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• 12.15.11 09:00 am

We don’t know where Indonesia is and we don’t care, but we’re pretty sure it’s loaded to the gills with “Brown” people, and by “Brown” people we of course mean “Muslims.”

Indonesian official shaves young punk rocker’s stupid haircut.

We don’t know where Indonesia is and we don’t care, but we’re pretty sure it’s loaded to the gills with “Brown” people, and by “Brown” people we of course mean “Muslims.” Not that all Brown people are Muslims, and, come to think of it, not that all Muslims are Brown people, either. Not by a long shot. Just wanted to clarify that.

Actually, looking at some of these pictures, these fellows are a sort of brownish/yellow hue. So these may actually be Yellow Muslims, but the news stories don’t specify, although you’d think that they would. We can’t really tell if they’re brown or yellow—not that it matters.

The brownish-yellow Muslim police in Indonesia, wherever that is, recently invaded a punk-rock club—that’s right, not only does punk rock still exist in 2011, it still exists in Indonesia (wherever that is)—and forcibly seized an estimated 65 young male punk rockers, all of whom had the poor fashion taste to adopt the supremely outdated and sublimely unacceptable “Mohawk” haircut. Large clumps of hair fell to the ground in loud plops as the police shaved off every Mohawk in sight. Apparently the style is “un-Islamic,” as were the leather dog collars and similarly punky accoutrements the fuzz peeled off the clubgoers before throwing their newly shaved asses into a “cleansing” pool.

We’re not all that famliar with the Indonesian punk-rock scene, but we don’t see a downside to the fact that it’s now 65 Mohawks lighter. Un-Islamic, Un-Ischlamic. We’re just glad that they’re gone.

Reformed Indonesians bathe in the “cleansing pool” after being forcibly shorn of their retarded “Mohawk” haircuts by a wise and benevolent police force.

  1. Anonymous says:

    wonder how long before indonesians get into electro and the cops have to start shaving asymmetrical mullets.

  2. turd turd says:

    i bet somewhere, sometime, gavin is making a face like someone pissed into his fruit loops.

    o wait.

  3. Chad says:

    Good riddance. Another turning point, a fork in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why. It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time.

  4. Lunchin' says:

    Great. Now we have a gang of Muslim skinheads to worry about.

  5. chester says:

    punk’s not dead, it’s just taking a bath in the river

  6. Ass Roar says:


  7. nacirema says:

    this could have been a really interesting article. maybe next time.

  8. fang says:

    Skinheads smoke dope tho

  9. fang says:

    Skinheads smoke dope

  10. nacirema says:

    god could have given me a really appealing face. maybe next time.

  11. wtf says:

    i think im gonna get subway for lunch….

  12. Zippy says:

    A “cleansing pool”? In Indonesia? THAT is a relative term. Is that the stagnant pond where they don’t piss and shit in the water before they pull out a bucket for cooking?

  13. Shut the fuck up zippy says:

    That’s a practice usually associated with india you imbecile

  14. A Man Called "Google" says:

    You’re both wrong. Like everything else, Jews invented cleansing pools:

  15. homesick says:

    This article is fucked up

  16. homesick says:

    Not funny!

  17. It’s not punk if it’s acceptable.

  18. Milk Out My Nose says:

    Well that was a roundabout journey to the obvious thank u Chapter After!

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