old Grandad or each other.

  28. ew says:

    yeah, i kinda wondered how a bunch of shit about how black people are stupid and inferior to whites was gonna fly with a black guy. Not even jews hate themselves bad enough to take that shit lying down ( and they legitimately suck!!)

  29. no.thanks. says:

    gotdamned jewnigraricans.

  30. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    @Vanessa: I guess we were writing at the same time. That’s an awfully black and white view. Would it be your take that my feelings of compassion for those people so affected are dishonest and invalid, because I wasn’t involved in beefing up their infrastructure? I am not sitting around, co-opting anyone’s grief, my week is trucking along as usual. However, I think Goad’s work was a bit boorish, and weak. He is an angry, damaged kid in a big bald body.

  31. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    @ew: Another swing and a miss. You are firmly planted in the middle of the road. Looking forward to more mediocrity from you!!! LOL :)

  32. Michael says:


    Thank you so much for posting the completely factual and accurate Yahoo(!) article about Haitians immediately becoming machete wielding savages on a flesh starved rampage in the wake of a natural disaster. It’s just like all of those 100% confirmed and absolutely unquestionable reports of cannibalism and human sacrifice that happened in the Superdome!

  33. dang son says:

    Usually everything beckles writes is shit, but he just owned Goad. Also, i cannot believe he had to add the PS. people are dumb as rocks.

  34. Hidie says:


    Shut up and die

  35. Doubts says:

    Is Goad actually his name or is just self-referential? Really, I don’t know and I’d like it if someone would tell me.

  36. Come ON. says:


    You might wanna read it thoroughly.

  37. So... says:


    I don’t think you read the Goad post clearly.
    What YOU’re saying is, “why is everyone giving a fuck now?”

    what HE’s saying is “It’s not going to matter whether or not you guys give a fuck because it’s a piece of shit country, earthquake or no earthquake”

    And what I’m saying is, YOU BOTH SHOULD EAT A BOWL OF DICKS because 100K down makes a difference whether you’re rich or poor.

    Oh, and nobody needs to hear shit like “I told you SO” when they’re trying to get a hold of missing loved ones.

  38. So... says:

    Oh, and he also added that it’s cause they’re all black, and kicked whiteys out hundreds years ago, etc etc.

  39. Anon says:

    So in concrete terms, Derrick, what have you and all your sob sisters done to help the situation? Have you sacrificed even one bag of blow to help anyone? Or are you merely spouting off because it makes you feel like a “good person”?

  40. Wah wah wah. Haiti. Wah wah wah.

    Earthquakes are payback for Wyclef.

  41. no.thanks. says:


    Black people actually read sbtc!
    Brown people read sbtc!

    its not just a bunch of crackers reading shit shit.
    yeah, i said crackers, craker.

    anyway, you guys (commenters) are acting like some moist ass bitches.

    let it go.

    let it go.

  42. ew says:

    @ drippy dog dix and the cum bubbles or something: Aw, I know u love me!! ; ) If u really thought I was so mediocre then y do pay so much attention to me?? Classic neg-ing.

  43. ew says:

    Also, @ Greg Lubadanus: Ok, that was funny.

  44. habu says:

    Fuck Haiti.

    The only sad thing about this situation is that a tsunami didn’t wipe the rest of that disease-ridden shithole out.

    All you crybaby hipsters should get on a plane and go help the people you self-righteous fuckers pretend to care so much about.

    I’ll chip in for airfare.

    One way, of course.

  45. Anonymous says:


  46. Maxipad says:

    This post means did anyone care of Haiti in the past and raise money for them with their genocide and troubles? It takes a monster quake for people to wake up and be like ” lets all of a sudden give a shit” and lets do some humanitarian work and be cool because we care. That’s the whole point of Goads and Derrick articles you retards.

  47. Drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    @ew: No, I think you are mediocre. Commenting twice on your shittiness does not constitute paying “so much attention” to you. You’ve got nothing.

  48. BrooklynChimp says:


    Actually nah. Not so much.

    One- felt compelled to write another ‘classic’ work, preciously when people are going through unimaginable shit in their lives, here and in Haiti. Certain things happen, and then certain things are this. Calculated. Intentional. Reckless.

