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Street Carnage
• 05.08.17 04:22 pm

What the fuck are jihadists thinking? If they wanted to make Islam look hip and cool, they shouldn’t have a woman wearing a hijab and riding a skateboard in a rap video. That looks more like an SNL skit than something you’re not supposed to laugh at. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. frankie says:

    More hasbara (((propaganda))) brought to you by a Canadian Jewish owned Rebel media. Meanwhile Israel continues to look more and more like South Africa’s previous apartheid state day by day.

  2. OogaBooga says:

    Yo frankie, my jewdar picked up on the sophistry contacts as soon as I started my round the clock hourly check for new comments on Street Carnage. It’s so sickening whenever Gavin puts meat out there for the hasbara to beat off on. What’s really sickening is that WALL the Jews built to keep out the peace loving Palestinians. All these multiculturalists want to do are the jobs Jews don’t want to do. The article you linked to also shows the multilingual phobia they are now engaging in. This is just like the folks over here who want to make English the official language of the U.S., how anti-multicultural. Thank me for the link.

  3. May says:

    When Talib Kweli gives you grief attack his bad writing.

    “But the troubles you have today you just can’t laugh away
    Stay optimistic, thinking change is gonna come like Donny Hathaway
    You have to pray, on top of that, act today
    Cause opportunity shrivel away like Tom Hanks in Cast Away”

  4. Ghetto Defiant says:

    Don’t knock it. This is Islam evolving dog. The reformation that will transform the religion into something that can coexist with the modern world is taking place right here in the western world thanks to immigration. Eventually a new western watered down, less firebrand version will emerge. The orthodox elements in the middle east will take longer but they’ll eventually come around. The Catholic church took centuries to become the lame ass socialist brand that’s tame enough to mock, without fear of being burned at the stake. Rock the Casbah!!

  5. Rigby Reardon says:

    The Prophet Muhammad is in Hell getting sodomized by Freddie Mercury. Uhuru!

  6. meech says:

    nice beard fag

  7. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    “If you wanna reach those kids on the street

    Then you gotta do a rap to a Hip Hop beat…”

  8. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    @Ghetto Defiant I’m sure the people of Minneapolis and elsewhere will love the coming Islam Reformation being played out right on their doorsteps. Look at what it’s done for France. Why let the Middle East have all the fun and violence when you can import it to your own cities? What a wonderful time we’re all gonna have watching the “evolution” of such a beautiful religion. Also, do “butt stuff”, folks. Bill Nye says it’s “evolution” too.

  9. Asshole says:

    Islam is 🐫💩

  10. Asshole says:

    6🕋💩6🕋💩6🕋💩 = Skid Mark of the BEAST 👹

  11. Rigby Reardon says:

    I believe a Negro invented Crack.

  12. Rigby Reardon says:

    The negro George Washington Carver invented Peanut Butter.

  13. Google something called Jenkem. Africans will seriously get high on huffing a mixture of their own excrement and urine. Is that considered an “invention?”

  14. Rigby Reardon says:

    Why is my comment on George Washington Carver and Negro Crack from several months ago coming up on this page? Must be some Honkey bitch running this site!

  15. Rigby Reardon says:

    Kars for Kids is a terrible charity. They torture humanity with their pig fucker song on the radio all fucking day and only give money to Jew kids who probably don’t need charity money. UHURU muthafucka!

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