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The law professor I was on Huffpo with wrote a scathing slam-dunk of an essay, which puts me in my place for being scared of empowered women. 

Here’s a tip: If you want to make an argument, don’t invent emotions for your opponent. You know who’s scared of empowered women? Nobody. I live in the real world. If a female CEO comes on a project and wants to kick ass and she know what she’s doing, the first emotion I would have would be more akin to “thrilled.” That’s how everyone feels. You know why? Because we have kids and we want to make money to pay our bills. This is the biggest problem with the left. They assume the rest of us are obsessed with isms but our “obsessions” rarely go beyond the needs of our immediate families.

I wasn’t talking about women in the workforce who are meant to be there. I was talking about the dozens of women I know who elbowed their way into jobs they don’t really want. I was talking about the women who put career over family out of some sort of cultural feminist obligation and regret it. I live in New York, an elephant’s graveyard for ovaries and virtually every 40 something I know is desperately trying to reverse time and get back the baby-making years.

Here’s the cold biological truth: (And it’s not based on fear or sexism or anything else you like to argue about in a classroom) Women’s bodies are not as good at making babies after 30. The hourglass turns upside down at that age and the sand keeps coming out until 35 when it is gone. Yes, I know you can still make babies after that. My mother had my brother at 40 and my youngest boy came out when my wife was 39. These are EXCEPTIONS. Liberals seem to think that one piece of anecdotal evidence completely wipes out mountains of evidence to the contrary. When discussing the vast majority of women, they TEND to prefer family to career and they TEND to want to make babies and they TEND to need to create them in their 20s / early 30s. This isn’t my opinion. It’s a general truth and the fact that simply stating it is controversial, shows how far the pendulum has swung into Crazy Town.


PS: Go fuck yourself.



  1. Ry Dogg says:

    Gavin for President

  2. Devin says:


  3. RED says:

    Here’s the other thing, what’s wrong with wanting to be a housewife? You create a life and then nurture it. How does that have less feminist status than writing legal reports for the DA or mapping out a business plan for a social media company? Liberals are so determined to empower the few women that want to be men, they’ve shat on the majority of women who just want to be who they are.

  4. Anonymous says:

    good stuff

  5. josh says:

    Apparently, the revisionists Huffington Post claims you “were fired from Vice six years ago”
    I guess it was because of this interview? Can’t wait till they spin 360 and start teaching your work at Vice as a feminist dialectic where you promoted such riot grrrl writers as Lesley Arfin; then, not only will you have not been fired, but you’ll have left on moral grounds.

  6. shimizu says:

    “When reasons have to be put forward at all in a question of life, life itself has become questionable. At that point begins prudent limitation of the number of births. The primary woman, the peasant woman, is mother. The whole vocation towards which she has yearned for childhood is included in that one word. But now emerges the Ibsen woman, the comrade, the heroine of a whole megalopolitan literature from Northern drama to Partisan novel. Instead of children she has soul-conflicts; marriage is a craft-art for the achievement of “mutual understanding.” It is all the same whether the case against children is the American lady’s who would not miss a season for anything, or the Parisienne’s who fears that her lover would leave her, or an Ibsen heroine’s who “belongs to herself”- they all belong to themselves and they are all unfruitful.” – Oswald Spengler

  7. Ecgtheow says:

    Gavin wins, per usual.

  8. Gavin says:

    The only group of people I’m scared of is mentally ill people and that’s only when my kids are around.

  9. Columbo says:

    I’m glad you shared your opinion.
    I agree with you.
    While the drive to win is strong, life is too short to argue with fools like that.
    They will eventually realize how worthless all of their ideals are, but by then it’ll probably be too late.
    Don’t worry about the bullshitters.

  10. AnthonyX says:

    I think I might have figured out what the latest angry-feminist assault on our culture is really about. We live in the least misogynist time in the history of the western world. So the ferocity of the anger, spit and venom of the new feminism – rape culture critique had me confused until it dawned on me.

    They figured it out. They fucked it up last century. Their attempts to be equal just made them easier to manipulate use abuse and have sex with all in the name of equality. (Not me, others)
    But deep down inside they regret how this all went down. So they are trying to take it back, notch up the extremes and the rhetoric and try for a v2.

  11. johnny says:


  12. Josh says:

    Honestly, what was that interview/debate by the HuffPost. These guys bum me out. Thanks Gavin for putting up with it.

  13. Olga says:

    You are aware that as men age, testosterone decreases and estrogen increases? And for women estrogen decreases and testosterone increases? Maybe we should have all men over 40 stay at home and care for children.

  14. puggles says:

    what a bunch of silly self-satisfied nancys. read the huffpo comments to further illustrate what a smug and condescending sense of entitlement does to an intellect.

  15. Ed Cefala says:

    Sassy magazine feminism-not-quite was cute. This chick is going for that, “At last we meet again, He-Man.” rivalry that will waste your time though. Wolfman has nards.

  16. OldRedJoe says:

    Gavin is, again, spot on. Notice how the left projects emotion unto Gavin? Weird; but don’t they often say “I feel that…” rather than “I THINK….”?

  17. TWalsh2 says:

    Gavin – Why don’t you two just fuck and get it over with. She’s hot and it was evident you two wanted to screw.

    If that conversation happened in a bar (before you got married) it would have ended in sex.

  18. Gavin says:

    Re: rape culture. If you include prison, men get raped WAY more often than women. So don’t take about rape around men without checking your privilege first.