    The other- for whatever it means, said– yea it fucking sucks there- but now? you had to say all that bullshit right now?

  49. BrooklynChimp says:


  50. ew says:

    @ Drippy dog dix: Make that 3 times. And you’ve even been counting , evidently!! Come on, just admit it, u wanna make hot,sticky, sweet love to me! Don’t get embarrassed , i thinks its totes cute!! And I still don’t have a date to the valentines dance,n my dad has a cheese cake factory coupon, so…

  51. So... says:

    @ Maxi

    Okay, you and Vane$$a both have comprehension inadequacies.

  52. Anonymous says:

    So Beckles has determined that Jim Goad is not a compassionate person. Beckles is a man of amazing insight.

  53. Maxipad says:

    @Brooklyn Chimp.

    Sometimes you have to be honest even if it hurts people, nobody gave a fuck about Haiti before, and its almost an insult that they do now when theres kids brains splattered on the ground. When there was also kids brains splattered on the ground from genocide people couldnt give a flying fuck then.
    Its like Mother nature is doing this all for a reason to wake the people the fuck up.

  54. takin’ goad to church! #teampinky

  55. Maxipad says:

    Fact is we should be caring all the time. No matter whats going on and not do this whole ” trend caring” bollocks.

  56. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    ^ Ouch. You got me. You are very, very humorous. I want to hold you down, and take you from behind while you suck on my thumb. I’ll call you nasty names, and we’ll fuck until the sun comes up. After a quick (albeit hilarious) shower, I’ll pick you up and carry you to brunch, where you will delight me with joke after hilarious joke. Later, we’ll take a cab back to my place. You will riff on random shit the whole ride, and not one thing you say will sound like you heard it first in some action movie. Back at my place you the anticipation will come to a head (pun intended). Gently caressing that delicate spot between your balls and asshole, I will whisper, “Can we make this forever?” I hope I get the response I’m after funny man 😉

  57. loosejuice says:

    Pinky nails it.

    Goad is an incredible dipshit.

  58. ew says:

    @ drippy dog dix : holy shit, well played, sir!! I tip my hat to thee! And the ” riff on random shit the whole ride, and not one thing will sound like you heard it first in some action movie” line was SPOT ON!! Seriously man, its like you’ve known me forever! Oh Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or something, lets get married!!

  59. fudge says:

    Goad is a fucktard who fashions himself as some unaffected, provacotive, nihilist. Bottom line is : yeah, us white devils drop the ball over and over again when it comes to humantarian work that is really needed throughout the world. Shit, we do it in our own countries (hello Big Easy!), that leaves little hope for third world island nations. That being said, when shit really goes down and there is a natural disaster that wipes out tens of thousands of men, women, and children in one fell swoop, I don’t think we should hold off on helping in any small way that we can just to avoid being labled a hypocrite “pseudo human being” by the likes of Goad and Vanessa. You guys are dicks.

    P.S. Normally I wouldn’t be moved to even respond to this shit but I just got done talking to one of my coworkers who is leaving for Haiti to bury his 10 year old son who was crushed so severly that his eyes popped out of his head.

  60. Dyke Van Dick says:

    Maxipad wrote:

    “nobody gave a fuck about Haiti before, and its almost an insult that they do now when theres kids brains splattered on the ground”

    Hey Maxipad. No shit. No one cared before, because there wasn’t an earthquake before. What people are caring about right now has nothing to do with the shittiness of the societal/political infrastructure of Haiti. They are caring about the fact that a tremendous natural disaster beyond anyone’s control killed thousands of people. Wouldn’t you hope someone who never thought about you before, reached out if, god forbid, something awful happened to you. It’s not “insulting”, it’s human.

    It’s not like anyone sat around thinking about the people who worked in the World Trade Center before 9/11, but obviously they did once terrible tragedy struck.

  61. Maxipad says:

    Dick, Haiti needed help before and nobody cared. People died its the same thing. We should always be aware of countries that need help.

  62. . says:

    “hundreds of thousands” have been “wiped out”?

    where the fuck did you get that statistic?

    next thing you know, he’ll be saying it’s six million.

    i still don’t see any evidence of any of you crybabies actually doing something about this situation besides crying and thumping your chests with moral indignation.

