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Just because gays are not your cup of tea doesn’t mean you’re scared of them. Homophobia is just about the stupidest word in the English language (though “African American” runs a close second). 

I’m not homophobic. I’m homonotmycupofteaic. Similarly, I’m not xenophobic. Who’s scared of xenos? I just think other cultures are gay. Has anyone who pretends to be into multiculturalism looked into a multitude of cultures? They tell us diversity brings good restaurants and I guess that’s true but there’s more to culture than servants being paid to bring you their country’s best food.

In the aptly named Turkey, their whole shit is devoted to thwarting the evil eye AKA someone talking about you behind your back. They have trinkets and magic red eye bracelets and stupid eye medallions. Who fucking cares what people say about you behind your back? Could you possibly be a bigger fag?

Sikhs are even more ridiculous. They have about ten gurus whom they worship even though each guy is just a guy. One of them wears a fucking snake around his neck like some retard carney at Coney Island. Grow up Area That Has Sikhs. Letting your beard get so long it needs a hair net isn’t just different. It’s retarded. Also, what’s with the rapier? Are you a ten-year-old boy?

In Russia, they think death is funny. I’d say, “Kill ’em all. Let God sort ’em out” but I don’t want to bore her with the extra work. I don’t care enough about Russia to want them to die. I’ve been around the world and it sucks. If two thirds of it died in an earthquake, I would yawn so loud, it would cause another earthquake. FTW.

I’m not xenophobic. I’m a Western Chauvinist. I know other cultures and I can tell you first-hand, the West is the best. You can tell me we’re just like birds and together we make a beautiful sky of loving creatures that sing and paint the sky with colors but not all birds are equal. Some of them are cocksuckers. For example.


  1. RED says:

    This is how I feel about Syria. Who gives a shit? I don’t even know where it is and I don’t care to look it up.

  2. runswithfarts says:

    ^Agreed. The Middle East is made up of a bunch of finicky, bickering babies.

  3. Matt says:

    Yes! Ooooh but you’re supposed to go to other cultures and appreciate them and understand them. After all with the US military ensuring safe worldwide travel and your local consulate always there to bail your inclusive ass out when mommy and daddy’s cc reaches it’s limit, why not?

  4. Can we talk about the Phillipines for a sec?

    Have they ever invented anything or written famous novels?

    Are there ever “Philllipino restaurants” like Italian and French ones?

    Or do they just export stuff nobody needs anyhow: nurses who don’t speak English, boxers and new lead singers for Journey?

    While pretending to be humble and religious, they act kind of high and mighty because “WE’RE the ones who come over and look after your kids for you, rich white ladies.”

    Well, why don’t you stay in the Phillipines and look after your own kids? Maybe that’s why your country is a giant nothing — no moms around?

    I watched a doc about how Robert Corman and others used to shoot cheap movies in the Phillipines and my take away was: “We’ll do anything for money! Life is cheap!”

    “Get your act together, Phillipines!!”

  5. Gavin says:

    ^ Their biggest export is love. Moms abandon their children to come love ours.

  6. Gavin says:

    This book has a lot of dark stories about the kids these nannies leave behind

  7. Exactly. So why do they leave their kids behind to make a few bucks if they’re so holy?

    What’s the difference between them “not raising their own children” and their female employers “not raising their own children”?

  8. I had to write a name in this box says:

    We, Russians, think that death is funny not as much as you, Americans. Actually, it’s you who gave to the world cancer/AIDS jokes (oh, AIDS virus was generated by Americans, yeah), the Adams family and shit. But basically I agree with you, Gavin. Fuck the people.

  9. Edward James Almost says:

    I agree. I was talking to a Sikh neighbor the other day about his religion and concluded them niggas is on some ol’ goofy shit.

  10. Simon says:

    If the article’s title could not just as well belong to an Anal Cunt song I’m not sure which could.

  11. popfop says:

    I agree with your sentiment but I like Sikhs and Russians way better than most of my fellow Americans who are largely gay/idiotic/narcissistic/mentally ill. Not an argument for multiculturalism mind you, just a note that our own people are so deracinated and lost that in many circumstances I prefer foreigners.

  12. Mealium says:

    Did a Filipina steal your boyfriend, Kathy?

  13. No sweetie, that wouldn’t be possible since they all look like simpering teenage tranny zombies until the Filipina bomb goes off around age 24 and they turn into Aussie Aboriginies with slightly lighter skintones.

    My husband prefers gals with higher IQs and actual tits.

  14. YOUNG JIZZ says:

    What Americas gift to the world. Celebrities and retarded pop music? I’m not xenophobic i just think everyones crap, just like your friends. But you still like to hang out with them every now and again..

  15. Cultural Observer says:

    I love how white people have almost no culture. They listen to rap music, eat shitty foreign food and read crappy European authors. Then again, who wants to embrace Taylor Swift, sliders and Glenn Beck/Dennis Miller musings…

    I get it now. :)

  16. Mealium says:

    @ Kathy: you have a husband?! Wow. I’ve met plenty of attractive Filipinas – but then I suppose I’m not blinded by hate (or thick blubbery folds of eyelid fat).

  17. Pinoy Pete says:


  18. yikki tiki says:

    God Kathy I just googled you and you’re an Ugly bitch. Lay off the fili’s , walk a mile in their shoes and then run that jizz bucket of a gob u got. ignorance is bliss but dont push it chubbs.

  19. ??? says:

    It’s a little fucked up to completely dismiss the rest of the world’s cultures because its not your cup of tea, but whatever. I also think West is best and unlike many of my friends, have zero interest in visiting impoverished or politically unstable countries that would kill to have my sweet and cushy Canadian life. When people say to me, I’d love to travel to India…it’s like a bullet to my brain. That place looks disgusting. I can get great curry down my street. One place I have always wanted to visit though is Japan. It looks very clean and civilized and I love their…how do you say…aesthetic. Other than that, I’d visit the mother lands: Ireland and Scotland. And the Filipino comment is fucking sad but unfortunately true. My housekeeper is Filipino and its the same scenario (nannies with another family. I take care of my own kids).

  20. phillipeeno says:

    @ Kathy the yo-yo

  21. Joe says:

    Really, all Americans are multiculturalists. We have been taking the good ideas from all over the world for hundreds of years. Western Europe has been doing the same for even longer. For example, we got algebra from the middle east. To be fair to the west, we took algebra and then expanded it into calculus. Which helped create skyscrapers and computers and whatnot. However, at this point there is not much else to investigate about other cultures. We have already picked through that yard sale and bought the rare antique Coca-cola sign and stepped past the couch that smells like piss. Really, the rest of the world should take up our tradition of taking the best ideas instead of holding on to their bullshit.

  22. Anonymous says:

    You’re an asshole and I’d kill you myself if I knew I could get away with it.

  23. Han nin says:

    The worst example is Japan and Japanese culture. It’s a cesspool of pedophilia, yellow supremacism, shitty education, and people pretending to work “so hard” while they actually do nothing but wait for their boss to leave. That’s why the Japanese economy is in the gutter since 30 years now.

    Their whole culture is based on make-believe and pretend.

    And the much beloved Jap pop culture like Anime and Manga is nothing but childish drivel. These people are too stupid to read real books, so they pretend that their cartoons are on the level of actual literature. They’re not.

    Yet, a lot of people, and I think this does include many “Western chauvinists” too, always try to single out Japan as an exception to shitty Asian culture, mostly because they love video games or Sushi or whatever.

    Japan is the worst, most Asian culture though because they lie the most and would rather die than give a straight opinion or answer about anything, even once.

    Stop putting Japan on a pedestal. It sucks like all other Asian cultures.

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