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• 08.12.14 10:16 am

What’s the matter with a bull dyke dressing up like a dude and fucking her girlfriend with a strap-on? What does mutilation add to that equation? What’s the matter with a gay man dressing up like a woman and getting it in the butt? Why does he have to have a surgeon dig a hole in his crotch? 

By justifying these operations you are telling mentally ill gays, it’s okay to destroy their genitals. They have BIID and you’re encouraging them. That’s fucked up.

My column about it is HERE.

  1. 15 year old Josh says:

    Big deal. Amputate your legs? Hey dude, I beat my meat, pick my nose, pop my zits, scratch my ass…


  2. raymi says:

    If she still enjoys extreme sports, she doesn’t exactly want to be paralysed now does she? Such a headcase. Next.

  3. Lady Gaga says:

    bu… bu… but… They were born this way. They were born this way. They’re on the right track baby, they were born this way! Brrrnnnt!!!!

  4. dick lubin says:

    funny how just a few generations ago gavin wouldve been considered “mentally unstable” for willfully choosing to cover his entire back with tattoos.
    anyway why should i give a fuck what these people do?

  5. Buce says:

    I can never suck the cheese from a Vaselka cheese blintz ever again, thank you Canadian potty mouther…

  6. Alec Leamas says:

    “anyway why should i give a fuck what these people do?”

    Since Gavin isn’t outlawing the addadicktomy procedure, why do they care that he refuses to participate in their delusion? What’s next? Humoring someone who thinks he’s a dolphin trapped in a human’s body? Playing for finoplasty? Installing a bottle nose and blow hole?

  7. Old Head says:

    What happened to fun and funny Street Carnage. When did this turn into such a reactionary click bait Fox News with the f word?

  8. Beej says:

    @ OldHead…. a gradual and polite mutiny

  9. dude says:

    dude, why do you gotta focus on on this anyways? why are you so angry? chill out, maybe you, Gavin, should get off the hormones.

  10. but I feel like a dophine! says:

    whoooa! at Alec Leamas, first of all a dolphine-human would be amazing! but seriously last time I checked this was about being a different gender, not a entirely different SPECIES!!!! in less you think men and women are different animals which then means you are into bestiality……ooops :/

  11. Jordan says:

    Dead Gavin Mcinnes,
    I, as a white young adult male, extremely find close to ever one of your articles sincerely profoundly downright offensive and tedious and dreary. I’ve contemplated your existence as a “writer” or “journalist” for what seems like over a year now.
    See, your articles cause many people discomfort frustration possibly agony to read. Is it your intention to draw readers by writing such profoundly offensive articles? Are you really this horrible of a person in real life? Are you writing about your opinion or are you simply just voicing your feeling of how the public must view these issues?
    I hope some day you stop writing articles because you got hit by a bus or a freak shark accident. If I knew you personally I would beg and plead for you to stop. I could honestly say that I would murder you for the words you have said in your “articles”.
    As my final sentence.
    “Dear Gavin Mcinnes, please stop writing, please stop thinking, please stop talking, please stop breathing, please die.”
    Sincerely, an enemy, Jordan.

  12. thepulloutking says:

    Behold the tolerance of the leftist – wishing death upon those with whom they disagree – all the while reading every damn word. Brilliant irony. Why don’t you go cut your dick off, Jordan? You know you want to. And we all know it’s useless as it is.

  13. dick lubin says:

    cue the ‘in defense of shepard smith/liberals love cowards’ article in 3…2…1…

    its pretty safe to say that a lot of us only come here to see what kind of coulter-esque, attention-seeking garbage gavin has managed to pull out of his ass lately. then we chuckle, shake our heads, reminisce about the time when street carnage was funny then go about our day.

  14. Mac says:

    agree with this but I’m far more concerned about getting fresh cut fries than what the trannies are up to

  15. Sherm says:

    @Dick Lubin, that’s the problem with tattoos today. Who says these queers want to be embraced by norms? They’ve already got their rights, they don’t need an Applebee’s comercial made for them.

  16. Alec Leamas says:

    “I, as a white young adult male, extremely find close to ever one of your articles sincerely profoundly downright offensive”

    Sincere. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  17. STINKY says:

    thepulloutking, take the “behold the tolerance of leftists” bullshit and stick it up your fat ass. Have you ever spent two minutes perusing the comments section of, say, Infowars? Hiding anonymously behind your keyboard and wishing death upon those who don’t gel with your socioeconomic mores is a character flaw which pollutes the minds of the right and the left alike and asserting otherwise means that at best, you’re dumb, and at worst, you’re a liar. Get real. And while we’re getting real about things, let’s get real about transgenderism. I am with Gavin 100%. Transgendered people aren’t bad people, or at least, not by virtue of their particular life choices regarding gender identity. But if you’re a woman and you feel the need to cut off your tits and turn your vagina inside out, then good on ya. But you’re not a man like I’m a man. Let’s see her (I refuse to play the pronoun game) pop a nut with that rig.

  18. Ghetto Defendant says:

    Back in the day, trannies were something to be afraid of in NYC, and healthy does of transphobia was good for you unless you were some idiot sheltered kid from LI or Jersey and thought they were easy marks to bother. They were the toughest people on the street, they used to carry razors and would slice and beat the breaks off you if you tried to fuck with them or harass them!

  19. Semi says:

    “See, your articles cause many people discomfort frustration possibly agony to read”….
    I would like to meet this guy, hear his ‘world view’ for maybe 10 minutes. ..then run over him with my truck. Then get his verdict on ‘reading – inflicted agony’ ~vs~ two broken legs agony. Everything is subjective and open to interpretation.
    One man’s ice – cream brain freeze is another man’s kidney stone.

  20. Uncle Fokker says:

    Here’s the Wayback Machine link to the original article, which has been removed:

  21. Anonymous says:

    The article hasn’t been “removed.” You click on the “CONTINUE” tab on the bottom of the warning page.

  22. Uncle Fokker says:

    My bad. 4:00 am web surfing and a continue button at the bottom of the page in small type (as seen on an iPad, anyway) don’t mix. Thanks, Anon!

  23. what everyone thinks says:

    Wow, you’re a middle age internet troll who just got booted out of the company that you founded. In my generations venacular – you really blew it you Scottish Ghost looking fag.

  24. God says:

    You’re doing my work now Gav

  25. Philip Seymour's Ghost says:

    Geez. Point proven. I’m fine with consenting adults doing whatever they please, however its the hostage-style forced acceptance/vocalization shit that I can’t stand. You wanna be gay? You wanna transform into a poor imitation of another sex? Cool. I’m not afraid or disapproving of that prerogative, but if I have to wear clothing with RAINBOW shit all over it and drive a subaru with 2000 variants of LGBT stickers covering it just to PROVE I’m not phobic, then FUCK that noize. Have a Coke and smile and a prosthetic dick and shut up. Please. Goddamn Homos.

  26. Ahurani says:

    Troon wierdo Paris Lees has said without evidence that if you were still at Vice she wouldn’t be employed.

    Given that she (or Vice UK) censored me just for asking her why ‘transpeople’ talk like otherkin and associate with homos if they want to be seen as women, well would you have given her free reign?

  27. hipster says:

    maybe Vice could do a documentary…

  28. blah says:

    It’s rare, but on occasion I 100% agree with Gavin. This is one of those times.

  29. STINKY says:

    this nigga said “ghost looking fag” lulz

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