  63. Ernest Queefingway says:

    Danny Glover explains everything from the Treaty of Ryswick to Duvalier in his documentary Operation Dumbo Drop.

  64. statty stats says:

    probably got it from an estimates reported yesterday of 50,000 – 500,000 casualties. Being slightly readjusted today, so he’s not exactly making it up.
    Let’s pretend we are human and hope it’s lower. So it’s 50,000 or 100,000 That means .. no big deal right? What?

  65. Sambo says:

    So how many of the dead were members of Haiti’s army of 300,000 child slaves? Or is the fact that this nation of 9 million tolerated 300,000 child slaves “no big deal”?

  66. NATE says:

    Sambo: Hush, you. Don’t interfere with their self-righteousness.

  67. Dyke Van Dick says:

    Pad. It’s not the same. Haiti’s been hurting forever sure and people have died there but not tens of thousands on one single day. Also responding to a natural disaster is different to responding to a countries political or societal. Many are hesitant to do so for what I feel are obvious reasons.

    oh and .Says. 8 million has been donated to Red Cross by people simply texting from their phones. You don’t have to be flying to Haiti to be contributing in some way.

  68. Dyke Van Dick says:

    er. I meant “political or societal problems”

  69. Sambo Davis Jr. says:

    The only cool thing about this article is the snapshot of Unscathed White Jesus up at the top.

  70. Anonymous says:

    i only care about myself

  71. Taeil says:

    While certain liberals are giving out fake sympathy towards Haiti in the comfort of their own homes, the same people they deride as babykillers are out there directly involved in the relief effort.

    Just throwing that out there as I’m a big fan of irony.

  72. dewd says:

    Taeil, that spitting on the troops thing is circa 1975. Maybe think about updating your liberal-hate talking points.

  73. Taeil says:

    From what I read from the comments on this site, I think haitin’ on the troops is certainly in.

  74. dewd says:

    While certain right-wingers are calling for us to nuke the middle east from the comfort of their own homes, the same people whose praises they sing are out there risking their lives doing nation building.

    Just throwing that out there as I’m a big fan of irony.

    See, it’s just as dumb when you flip it around.

  75. Taeil says:

    No dewd that was a good point too. I find that very ironic as well. But in concerns of Haiti I find it more relevant than to your anonymous comments.

  76. dewd says:

    I’m just saying… a)very few people throw out the “baby killers” tag these days; there’s been almost unanimous praise and appreciation for people serving in the military, with most of the anti-war sentiment directed at the civilian leadership and taking really great pains to separate that from the rank and file of soldiery and b)you are assuming that people who show compassion for Haiti hate the military and c) there are no liberals in the military?

    just seems like your beef is a bit misplaced. but maybe you have personal reasons for feeling that way.

  77. Taeil says:

    I only said certain liberals. Not all liberals. But I certainly know alot of those guys who shit on the military cry for the 3rd world all the time it irritates me. Marines being sent out to the Tsunami relief effort I’m sure most of you guys have forgotten about that years ago. That hasn’t really stopped some liberals to still demonize the military specifically.

    Again I’m gonna be lazy and point out how many guys behind MY back would consider me a war criminal. Most of these people are members of the Left. The lot are hipsters who read anything with an anti-war slant on the internet.

    Oh and there are certainly liberals in the military. You can argue I’m one of ’em.

  78. Seoul Man says:

    Spit Goad’s dick out of your mouth. It’s unbecoming.

  79. longtime goadfan, a little let down says:

    @Seoul Man: While I agree that Nate stands for the uh, relaxation of standards on the Jim Goad Lounge, your bitterness isn’t exactly becoming, either, DP.

  80. marketed toward women says:

    hey military baby killers and goad mcinnes I am not afraid to tell you all that I do not like violence and I believe in improving the world through pacifism. I know you follow the fashionable precedent set by history on whether the world should be violent, but it doesn’t mean you should disregard the idea of peace.

  81. Mutz Cavner says:

    Great post Derrick. Sometimes I forget you are funny writer and a good one. I’m glad you responded to the Goad piece so effectively. Thanks man. Drugs are on me.

  82. NATE says:

    You act like I should be offended by being linked to lowered standards. I like that.

  83. dan dizzle dan says:

    Man Derrick, is it that hard to be just earnest for once? You have to bury your real feelings under ten pounds of shit ALL the time?

