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With the passing of Hugo Chávez, we got a lot of crocodile tears from liberals claiming we had “lost a friend” who “lifted the poor and helped them realize their dreams.”

Jimmy Carter told us that he “never doubted Hugo Chávez’s commitment.” The Nation lamented that “he wasn’t authoritarian enough.” I haven’t seen this much love for a Latin American tyrant since Che Guevara became a T-shirt.

But if we’re going to perform oral sex on every despot who can’t pronounce the letter “J,” why not Pinochet?

In 1973, Augusto Pinochet was faced with a dilemma: Let the communists control his country or stand and fight. McCarthyism and the Cold War get a bad rap these days, but communism was responsible for millions of deaths and was spreading all over Central and South America like a red plague.

Pinochet chose Door #2 and led a military coup against President Salvador Allende that was nasty and brutal but pretty much the norm as far as coups go. He killed thousands of people, but so did Che. Where’s Augusto’s T-shirt? Why did The Nation call him “murderous” while acting as if Che and Chávez were the greatest things since sliced tortillas?

Where Allende had taken land from the rich in a Castro-like redistribution program, Pinochet gave it back. He traveled the world talking to economists, politicians, and academics. Critics of libertarianism call Milton Friedman a “Pinochet sympathizer,” but all Milton did was take a meeting where he told Pinochet that dictatorships don’t work in the long run. He also explained that Chile would thrive if the market were given free rein.

He was right. Chile’s GDP is soaring, and it’s mostly because of the policies Pinochet enacted in the 80s. When he met with Margaret Thatcher in 1982, she told him she’d like to set up a military base there so Britain could better protect the Falklands. They became best pals, and rumors abound of backroom copper deals made with Britain due to his cooperation.

Yes, Pinochet enforced curfews where nobody was allowed to be on the streets from midnight to 6AM. So what? This happens in Glasgow every time there’s a crime spree. Besides, having a curfew doesn’t mean you can’t party. All it means is that at 11:30 you have to decide if it’s worth staying all night at this party. If the curfew ruined your party, it wasn’t a good party. And isn’t that what’s behind all this whining about Pinochet? People who didn’t have much going on are blaming the guy who kicked out a communist dictator and turned Chile into a civilized, clean, wealthy, and prosperous nation. If you wanted to make money in Chile, the doors were open. If you didn’t, well, that’s your fault. He may have started out as a dictator, but he left voluntarily when he was voted out of office in 1990. That’s not a fascist. That’s a great guy.

This theory looks great on paper, but it behooves a writer to do a last-minute check with “the people” before sending his essay off to the editor.

I started talking to Chilean expats here in New York. Raving homosexual Mauricio Santelice is an executive pastry chef at the Dream Hotel in Chelsea. He came here in the 1990s after spending his entire childhood and adolescence under Pinochet’s rule. When I told him my theory about the parties, he told me to go fuck myself. “If they caught you on the street at night they would beat you bad,” he told me angrily. “They’d knock out your teeth and break your bones. They’d even pull your hair out. And if they caught you more than once it would count as a felony and you’d be off to jail without a trial.” Mauricio said that the curfew also meant no nightlife, which ultimately meant no youth culture. I told him Pinochet had to be strict because he was up against the communists, and Mauricio looked at me like I just took a shit inside his head. “My sister would protest him a lot growing up,” he said. “They would spray the protestors with water cannons filled with sewage that had permanent blue dye in it. When the police saw someone on the street who was blue, they would beat them worse than someone out past curfew.”





  1. Fuck yes. Fernando Alessandri was once a visiting Fellow w/ the Cato Institute. He basically said Pinochet was a badass who only was authoritarian to the extent of preventing a Civil War. Conservatives and Judge Napolitano make this case with respect to Lincoln.

  2. zig says:

    Hmm, this must be what real investigative reporting is all about. Go in with a notion and learn a new one. Good job Gavin, you once again prove how grey black and white is.

  3. I liked this. It’s unfortunate that the real conclusion goes unsaid: that all forms of government tend to abuse whatever power they can get their hands on, including democracy, which is why the founding fathers were so intent on balancing the various arms of government and creating the Bill of Rights. Government is nothing to celebrate. It’s a necessary evil and should always be regarded cynically and suspiciously and the people involved in it as worms rather than heroes.

    As for Allende, it’s very likely, on the one hand, that he would have been pushed out of power. He was re-distributing land and so on with only 30-some-odd per cent of the popular vote. Of course he would likely have cancelled elections eventually.

    If Cuba ever has an election, it will be celebrated as a great event and the ultimate statement of Castro’s love for the people etc etc but like you say, Chile has had lots of elections. Where’s the love for Pinochet as a great reformer and man of freedom?

  4. popfop says:

    Your articles have been getting much better. This one and the one on the leftist ruination of anthropology are top notch.

  5. chiy says:

    While being anti-communist sounds admirable, in fact many reasonable nationalist political movements where lumped into the Bolshevik-Communist bucket because doing so benefited some powerful group. Much of the political turmoil in Latin America was not the same clash as Bolshevism in Europe was; the turmoil in the south was the natural reaction of a large disenfranchised people versus a very small landholding elite (caudillos). Think of it as a reaction against feudalism. Some sort of German-Scandanavian market-socialism solution was what Peron, Allende, Castro, and others were proposing. They were certainly not Bolsheviks. BUT because the powers that be lumped them in with the communists, these political movements were unable to get economic support from the US, and hence in some cases (Cuba) had to reluctantly turn to the USSR for economic support. Viet-Nam is another example of this.

    Gavin, may i suggest another topic for you: Who were the people involved in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, attempted revolutions in Germany, and other european countries. Who paid these people. Who did these people put into power in their conquered territories (Hungary, Czech, Poland, etc).

  6. Straight outta Santiago says:

    Gavin, I think I get where you’re going with this… PINOCHET T-SHIRTS!!!

  7. lester says:

    Fascism is kind of idealized in some circles as being nominally free market capitalism without the tolerance for minorities and leftism and so forth that generally goes along with capitalism. In practice it didn’t work .

    The Vampire Economy: Doing Business Under Fascism was an economic analysis done of Nazi Germany as it was happening. The government controls were huge, arbitrary, and pretty much insured the country would go to war.

    Chile did not have these problems under Pinochet though.

    What would we do if a General fomented a coup, killed a few thousand people they didn’t like, then left us with an amazing economy? Probably they’d have a bit of a mixed legacy

  8. q says:

    go here, it answers all questions you must ask:

  9. chiy says:

    Check out the big successes General Stroessner did in Paraguay.

  10. D says:

    Actually it’s “Para-gay”

  11. […] Gavin McInnes: “…if we’re going to perform oral sex on every despot who can’t pronounce the letter ‘…“ […]

  12. Gay chef changes Gavin’s mind about Pinochet. Funny stuff.

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