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• 10.20.11 10:00 am

One of my middle school classmates now works on Wall Street and was harassed by Occupy Wall Street protestors while heading home.

Apparently Occupy Wall Street protestors mistook my friend for someone like this guy.

I recently discovered that one of my middle school classmates now works on Wall Street and was harassed by Occupy Wall Street protestors while heading home. Considering that she’s Hispanic, grew up in our poor immigrant neighborhood, attended its shit-hole schools and is currently working two jobs, it seems extremely retarded for protestors claiming to represent the 99% to be targeting people like her — especially while the demonstrators embrace Kanye West, Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon, you know, people who actually belong to the 1%.

Over a series of emails, she and I discussed her job, her run-in with the protestors and the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in general.

STREET CARNAGE: You said you work on Wall Street. What exactly do you do? What does your company do?

WALL STREET FRIEND: I work at a brokerage firm. I am the executive assistant to the Compliance Officer / Branch Manager.

You previously mentioned that you and your boyfriend were confronted by protestors outside of your job. Can you describe what happened?

My boyfriend happens to work in the same office as I do. He’s a stockbroker. We left work together and walked up towards Broadway to catch the train. I assume because we were dressed professionally and leaving with the mass of other finance workers around 5 P.M., the protestors saw us as ” the enemy.” They began chanting much louder at us and one guy started waving his poster right in front of us. My boyfriend became upset and bumped past him, and we walked faster to where we were heading.

Despite being yelled at by protestors, you said you support the demonstrations. Why?

Because I too am just a regular person who supports that large corporations and banks should have much less power and control.

Do you think Wall Street is the main culprit in America’s current financial fiasco?

I think there are many factors to consider in the current financial situation. Wall Street has been doing what it did way before our generation, our parents’ generation and their parents’ generation. Moreover, Wall Street itself is suffering and has been for months. The market’s last peak was almost six months ago or so.

If there was something you could explain to the Occupy Wall Street protestors, what would it be?

Well, I am a bit of a cynic, so I would say that, realistically, there is not much we can do. It is wonderful that so many people can come together and fight for us “regular people,” but us regular people, despite our large numbers, are still just that. The banks and corporations will always vouch for each other and cover what they do. Unless those people in power change what they’re doing or modify how they conduct business, nothing is really going to change. It’s just the hard truth.

I’m no expert in this, don’t get me wrong. I have been in this industry for close to six years and even then, I only know and understand a little more than the average person. Without trying to be too harsh, I do think it’s a little ignorant for homeless individuals and job-less young kids to be involved because they think the government and everyone, for that matter, is against them. I think we all need to educate ourselves in the way things have been run before we go and sit in a park for weeks without showering and leaving waste all over because we want things to change. If they were able to verbally make an educated and wise effort to obtain change, maybe those in power might consider listening. Honestly, do you think a conference room full of old white men in expensive suits gives a shit about a bunch of young dirty people screaming with cardboard signs? Sorry, I really don’t.

You’ve been working in the industry for nearly six years and you still only understand it a little better than the average American. If that’s the case, is it even possible for Wall Street outsiders to become educated in the internal machinations of banks and corporations? Isn’t this inability of normal people to understand the workings of Wall Street part of the problem because it leaves them feeling like they’re getting fucked by something they can’t understand, much less control?

I think there’s only a small portion of people who fully understand the way corporate America is run — and I don’t mean “understand” in the way people who read financial magazines or follow the news think they “understand.” I mean FULLY get it. Part of me doesn’t even think its those in power who are in this small percentage. It’s probably really smart, quiet, pushover-personality types who get paid a lot to serve as the brains behind the man with all the money.

I definitely agree that this lack of total and accurate knowledge about what is really going on and how all of this works is the main problem behind those protesting right now. For example, if someone is explaining how much they owe you after loans and small payments and more loans and the math they’re doing doesn’t seem right because you don’t get it, you would begin to think, “They’re trying to rip me off, motherfucker!” Right?

Well, it’s not exactly like this, but I think you get the point.



  1. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    Being the Executive Assistant to the Compliance Officer/Branch Manager doesn’t exactly insert you into the thick of things down on Wall Street. What’s her boyfriend got to say?

  2. chow says:

    your friend is a secretary to a non-important person (almost non-existent). Your friend has absolutely no basis for being an authority on anything to do with financial services industry. This was a complete waste of time interview. Also the boyfriend is a broker, which is nothing more than a message taker. If you visit the stock exchange and talk to the brokers, you will realize that these dudes are the same guys who would otherwise be construction workers in any other city where finance was not an industry – that is, they are completely unaware of financial services is and how it works other than to do their own little messaging job.

    if you want to interview people with financial services knowledge, go after hedge fund analysts. There are lots of knowledgeable people on

  3. JOey says:

    I think the article was valuable in that it perpetuates the fact that the OWS protestors are a bunch of sore loser cunts who should be tear gassed.

