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• 04.30.14 10:55 pm


This is the first time I’ve been biased against being biased against someone. I saw this first video of a street artist being arrested a couple of weeks ago and as a libertarian, I watched it from an anti-cop perspective. 

I didn’t even notice how annoying the guy was. Later, a liberal friend sent me the video below and we argue about everything so my first instinct was, “Technically, everything he says is correct. People do use photography to ostracize themselves from a situation. Leave him alone.”

Next thing I know, the “most insufferable artist” in the world has Trojan Horsed his way into my heart and I don’t hate him. This is rape. Now I want the cops to arrest him again. His name is Kalan Sherrard and he calls himself Enormous Face. Please prosecute him for using bias as a weapon.



  1. Timbo says:

    Ho ho holy shit!

  2. GG Allin's corpse says:

    Member when shat and bled for all of you?

  3. Terry Thomas says:

    I like em, I like the cut of his jib.

  4. Dentures says:

    They’re straight out of a Portlandia send-up. I intend this for Pussy Riot too even if some of them look sexually appealing. I definitely in no way ever wish to see either of them slapped firmly but maybe kicked in the earlobes.

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