  19. anon says:

    You missed a golden opportunity to call out Franks for being a fraud. While she may claim to be a hard-driving feminist, she actually dropped out of a difficult, time-consuming career as early as 2001, and avoided it again in 2006. While lawyers may be doggedly hard working, law professors decidedly are not–most of mine taught classes twice a week, sometime between 10:30 am and 3pm, and had multiple research assistants do virtually all of the heavy lifting for the professor’s “scholarship” requirements. So essentially Franks did exactly what you accurately describe most women as doing–bailed out of a ruthless career in favor of squishy “work” essentially engaging in debate as a profession.

    If you look at her CV, you’ll see that she really only did one stint of actual legal work–as a summer associate at Debevoise in NYC.

    In fact, a close review of that CV shows that right now she’s actually ON SABBATICAL. I.e., not working. Moreover, that summer associate job wasn’t really “work”. Summer associate jobs at big law firms consist mainly of those large law firms entertaining the summer associates to get them to work for them full time after graduation. The typical summer day of “work” for a summer associate at a big defense firm like Debevoise consists of arriving around 9 or 9:30, chatting with the secretary and other summers, grabbing free coffee and breakfast, heading over to the office around 10, reading over a puff assignment, doing some brief research until 12, at which point it’s time for lunch, which is paid for by the firm and lasts 2 hours at some swanky bistro. After lunch, you get back to the desk at about 2:30, and “work” until about 5, at which point there’s a firm happy hour or summer associate outing to somewhere like Yankee Stadium.

    For all this “work”, you’re paid about $40K for 10 weeks of summer.

    This is not work. Ironically, Franks is exactly the sort of hard-work allergic woman you describe in your response to her “essay”–she’s just a touch smarter than the rest, and able to camouflage it better. I knew these types of women while I was an attorney, and they couldn’t hack actual long hours and grinding work. They’d go home early, call in sick, and complain endlessly about “work-life balance”.

  20. Oscar says:

    Most, if not all liberal feminists piss me off. They are like what I assume shingles on your dick would feel like. Of course Gavin got angry, nobody on the panel listened to what he was actually saying. The other two males (I wouldn’t say men) sat there with their inverted penises talking about nonsensical bullshit. Women like this push how women are dominant in everything they do. When they get assaulted, or need someone stronger they use the “I’m only a woman” line. When it is convenient they flip a switch from feminism and become the helpless woman complaining about how she can’t even get the mason jar lid open.

  21. You got schooled sir. You don’t want to go on a profanity laced tirade at a woman when talking about women’s issues. That was dumb

  22. ben says:

    Gavin, While you may not agree with her, she could certainly teach you a thing or two about the art of persuasion. Resorting to expletives and gross generalizations like “Liberals seem to think…” makes your analysis about as thought provoking as a sixty year old anonymous troll on

    You really do seem to have taken this whole thing very personally and it shows in your response. In contrast, her response is detached, fairly objective, and academic.

    She did school you, and you hopefully you learned something.

  23. Liberal says:

    I like how conservatives always like to go with their interpretation/explanation of what liberals think, say do, etc. when most of THEM have no clue of what comes out of THEIR mouths. 😉

  24. What does women who were “meant to be there” mean? Is it just a man’s world. that lady is hot, and apparently much smarter than you are.

  25. Matt says:

    These people live n the clouds. Totally detached from what “enables” their universe.

  26. Floretta says:

    This mom thinks you need a nap, Gavin.

  27. Joker_EOD says:

    This is typical academia from Ms. (or maybe that title is offensive to her) Franks. She participates in a panel in wich she is to give her thoughts and opinions along with others. Afterwards, she posts on her blog an article “coaching” people on what really happened and praising the three ass kissers while attempting to belittle the person that disagreed. Interesting she has no comment section to get feedback because of course her viewpoints are granite and beyond reproach.

  28. […] This article appeared originally on Street Carnage […]

  29. opus says:

    The flip side to this is when a woman does have her child during the child bearing years (for arguments sake peg it to 25-35), she’ll get shunned by the woman who did not have children during that time when she tries to enter back into the work force. Even worse, when she does enter back into the work force and attempts to keep her life private, she’ll be treated differently for not talking about her child… even though if she did talk about her child(ren) these same lame ass fucks would then talk shit about how she talks about her kids too much.

    When a woman chooses to have a career and be a responsible, loving, and committed parent, she can be treated like shit for not choosing her career first. If she stays at home, she can be treated like shit for being a part of historical patriarchy. It’s insane. Feminism sought out the emancipation of women from patriarchy (accept of course if you need a global south nanny! then you are empowering women from the south by taking advantage of cheap labour, cause you know, it’s only house work and child rearing after all…) but what has ended up happening is that the patriarchal mindset has been taken on by women to keep the same feminine power at bay that feminist theorists argue men find so threatening.

  30. Sniffy says:


  31. TO says:

    the sad thing is not every single thing you say is completely idiotic or without some sense (just most of it), but you seem to be so broken inside that the sanity bits are just a few lost peas in the crazy pot pie you seem incapable of not just projectile vomiting on other people.
    It’s a pretty sad display, man.
    Maybe drink less coffee. That might be a good place to start.

  32. Socks says:

    Somebody needs a nap.

  33. Mealium says:

    “This is the biggest problem with the left. They assume the rest of us are obsessed with isms”

    Sorry, how many posts have there been on racism and sexism this week?

  34. Eric says:

    “I was talking about the dozens of women I know who elbowed their way into jobs they don’t really want.”

