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• 09.25.15 09:23 am


I don’t get why we’re so determined to kowtow to Muslims. They are at the top of the “Can’t Touch This” list. I mean, we’re pretty bad with trannies but I couldn’t imagine the president Tweeting some boy in a dress who couldn’t use the ladies bathroom. 

Muslims can rape our kids or rape their sex slaves in American bases and we turn the other cheek. Is it because so many of them are psychotic? Is it just simple fear? Jesus, that’s an embarrassing thought.

My column on the subject is HERE

  1. Dino says:

    None of these folks care that the kid is at the very least dishonest, having just taking a working clock out of its housing and haphazardly putting it in the pencil box and then lying when telling people he built something.

  2. dick lubin says:

    “I don’t get why we’re so determined to kowtow to Muslims. They are at the top of the “Can’t Touch This” list.”

    pretty sure christians are the ones we kowtow to the most. ever hear of blue laws? or having to say “god bless you” any time some religious little pussy sneezes- otherwise youre the rude asshole?

    btw gavin, your boss the pope just said you have to be nice to everyone no matter what because you know, infallibility

  3. Alec Leamas says:

    “ever hear of blue laws?”

    Fuck! Lubin invented a time machine. And you likely didn’t just put an existing one in a home made housing. I’m going to go out on a limb here and figure your full name isn’t Dick Mohammed Osama Hussein Lubin.

  4. frank says:

    You’re barking up the wrong tree on this clock thing. There was no conspiracy or hoax. The kid is a legit nerd and thought the circuit boards looked cool, so what. The more notable thing is the school is staffed by morons.

  5. Alec Leamas says:

    frank says:
    09.25.15 at 03:49 pm

    Bullshit. Legit nerds don’t pull a consumer electronics device out of its housing, put it in another commercially produced product and announce that they’ve created an “invention.” It was meant to resemble a bomb and cause a controversy. The only morons in this story are the media who jumped right on a phony narrative about “Islamophobia.”

  6. frank says:

    I didn’t say he was smart, just that he was a nerd who thought it looked cool. You guys are insane if you think this was a coordinated stunt. It doesn’t look like a bomb. There is no way anyone could have reasonably anticipated an arrest and the ensuing hubbub. Sure, they milked it after the fact.

  7. These Testicles says:

    Frank: What kinda real nerd thinks that throwing the innards of a working clock INTO a briefcase is a legit project? What kinda grade would he expect from such effort(ZERO) anyhow? Nobody who isn’t butt-chugging Drano would realize that this shit was a setup. Also, why put your bullshit “clock”, which you didn’t design or craft in the slightest, in a silver briefcase? Watch any fucking modern movie for bomb delivery methods. Silver/metal briefcases are rather common. Just because he didn’t pick a pressure cooker w/ Boston marathon stickers on the side doesn’t mean that he didn’t intend to scare the shit outta people BASED on what we would characterize as the typical bomb “look” and the typical bomb maker (Arabs).

  8. Kram says:

    How does a pressure cooker work?

  9. frank says:

    You guys are some “truther” level wackos. This was not an orchestrated conspiracy. The bizarre media response is interesting, and also interesting is the fact that everybody working at local schools and police departments are morons. The kid did not mean to set off a panic; he’s just a dumb kid. Personally, I think his muslim ass shouldn’t even be here, but it’s irrelevant to the event.

  10. Ummm…anyone following the story of this kid’s father? The kid may well be a nerd, but his old man used him as a pawn to create a controversy. Mission accomplished! The next nerd kid could actually have a bomb, and we’ll all go “Isn’t that cute!” right before it goes off…

  11. frank says:

    No he didn’t you nutjob. The story defies any sane interpretation of a conspiracy. Silly kid brings fucking deboxed circuit boards to school. Mouthbreathing government employee morons freak out because they’re too stupid to even know what a circuit board is. Crazy media and skeezy father take advantage of developments. Got it? That’s the narrative.

    I brought DIY tasers and shit to school around that age. Hook a 555 oscillator to a transformer and a couple 9v batteries. Dare friends to touch the terminals and laugh hysterically as we successively fall down in writhing pain. I did stupid shit with jars of homebrew napalm in the woods behind the school with some friends. Another fun thing: Duct tape the button on a can of wd40 down, light the spray, throw it, and watch the fireball after a minute when the can often bursts. Great fun. I’d apparently be in camp x-ray if I did that stuff today. At the time nobody gave a shit. None of this is advanced techno nerdery and the question of technological sophistication doesn’t come into it.

  12. Huffpostchick87 says:

    #muslimpositive / we just want to kill you and destruct your way of life- what’s the worst that could happen

  13. Ryan needs a foreskin says:

    Frank vs the bomb hoax truthers is an interesting discussion. I don’t know what to believe. The kid’s dad’s history as a fringe publicity-hound kinda sways it towards hoax in my opinion.

  14. Ryan needs a foreskin says:

    @ Frank: dude at school brought in a home-made electronic stun-gun glove. It had two little metal prongs on it which shocked people who touched it. This was in the mid-90s and like you say, kids go to prison now for dumb shit like that. School has become completely pussified. We used to play brick run during recess, when you’d run along the top of a wall and everyone would pelt you with bits of brick from a derelict construction site next door. When I was 11 a Nigerian immigrant kid a year older than me carved up my face with broken plastic glass shards, again, he’d be looking at criminal charges now. He didn’t even get detention. I teach at a mid-size state college and kids these days are disgustingly weak and pampered. What was my point again?

  15. Bad column. Go to Indonesia please. See around. You are biased.

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