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• 07.24.12 11:59 am

The guys I did that “How to Dress Your Age” thing with are doing a talk show in a bar where everyone gets wasted and talks about politics. 

I really hope it lasts because it’s the kind of thing that’s pretty funny the first few episodes and fucking hilarious after two years of episodes and 136 guests.


  1. Donut says:

    So so. I’m English so had no real idea what you were blabbing on about. Man. That Dee Dee lady’s voice is like a zillion ball-bearings firing into your skull. Also…black Rick Moranis?

  2. Joe says:

    It would be better without the women. They aren’t funny and interrupt too much. Also, the camera should be fixed, to make it feel like you (the viewer) are eavesdropping on a bunch of drunk guys. And it should be darker, both for lighting and humor.

  3. Zig says:

    Stud’s Place rip-off.

  4. MillsBills says:

    Mitt Romney was booed twice, and cheered about 50+ times throughout that NAACP thing.

  5. angelo says:

    Its like Red Eye in a bar!

  6. Lunchin' says:

    Hey, G. Nice shirt. Have one just like it, except it’s a Ben Sherman.

  7. duh says:

    gotta lower the lights and move into a corner booth. otherwise great.

  8. Derek says:

    How come some chick tries to fuck Gavin every time he’s on a show? And the white chick is the only one that’s noticeably drunk. She even called the black chick a bitch at the end. Sweet.

  9. lester says:

    I would have given her the ring.

  10. bo says:

    the kind of thing thats slightly annoying within the first few shows and no longer syndicated after the first season. sort of of like that nut lix hit where its always sunny in philadelphia; i mingle with enough drunk assholes when i go to the bar…btw its impossible to put a group of “bi partisan” people together on television and expect there to be a logical argument. i think its impossible in any arena. solution: sing marvin gaye songs in the shower and wake up your neighbors.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Two years of episodes”? Good luck.

  12. Koreanish says:

    Can’t believe it took this long for someone to figure out what a good idea this would be

  13. E. Booker says:

    The long conversation about politics felt so natural.

  14. the token ethnic says:

    @Derek Maybe because I attract drunken, weird conservative girls is the reason I like Dee Dee. I hope this show lasts as well. The “Black Rick Moranis” line @Donut said had me thinking of the “Great White North” SCTV skit. Beauty, eh?

  15. sho nuff says:

    this is cool but i’d like to see the other three people changed out.

  16. Lunchin' says:

    Ha, ya. “Black Moranis” is genius. He should join forces with “White Roker” and solve crimes.

  17. Chapter After says:

    Jesus ya’ll are conservative. But it was a great watch. I’d collect them all.

  18. Zlur says:

    Fucking hell Gav – Dress your AGE!


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