  84. Jim Goad says:

    Wow. You know, it never occurred to me that some people would think my article was insensitive or that the timing was inappropriate. Thanks for shinin’ a light, Derrick.

  85. Hey Jim,

    Think it’s time you shut the fuck up now, your foot’s way past your ass at this point, save yourself the trauma.

    Jennifer Hudson

  86. wow, I liked the first post better. you fucking suck man and you deserve whatever you get.

  87. blobbing says:


    It wasn’t just that your post was insensitive and inappropriately timed. It was that it was the obvious spew of a retard with no understanding of what they were trying to talk about.

  88. a goadfan who has gotten over the mediocrity of that post and must now defend Jim says:

    I think the timing of Jim Goad’s post was impeccable. And, if he started being sensitive, I would no longer be a fan, though I’d still pre-order the Race Book. My problem with “Haitin’ on Haiti” was the fact that it just wasn’t funny. I want to laugh when reading something like that and I didn’t, but it’s OK. Nobody’s writing is always flawless.

  89. and by the way... says:

    This would have been the most passive-aggressive thing I’ve ever read, but with that disclaimer at the end, it’s simply one of the stupidest and most pandering things I’ve ever read.

  90. Come ON. says:

    @ a goadfan

    If that’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever read, I guess you’ve never been to a public toilet.

  91. easily offended Canadian hipster living in Brooklyn says:

    I don’t use public toilets.

  92. easily offended Canadian hipster living in Brooklyn says:

    @Come ON

    also, I, err and by the way… err, goadfan said ONE OF the stupidest things.

  93. Taeil says:

    You know what? Ever since since the Goad post, I realized there is something really gross and self defeating about the internet.

  94. Dipset says:

    Haiti is gone, and w/ it, lots of thin, tall black men in perfect clothes

    That’s the real tragedy

  95. Munnersby says:

    Goad likes to think he’s so smart that it sets him aside from the human race..

    Maybe at the end of a twisted road of myopic logic, his voracious intelligence has convinced itself that it is ‘right’… but what does it cost him?

    Its fucked up to seek the outpouring of disgust that he does. It doesnt matter how well-read you are if you let it turn you into a tasteless person.

    Who needs to be right all the time, every minute of every conversation?

  96. Crowbar says:

    Take five fucking bucks and give it to some bum on the street with one foot in the grave. Same fucking thing. You could even invite the motherfucker into your crib, feed him soup, give him a shower. Maybe a shave and suit. Then you’re walking down market st a week later and there is your boy with that suit soiled and a rattling Mickey-D’s cup. and you’re all like “For real, bro?”

  97. HorseMouthBoy says:

    great post. it was offensive and it was insensitive. good balance.

  98. poo poo says:

    tasteless as last article hope to meet you.

  99. DX says:

    Cheers, Pinky.

    Cripes, I’d be mortified if I had to share web space with Goad the Useless Fuckbag.

  100. L C L says:

    It’s not insightful satire if you still probably don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    Haiti was and is impoverished by foreign power. Most of the problems that appear of domestic origin are the accumulated interest of the centuries of warfare against the poorest nation in the hemisphere.

    It only hints at the 20th century and the role of the US as continual destructor of Haiti’s potential, leading up even to the last few years and the US-backed coups to secure the liquidation to 1st world corporations of what remained of Haiti’s public wealth.

    About that history of Haiti…

    In 1804 a third of the Haitians were killed in their uprising against exceptionally brutal slavery, where the average imported slave survived only 10 years, and those who displeased their masters were tortured to death.

    They became the first abolitionist country in the world, and were punished by an international embargo (led by the US) and the French demand that Haitians themselves should “compensate” French aristocrats for their lost “property.” The money demanded was to 150 million gold francs, about 250% of the total cost the US had just paid France to acquire nearly half the modern US.

    By the time of the slave results most of Haiti’s famous forests were gone, leading to the devastating erosion and extreme poverty that bedevils the country today.

    This story from AP only hints at the 20th century and the role of the US as continual destructor of Haiti’s potential, leading up even to the last few years and the US-backed coups to secure the liquidation to 1st world corporations of what remained of Haiti’s public wealth.

  101. like says:

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