    Life isn’t fair, boofuckinhoo.

  4. just a cunt hair away says:

    JOey wins!

  5. Bongo Bob says:


    How does that dick taste?


    Boo Fucking Hoo

  6. cheezdick says:

    “compliance officer” = doormat

  7. Ess says:

    this person working on wall st. has about as much clout on wall st. as the guy that works on wall st. selling bagels to wall st. i said “wall st.” a lot.

  8. JOey says:

    Bongo Bob –

    Tastes like Bongo Bob.

    Sugar Daddy

  9. Gigantic Faggot says:

    I think the point of this interview was to show that there are also regular people working on Wall st too. It’s very easy to get caught up in this us VS them bullshit, which assumes that all of Wall st gets up in the morning thinking about what they can do to screw and exploit the greatest number of people possible. In reality we have a shitty situation which got out of hand and is messy for all involved.

  10. KRAY says:

    It sounds like this claim of being “harassed” by protestors is highly suspect. Her evidence was that the protestors (who were marching) were chanting and waving signs. At which point her boyfriend “bumped past them”. #JustSaying #BoyfriendSoundsLikeTheAgressiveOne

  11. not published or required says:

    i dont think anyone with half a brain is under the illusion that everyone who puts on a suit and works in a financial district is part of the 1%………..
    thats the point.

    the 1% dont actually fucking ‘work’ – they are so rich they could live off the interest alone

    none of these people are 1%ers.

    but its the investments that matter – shareholders driving up profits at the expense of everything and everyone around them (although they dont actually live around us) is more the problem

    if the corporation you have massive shares in can pay slave wages to third world foreigners to flood the western markets with cheap shit – then why the hell not?!

    thats ok right? fuck these dirty fucking hippies and unwashed young people

    cos protest, collectivisation and activism never achieved shit right? ever…

    not like its the reason we have democracy, civil rights, living standards, a judicial system, y’know, little unimportant things like that. the things that give people the opportunity to get rich in the first place if they want to

    yeah fuck protest: its pointless man.

    servitude and continued wage slavery – now there’s a strategy!

  12. ^@shitforbrains right above me^ says:

    “Collectivization” has achieved what? I think you might want to do a little research before spouting off with words you obviously don’t know the meaning of.

  13. Gary says:

    This is great for sleepy time.

  14. Anon says:

    Sounds like a made-up interview to me. I mean, so what if it’s real, you have ONE person with a view from the other side, so what that discredits the #OWS movement? She herself says she’s a cynic. Me on the other hand, I’ve gone down and talked with the OWSers, and they’re real people. They’re not cynics, they believe in a better world. Also your statement that she ‘grew up in our poor immigrant neighborhood’ doesn’t mean she herself is poor, or was. Unless you believe an entire thesis should be built on assumptions, in which case I assume she is rich beyond belief. There, now her argument is invalid. See how easy that was to be stoopid.

    Also while Kanye might be ‘rich’ I truly doubt he is aligned with the Koch brothers. Seriously man get your shit straight – just because someone is ‘rich’ doesn’t mean the class war doesn’t exist for them.

  15. Anonymous says:

    as much as i don’t like michael moore and kanye west, they fucking make jobs, try and wrap your head around it.

  16. not published or required says:

    ok ‘collectivism’ was the wrong word i got it wrong therefore my actual brain is full of and contains only the substance known as human faeces. you got me.

    i just made up that word anyway, what i meant was this stuff:

    where the idea is people assert consumer power en masse – and force the massive corporations that way (because it aint seem like our governments are gonna do it)

    “You can make all the changes in the world in a regulatory sense, but if you have 4-5 million people who can gather together, even though they have never met, but are informed and confident, that is a pretty potent mixture,”

    Nothing might come of this but as an idea i think its fuuuuuuuuuuuuucking cool

  17. not published or required says:

    “One Big Switch uses the switching power of 40,000 plus consumers to source home loan and electricity offers with a group discount. ”

    & here

    i gotta stop commenting on the internet i make myself fucking sick its almost like its driven out of loneliness or narcissism urrgh

  18. ss says:

    This article is horrible.

    It does shed light on some things, though.

    1. A college education doesn’t mean anything (the girl that was interviewed). Actually read her response to some of the questions. There is absolutely no critical insight in what she says.

    2. Street Boners’s website reads like a zine written by an uninformed 16 year old.

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