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• 09.30.15 12:48 pm

Spoiler alert: Don’t read this until you’ve seen the video. 

This is already up on Rebel Media so why not discuss the process on Street Carnage? Here goes:

I thought it would be fun to make the visuals contradict what Miles is saying. This is tricky because sometimes they’re not sarcastic. When he mentions Jared Diamond for example, the  real book is there. That might have been a mistake. If you’re doing a bit, you have to commit. Maybe I should have shown some article debunking Guns, Germs, and Steel (as Steve Sailer did many times as well as challenging Diamond to a debate to which Diamond refused). Still not sure about that.

Also, talking about how sexy arab women are in high heels immediately after tearing the shoes apart as sexist, was too soon. I should have bookended it by putting it at the very end. That way, it’s more believable Miles didn’t notice his hypocrisy. Thing is, I already had an ending about listening to these women and I didn’t want to lose it (Charles Murray’s solution to problems like these is to, “Kill your darlings”).

I considered killing the sexy arab wife entirely but I wanted to showcase the double standard these assholes have. If the liberals advocating the burqa discovered that at home, rich arab women dress exactly like the oppressed secretaries feminists call traitors, his liberal mind would reboot and somehow make that cool. Meh, it’s a frivolous observation I should have cut. The hypocrisy was already perfectly clear. That’s what’s important.

As Anthony Cumia pointed out on his last show, feminists pretend there’s a rape culture here and in the same breath, advocate immigrants from real rape cultures. In India, women get raped to death for being out late. Rape activism seems to be entirely focussed on middle class, white males but the stats say otherwise.

Rape is a hideous crime and an ugly topic. If you want to get your hands dirty and confront it, you can’t cherry pick your bad guys. In America, they tend to be black and poor. In the entire Western world, they tend to be immigrants. Globally, they tend to be Muslim. Sure, some of them look like frat guys but it’s way less than Rolling Stone would like it to be.

Anyway, the niqab is stupid and it’s a symbol of a sexist culture.


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