    “Liberals seem to think that one piece of anecdotal evidence completely wipes out mountains of evidence to the contrary.”

    “This isn’t my opinion. It’s a general truth”


    “I know a lot of people like this that make up the validity of my argument, and you liberals are doing the same thing–but my anecdotal evidence is not as such, it is ARTISANAL DATA (as indicated by my sweet stache). In conclusion, my artisanal data is not just mere conjecture, but is in fact, TRUTH”

  35. haha says:

    Gavin you got schooled by some dumb law professor who lazily deals in identity politics while holding out for CNN fame with that hot little punim. Yeah yeah, you’re right (sort of, I mean women do run out of eggs but they aren’t going to listen to your argument at all so who gives a shit) but your pundit act is pretty thin if this dim little minx can get you bawling. You can rationalize that it’s good television but it’ll hurt you in the long run and I bet you’re losing sleep thinking of her laying in bed after a good vigorous fuck thinking she’s got a real handle on the world after publicly trumping the guy who started Vice.

    You should’ve jumped the “I know what’s cool with the youth” ship into a more lucrative boat less freighted with politically dogmatic blowhards…unless that is your endgame as well? Maybe next time take half a Xanax before putting those dorky white headphones on.

  36. gruffs says:

    How exactly is it anecdotal evidence when one panelist brings up his doctor wife, but its totally admissible that you have a “gut feeling” that women are happier as nurturers. Stop trying to take societal roles out of the equation because they don’t fit with your ooga booga caveman values. You want to teach guys how to be men? Start by suggesting they don’t throw tantrums.

  37. shimizu says:

    isn’t this whole thing about the responsibilities of parenting? that as humans we’re required to reproduce, and that in reproducing we’ve each got to play our part? I think Gavin’s mistake was implying that women should never join the workforce. It’s only that in having a child, the woman is obliged to nurse it until about 5 – that’s all. During that time the guy has got to take on an extra workload to provide for them both – that’s all. Being a woman, and being a man, here, sucks. You’re both giving up five years of your life. I’d argue that you’re only a man (and only a woman) during this five year period of raising a kid. After that its basically what these libs say it is, a kind of genderless ad-hoc attempt to get your kid to school on time and be around on the weekend.

  38. Sharon says:

    Stop telling me what to do.

  39. Chris Mallory says:

    This article needs WonderHussy!

  40. angelo says:

    You’re kind of underestimating women’s ability to know whats good for them. You’re assuming that they can’t think for themselves and easily be brainwashed by what feminists think are right for them.

  41. Ghetto Defendant says:

    You made some good points Gavin, but gruff’s right, you fucked it all up by throwing a man-child tantrum at a woman, which undermined your entire argument by doing the least manliest thing possible, losing your control over yourself as a man.

  42. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    Sanity ProTip: GTFO of NYC as fast as you can. I recommend Texas: for what I would be paying in NYC income tax, I could lease a 7-Series BMW. Plus, fewer facepunchworthy fembots.

  43. NG says:

    Dear Gavin, you’ve always been a fool and it’s nice to see your whole schtick come apart at the seams with a thorough public humiliation. Maybe this was just a publicity tactic for your shitty little frightened man blog, in which case: it worked! I had totally forgotten about your irrelevant thoughts until being reminded of you with one of the most satisfying dressing-downs I’ve seen in a while. I wanted to high five Mary Anne Franks every time she revealed you for the petulant little manchild turd you are.

  44. Tim Lewis says:

    Heather ignorant slut .why only actors and show biz women on your list? Where’s the girl soldier or fireman or cop.hhmmm I think I know why.

  45. stopthisfrisking says:

    You have a point. But by throwing a tantrum, you keep the stereotype going of all the conservatives people see in the media. If someone doesn’t agree with you, just get mad, shout louder, cut the other side off and run back to everyone who thinks just like you. Liberals are guilty of this, too, of course. (HuffPo is the Fox News of the left.) But it’s far more prominent on the right, where facts and science usually get in the way. It’s like you’re trying to become the Bill O’Reilly for the facial hair set. After watching that episode, I’d say you’re well on your way to matching his professional blowhardedness.

  46. I think the important thing that no one is saying is that this inclusion of women leads to a declining standard of competence. A good example is the Navy Seals who are now being forced to accept women into their ranks. Of course the line is that there will be no lowering of the standard, but the political pressure to get the first ones in will require at least a little looking the other way, unless they can find some female with freakishly male strength and stamina. Once the barrier is broken, the inevitable erosion begins, first by noticing the “under-representation” of women and the corresponding assumption that the problem is not the women but some flaw in the system. Then there will be the arguments about how the new lightweight weapons and so on make the old standards outdated and obsolete and how women will bring things to the table that men can’t. Of course without ever mentioning that men might also bring something to the table that women can’t. It seems that the fundamental arguments of the left amount to what is good for the goose is not good for the gander whether talking about gender, race or class.

    Why are people not more adamant that men must begin to lobby for equal representation in the harp playing community. It seems that whenever there is some hoity toity event involving a harpist it is inevitably a good looking woman in a ball gown. This in spite of the fact that the most famous and accomplished harp player of all time was a fellow named Marcel George Lucien Grandjay.

    Anyways I see this decline of standards happening and I feel it’s incredibly harmful and it’s not just an attempt to impose masculine standards. Even if it is, do you really want a 130 lb fireperson trying to carry you out of a burning building? I wish this had been part of that discussion. Maybe next time.

  47. Tarek says:

    Heather, are you OUTRAGED that a man called a woman a fucking idiot?

  48. Wendy says:

    Dear Gavin,
    As a Caucasian male working in big business, I can only assume that’s its hard for you to grasp the difference between ‘social norms’ that have been cultivated through misogynistic jackasses such as yourself and actual ‘nature’s way/evolution’. No one has to fit to yours or society’s idea of gender roles because its 2013 and happiness isn’t funded by whether or not I have children or take my husband’s name. Bullying those that think against your grain of thought is just magnifying this oppressive behavior that is tarnishing what true masculinity is. I am a woman of color and can have power & be masculine. I know it must be scary to think that there women out there more powerful than you and have no desire to raise a family. Surprise, we are equals. Get over it.

  49. ArvSux says:

    “I live in New York, an elephant’s graveyard for ovaries and virtually every 40 something I know is desperately trying to reverse time and get back the baby-making years.”

    “Liberals seem to think that one piece of anecdotal evidence completely wipes out mountains of evidence to the contrary.”

    Weird, I didn’t realize you were a liberal, Gavin.

  50. Tron says:

    Might get downvoted for this but I have to be brave and speak my mind. I think that women can do absolutely anything they set their minds to. :)

    (Whatshername, holla at me girl. Open invitation for the rest of you ladies, as well. *tips fedora*)

  51. Terri Burns says:

    You’re honestly such an idiot that your a waste of energy. But I had enough energy to tell you that.

  52. Mom who agrees with you says:

    God bless you Gavin. Too right you are. The best years of my life were at home with my children and I am ostracized by many since returning to the workforce (I am working to support the family and to afford to send my children to parochial school). During a recent work retreat, we were asked the question: What would you do if you didn’t have to go to work every day? I said that I would adopt at least two more children since I only have two bio children AND I would home school all of them. Save one Christian woman in the group, the rest of the group looked at me as if I was beamed down from Mars. I find it sad that we do not cherish our children. When stopping at a coffee shop after the park with 3-4 toddlers, another mother and I were actually asked to leave because the children were singing and disturbing the patrons who were pretending to work while playing video poker. I am one of those sad women who spent my entire thirties trying to have children and shooting up fertility meds. If I would have known in my 20s, what I know now, I would not have burned myself out at work. Thank you. You made my week. I am going to try to get up at 3 am to watch you on Red Eye. Godspeed Mr. McInnes.

  53. Anonymous says:

    you went on huffington post. you’re like jesse jackson going on bill o’reilly or a rape victim. asking for it.

  54. Ecgtheow says:

    Ever heard of Mary Wollstonecraft, outraged ladies? She did well in her own right. Must’ve done well by her daughter, too, Mary Shelley. Went on to write a novel entitled Frankenstein. Do you think Wollstonecraft prefaced every polemic with, “Come on! It’s 1792!…”
    Courtesy of the Wiki. P …
    Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792)

    Main article: A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

    A Vindication of the Rights of Woman is one of the earliest works of feminist philosophy. In it, Wollstonecraft argues that women ought to have an education commensurate with their position in society and then proceeds to redefine that position, claiming that women are essential to the nation because they educate its children and because they could be “companions” to their husbands rather than mere wives.[85] Instead of viewing women as ornaments to society or property to be traded in marriage, Wollstonecraft maintains that they are human beings deserving of the same fundamental rights as men. Large sections of the Rights of Woman respond vitriolically to conduct book writers such as James Fordyce and John Gregory and educational philosophers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who wanted to deny women an education. (Rousseau famously argues in Émile (1762) that women should be educated for the pleasure of men.)[86]

    Title page from the first American edition of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792)
    Wollstonecraft states that currently many women are silly and superficial (she refers to them, for example, as “spaniels” and “toys”[87]), but argues that this is not because of an innate deficiency of mind but rather because men have denied them access to education. Wollstonecraft is intent on illustrating the limitations that women’s deficient educations have placed on them; she writes: “Taught from their infancy that beauty is woman’s sceptre, the mind shapes itself to the body, and, roaming round its gilt cage, only seeks to adorn its prison.”[88] She implies that, without the encouragement young women receive from an early age to focus their attention on beauty and outward accomplishments, women could achieve much more.[89]

    While Wollstonecraft does call for equality between the sexes in particular areas of life, such as morality, she does not explicitly state that men and women are equal.[90] What she does claim is that men and women are equal in the eyes of God. However, such claims of equality stand in contrast to her statements respecting the superiority of masculine strength and valour.[91] Wollstonecraft famously and ambiguously writes: “Let it not be concluded that I wish to invert the order of things; I have already granted, that, from the constitution of their bodies, men seem to be designed by Providence to attain a greater degree of virtue. I speak collectively of the whole sex; but I see not the shadow of a reason to conclude that their virtues should differ in respect to their nature. In fact, how can they, if virtue has only one eternal standard? I must therefore, if I reason consequentially, as strenuously maintain that they have the same simple direction, as that there is a God.”[92] Her ambiguous statements regarding the equality of the sexes have since made it difficult to classify Wollstonecraft as a modern feminist, particularly since the word and the concept were unavailable to her.[93]

    One of Wollstonecraft’s most scathing critiques in the Rights of Woman is of false and excessive sensibility, particularly in women. She argues that women who succumb to sensibility are “blown about by every momentary gust of feeling” and because they are “the prey of their senses” they cannot think rationally.[94] In fact, she claims, they do harm not only to themselves but to the entire civilization: these are not women who can help refine a civilization—a popular eighteenth-century idea—but women who will destroy it. Wollstonecraft does not argue that reason and feeling should act independently of each other; rather, she believes that they should inform each other.[95]

    In addition to her larger philosophical arguments, Wollstonecraft also lays out a specific educational plan. In the twelfth chapter of the Rights of Woman, “On National Education”, she argues that all children should be sent to a “country day school” as well as given some education at home “to inspire a love of home and domestic pleasures.” She also maintains that schooling should be co-educational, arguing that men and women, whose marriages are “the cement of society”, should be “educated after the same model.”[96]

    Wollstonecraft addresses her text to the middle-class, which she describes as the “most natural state”, and in many ways the Rights of Woman is inflected by a bourgeois view of the world.[97] It encourages modesty and industry in its readers and attacks the uselessness of the aristocracy. But Wollstonecraft is not necessarily a friend to the poor; for example, in her national plan for education, she suggests that, after the age of nine, the poor, except for those who are brilliant, should be separated from the rich and taught in another school.”

  55. queer eye for the transgender guy. says:

    “Because we have kids and we want to make money to pay our bills.”

    that’s it that’s all folks. Unless you know, you’ll never know.

  56. John says:

    “Wendy says:
    Dear Gavin,
    … No one has to fit to yours or society’s idea of gender roles because its 2013 and happiness isn’t funded by whether or not I have children or take my husband’s name. I am a woman of color and can have power & be masculine. I know it must be scary to think that there women out there more powerful than you and have no desire to raise a family. Surprise, we are equals. Get over it.”

    And yet I would bet many women like you claim to be oppressed.

    “Why yes I’m the female CEO of BigCorp, Inc. b-b-but your male privilege! ABLOOOOOO!!!!”

    “Wendy says: there women out there more powerful than you and have no desire to raise a family.”

    LOL! Actually, we’re 100% in favor of women like these not reproducing.

  57. An asshole says:

    I cunt believe there are women like this.

  58. Kimberly says:

    You are spot on. As a 25-year-old woman, I find that men twice my age seem to understand me better than these so-called “enlightened” feminists. Just last week I sat through a class lecture where a feminist complained for an hour about our society being so “phallic-oriented.” Apparently, it’s empowering for women to have sex with a bunch of guys because – HEY! Guys have sex with lots of girls without any shame involved! (She was a guest speaker, but it’s my fault for picking a liberal arts elective.) By the end of it, my ears were bleeding and I felt like walking up and apologizing to every male in the room. It was embarrassing. If I were to tell her I’m attracted to monogamous alpha males/real men, she’d probably accuse me of caving to society’s pressures and those stuffy traditional norms. Because I clearly can’t think for myself.

    It would definitely break her heart – and that law professor’s heart – to hear that I’m only going to school so I can get a job to support myself until I can RAISE A FAMILY. I don’t want to have a career my whole life. I don’t find it empowering to become a whore. If guys are acting like whores, maybe they should be shamed too. Gee! What a novel concept! I would like to get married, without worrying about STDs, and eventually have kids. I cherish and value what men bring to the table because without them, women are worthless. And vice versa. Although, I am usually a lot more critical of women. I think because I understand them better…it only seems fair.

    Anyway, thank you for defending ladies like me to the, as Gutfeld put it, “beta male knitting circle.” It is much appreciated! :)

  59. napkins says:

    super weak shit gavin.

  60. Lucas Sharp says:

    I watched the interview, you guys both came off badly. You were both teetering on opposite sides of the same basic point which was that people should just do whatever makes them happy regardless of societal norms. To you the societal trend to kick was misplaced feminism, to her it was patriarchal traditionalism. You came off like a duchy guy with an expensive haircut, and she seemed like the kind of girl who despite being physically beautiful would make an otherwise virile man flaccid the second she opened her mouth. That was pretty wack that those two eunuchs took her side and ganged up on you though. Yes, the feminists are lame, but you’ve got outclass them and not come off like an asshole doing it. Better luck next time dude- good effort but I think you just set back the cause.

  61. DWK says:

    Never thought that I would feel this way, but after deciding to stay at home and raise my child, I am constantly having to defend my decision against “feminists” who repeatedly disrespect and dismiss me. What irks me is that none of these women ever try to understand the reasons why my husband and I chose to raise our children ourselves ( as if you need an excuse to raise your own children!) Both my husband and I come from homes that were neglectful and severely abusive. When we decided to have our children, we also decided that we were going to commit ourselves fulltime to raising happy and responsible children, with ethics and morals. Our kids are happy, and we are happy. They are good students and respectful of others. Considering our backgrounds, we have beaten the odds, yet many women continue to dismiss me as if I were trash, and they superior “feminists” simply because they have a job. Well, good for you. But none of these so-called “feminists” would even be able to work, were it not for the millions of nannies and caregivers that are currently raising their children. Until these “feminists” begin supporting the lives of all women, and not just the Ivy Leagues educated, privileged few, any “advances” that women make will be made on the backs of women less fortunate, including nannies, office workers, factory workers, and others who have no “ladder” whatsoever on which to advance. A real feminist, a not just a self-absorbed, self-congratulating twit, would be working to improve the lot of ALL women.

  62. Becky says:

    Gavin, I am a 47 yr old female who agrees with you. I have many friends who chose to go the career route. With and without children. Most not all are miserable. I chose to be a stay at home mom and raise my children. I did work off and on part time threw the years. Women are lucky to have the choice. Most men do not. Stay at home moms are put down and treated like second class people by other woman!. I think it is envy and fear based. The pendulum has swung completely in the other direction. Woman feel like they must now act like men to be taken seriously. Men and woman are different get over it.The sooner we accept our differences the sooner we can accept each other. Viva La Difference !

  63. Columbo says:

    These reoccurring critiques of Gavin are flimsy:

    Does getting angry mean you’ve lost?
    Does acting academically mean you’ve won?
    These are points of personality, not building-blocks for a case.

    Age is a big factor in the ability to bear children.
    It’s quite common for women to ingest birth-control pills during their most fertile years in an attempt to appease career and/or life aspirations. Women who wait too long to have children miscarry frequently, which can wreak havoc on the body, mind and spirit. Often the solution is to take fertility treatment. It all seems counter-intuitive.

    Gavin’s point is that women are waiting longer to have children and it’s fucking them over physically and emotionally.

    Gavin said a swear at a WOMAN too!

  64. Johnny Israel says:

    ‘the loss of unearned privilege can produce profound discomfort and despair in some men’

    scratch that Maryanne, it produces despair in all people. Why should men forfeit any of this privilege we supposedly wield in our everyday lives, regardless of our financial or medical backgrounds? Why should men willingly sign up for their own castrations?

    At the end of the day there’s such a thing as luck of the draw. If all privilege is to be earned then why did the occupy movement, an exclusively leftist one i might add, flail so desperately in an attempt to pry money from the pockets of bankers who when all is said and done get out of bed and go to work like everyone else?

    Muslims demand unearned privileges. The LGBT community demand unearned privileges. Hell, Lauryn fucking Hill demanded unearned privileges for not paying her taxes [though was thankfully laughed out of court and directly into jail]. So called progressives are happy to grant all of these groups their unearned privilege, but guess what?

    If you’re a successful white man [or even an unsuccessful one] then fuck you. Get off your throne. You’ve been eating turkey legs and whipping serfs as they toil for your comfort for too long. And don’t you even think of uniting under one banner, because Hitler and stuff.

    I hate this world and i can’t wait to leave it.

  65. Raymi says:

    To work or to babies, age old argument.

  66. Ghetto Defendant says:

    Hey Columbo, stop ridding jocks. That shit ain’t manly either. Gavin didn’t lose because he swore at a woman. He had logic on his side. He lost to himself, because he forgot that if a man can rule himself first, then world is his. It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that woman was an identity politics hustler, who Gavin could’ve beaten soundly with his logic. He lost, because he let his button get pushed, and that comes off as weak if you’re trying to carry the banner of manliness.

  67. Columbo says:

    Agreeing with someone is riding jocks…

  68. Mark says:

    Becky, just because you’re happy like that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

    Notice how I don’t say “just because you can’t hack it in the real world and need to have husband-daddy look after you”? It’s because I RESPECT YOUR CHOICE.

  69. Oodle says:

    No one is arguing that women have a harder time after 30, where are you getting this from? You’re completely detracting from their real arguments, which is, the behaviours you keep insisting are the norms are in fact societal norms, and that we do not need to conform to the very, very overly-pervasive and generalized norms you’ve listed to be happy. You literally argue like my 14 year old cousin, I actually pissed my pants laughing at you. Take a class in basic logic or critical thinking you fucking waste of cognizance. You’re despicable and the people who look up to you are horribly mislead. I desperately hope you continue on your crazy tirade, because it’ll only help to make you look more fucking stupid.

  70. Mark says:

    You know what working women are sick of? Nagging harpy shrew SAHMs who NEVER. SHUT. THE FUCK. UP. about how angelic they are for staying home and popping out a brood and how irresponsible it is for women to a) choose not to have kids or b) go back to work after having said kids.

    You. You lot put the women’s movement back 100 years. You’re lucky enough to have the resources to take it easy at home looking after the kids (which is not, I’m sorry, NOT as demanding as working full-time), now shut up about it and let the rest of us get on with earning a living.

  71. Butler's_Revenge says:

    Some feminists may be shocked at Gavin for pointing out that feminism has devalued and denormalized motherhood, but I am more shocked that the “gender deconstructivist” in the video had a specially-crafted for being called a wimp. The “policing of masculinity”??? hahahaha

  72. wilhelm meister says:

    Gavin is an ass. Also why don’t we have less babies instead of more. we already have 8 billion people in the world.

  73. clutchgirl says:

    Oh Gavin, you’re so angry. Sweeping accusations about working women, feminists or liberals interlaced with F bombs just make you sound like a cranky child. The truth of the matter is, that without feminists, women could not vote or even become a CEO of anything, even if she “Wanted” to be there. What the original feminist movement achieved is the platform for women to choose what they wanted to do with their lives. If you have a daughter, I would HOPE you would want her to have the opportunities to flourish in her life in whatever she chooses. Anyone who berates a women for a choice to become president or stay home and raise 50 babies is just plain mean, not about the end result of a feminist movement.
    As far as “women in their 40’s being miserable for not having babies”…well, perhaps there are, but there are also equally as many miserable for being trapped in loveless marriages, whose lives are all about dirty diapers and back talking teens (I know this because I have those conversations with them). I think what it all comes down to is, the idea of “the grass is always greener” mentality is what’s making people miserable. There is no right or wrong for your life’s path, it’s just a collection of choices you’ve made along the way….Try to make the best of whatever they were

  74. Skullduggs says:

    Dude shut the fuck up. You sound like every other genius who “knows” what’s best for our society and how it “should” be. Either become a politician who’s whole career centers around dictating bullshit or get back to writing editorials on your Jenkem use and your affinity for dicks in or around your ass.

  75. Michael L says:

    You pearl clutchers should shut the fuck up. Bitch put words in his mouth and tried to use that po-mo gender-studies language. That shit needs to die for us to not end in demographic collapse.

  76. Johnny Israel says:

    ‘Gavin is an ass’ and that’s why you read Street Carnage? Do you also eat marmalade because you hate the taste?

  77. clockcleaner says:

    I’d be great to see you use your Scottish brawn to tackle an actual problem in the world, instead of defending your own choices. Just sayin’

  78. The Help says:

    haha i love how the preview image is called ‘dumbcunt.jpg’

  79. Lynn L. says:

    Gavin, you are absolutely right. As an attorney at a large NY law firm, I witnessed women struggling to balance career and motherhood – and they were MISERABLE!!!! When I was pregnant, I fully expected to return to work, but after maternity leave, I couldn’t do it. I opted to give up my lucrative career and stay home and raise my children. Now, 15 years later with two nearly grown kids, I can say I am soooooo glad I made that decision. Raising my kids was so much more meaningful than practicing law. Women feel pressured by society to prove their value by working. My kids are truly amazing and while society may disagree, I feel I have proven my value by the incredible kids I’ve raised. Although I must now admit that with my kids being all grown, there is a void in my life and I do feel the need to return to being a productive member of society. Perhaps women can have it all – career and family, just not at the same time.

  80. CC says:

    Hi Gavin. I just wanted to write to you and try to give you some insight into why women maybe don’t like to be told that they have no place in the workforce. It’s the story of my life, so perforce anecdotal, but you seem to have no problem using anecdotes as evidence so I won’t worry about it either.

    I’m one of those childless 37-year-old shrivelled harridans you hate so much. I always thought I kind of wanted kids, but all the way through my life there’s always been a compelling reason not to have them. I’ve had two major relationships in my life. The first one was when I was quite young. My husband and I both wanted kids, but we were working shift jobs and we couldn’t afford for me to take time off to have a baby. What should I have done instead here? Got knocked up anyway and gone on welfare? Have the taxpayer fund my baby? Would that have been a responsible choice?

    That marriage broke up, and now, in my second relationship, my partner doesn’t want to have children. I kind of still do, but he definitely doesn’t. What should I do here, Gavin? Get pregnant “accidentally” and try to force him to be a father to a kid he doesn’t want? Would I have the support of you and the MRA brigade for a decision like that?

    So tell me, Gavin, what decision should I have made that would have been more responsible than the decision not to have kids? And what do I do now? I didn’t get the chance to fulfil my sole function in life — motherhood — and according to you, feminism has forced me into a workplace where I don’t belong and in which I’m, again according to you, miserably unhappy. What should I do now, huh, Gav? Bemoan my dwindling fertility while gazing avariciously at passing toddlers? Or maybe euthanasia is the only option?

    Or maybe, just maybe, I could be allowed to get on with my job, which I enjoy and am good at, without being told I don’t belong here by sanctimonious, judgemental assholes. Is that fair?

    (And as an aside to all of your fawning fans, fuck this “alpha male” noise. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, attractive about a man who needs to constantly bolster his fragile self-esteem by posturing displays of macho aggression and the constant preening declaration of his superiority over other people.)

  81. Sorry I'm Not Sorry says:

    Look at all these feminazi newcomers!!! Wow. They are gonna love this site. Let me be the first to welcome you with open arms and a hard cock. Oops!! My bad. Deep dicking is NOT on the menu for your kind. In that case, I’ll just wish you a beauuutiful day as you cruise around your preferred gay friendly enclave, juiced up on testosterone, rocking a conservative buzzcut in a 90s era subaru w/ “COEXIST” stickers plastered to the rear bumper. Hallo!!!

  82. Alec Leamas says:

    “You. You lot put the women’s movement back 100 years.”

    This, I think, is one of the fundamental and foundational flaws inherent in feminism. Why should any woman owe more allegiance to every other human with a uterus than to her own family? Are every uterus-owning human’s interests really singularly aligned? Experience bears the opposite conclusion – women’s voting patterns track right (proxy for anti-feminist or rejection of feminist goals and ideology) with the advent of marriage and children.

    I’d like to see one of the Harpies criticizing McInnes tackle this:

  83. Fantz Crazz says:

    Hey Gavin, you should have gave that bitch an elf shoe on her strap-on, Bro!

  84. sybilll says:

    CC, you should sue Gavin. No seriously, you should. He obviously forced you to make poor life choices. You see, you and your (1st) husband worked shifts, so kids were impossible. No couple in the history of man has ever altered their schedules so as to assure caring for the child was covered whilst the other worked, and vice versa. Never, ever been done. CC, you should also sue Gavin for forcing you to call the dude in your 2nd relationship “partner”. Any man that doesn’t merit the honor of at least “significant other”, “lover”, or “boyfriend” is clearly a fuck buddy. And it’s Gavin’s fault. Lastly, you should sue Gavin because he clearly told you that “euthanasia was the only option” for your unfulfilled ovaries, excepting the fact that those words, nor anything remotely resembling them came out of his mouth. I actually came back here to respond to the law professor that reminds me of Joan Crawford, but CC, you grabbed my attention. To you both: I’ve had it all. I’ve been a successful married mom, divorcee that saved enough to spend a few years at home during a couple of my daughter’s formative adolescent years, and a mom that re-entered the workforce without harboring resentment against a single damned person for any decision that I, ME, had made.
    But to my original point I came to make. If the Professor or CC were my daughter and their personal affirmations were based on the opinions of outsiders instead of those of their spouse/children, I’d cut them out of my will. Seriously.

  85. […] McInnes retorted from his blog Street Carnage that he “live[s] in the real world” and clarified his viewpoint, saying: […]

  86. Kay says:

    Wow!! Thank you for speaking the truth! My daughter is (ironically) in Fashion PR in New York City, something she has wanted to do since childhood. She is “living the dream”, so to speak, and she is miserable. Trust me, she doesn’t feel “empowered” at all! She is alone in a huge city in which there are very few eligible men, and is in an extremely stressful career that barely pays enough to keep the lights turned on (her father and I are helping her financially). She told me the other day that she believed her friends who had opted for marriage and children had made better choices than she had, and that she wants to come home to Texas. I think she and other girls like her have been deceived by the MODERN feminist movement, as well as cultural influences in the media and Hollywood, to believe that choosing marriage and family was equivalent to “selling out”. I think that these girls are realizing they have been lied to, and are becoming very disillusioned with the feminist movement. That’s why people like you, Gavin, scare the feminists to death. You are telling the unvarnished, inconvenient truth, and they must shut you down! PLEASE, don’t let them! My daughter is still in her early twenties, and has plenty of time to find love, and to have a family, but it’s too late for many women who have gone down that road. Keep telling the truth–there are many of us out here who believe you and support you!!

  87. Ellenvdb says:

    Hey Gavin, Just wanted to say i think it’s hilarious how you back out and suddenly claim that you meant something different.
    Next time maybe try using better arguments than “i feel it in my gut” and “you fucking idiot”.
    I feel so bad for your children having a father like you.

  88. CaliMom says:

    Gavin, you MAN–you! Just watched your Huffpo “debate” and wanted to say “thank you”. Thanks for sticking up for mothers who make shaping their children’s lives top priority. Thank you for being a champion of female domestication. Thank you for being a strong example of a supportive father. Thank you for getting angry, instead of staying flaccid like those weak, bumbling “men”.

    Your anger wasn’t losing, it provided a nice juicy contrast between the oatmeal-like rhetoric of those pasty boys and that sad, barren woman.

    Fuck them, figuratively speaking.

  89. GRW says:

    Of course she frames your disdain as insecurity. Women tend to frame a lot of objection as insecurity, but that is likely because they themselves are fundamentally insecure beings, and tend to therefore view the world through this lense.

  90. Lynn L. says:

    The hateful comments I’ve read above manifest the societal pressure on women which prevents them from being happy. I was a successful attorney, but once I had a child, I WANTED to stay home and raise her. I was willing to give up my career to raise my child. The CONDEMNATION I received from ALL (including my mother) was overwhelming. The feminist movement has taken choices away from women, and led to society dictating to us what is and isn’t OK. It’s time for the feminist movement to truly address women’s rights by protecting a woman’s right to choice – choice in whether we want to raise our children or leave them and return to the workforce. Thank you Gavin for helping lead the fight to protect a woman’s rights, despite societal pressure to dictate to us.

  91. Drunicusrex says:

    Men dont have babies, women have babies. Most women prefer husbands who can.provide for them, particularly once they pass age 25.
    Most men work, or want to work, hence our greater upper body strength and task related orientation.
    Most child rearing and most caregiver occupations are done by females. Most dangerous, dirty, or strenuous jobs are done by men.
    Always has been, always will be.
    So perhaps Gavin is entirely correct, factually if not at all politically? Our can two hundred millenia of human nature be completely overurned in three generations?
    And who do you think is more sensible and sane? Gavin, or Andrea Dworkin? Betty Freidan? Valerue Solanas? Virginia Woolf?
    Show me a feminist hero and Ill show you a miserable, emotionally unbalanced harridan.

  92. […] But according to Mr. McInnes, I’m probably faking it. […]

  93. Kent says:

    In the interview, you lost me at “my gut tells me”. No one’s gut is authoritative for anything but their own experience. If you were a woman unhappy with career life and wishing you’d stayed at home and had kids, I’d totally believe your gut feeling about it. But that would say nothing about the experience of any other woman, and your gut feeling about how reality is for any woman carries absolutely zero weight.

  94. Watchful Reader says:

    Gavin – good on you for what you said. Feminism is a total sham, a religion, an ideology. Men have never been privileged at any point in history. The genders had rough equality for millenia, but now we have women with unequal advantage who hate men at every turn. Sometimes it’s the very same women who had male providers, worked part time doing what they liked while their husbands slaved away at some thankless task for no glory. Then these women turn around and start complaining about “masculinity,” not understanding it at all nor all the sacrifices men made so that she could have the time to be bored enough to complain. Then there’s the whole “rape culture” thing, the whole India rape thing, and now Malala, all of which are instruments being used to revive feminism from its death throes. It’s time for men to speak up and time for women to speak up for us.

  95. Potamiaena says:

    You are absolutely, completely and totally correct. You stated your opinion very well. Thank you for speaking the truth.

    I am a college educated CPA and I wanted to raise my own kids. My husband and I sacrificed monetarily to accomplish this. We lived on his income. When I first quit my job, we paid the house payment then had $100 left over! That did not last long, as he got raises quickly. Now that my kids are grown up, it is the greatest accomplishment I have ever done.

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