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• 03.13.17 12:15 pm


  1. OogaBooga says:

    Oh, well. We must imagine Sisyphus happy, and all that.

  2. Boris says:

    Suicidal altruistic virtue signaling leads to treating potential enemy suicide bombers?
    Sounds like an Onion headline to Boris.
    Jews, Gavin, are accused, and rightfully so, of many things. One thing you can’t accuse them of is stupidity. That’s why they don’t like Trump because they don’t like stupid flaming Assholes. Trump is a cruel joke that proves that the only REAL gods are the Greek ones. Only that kind of providence would pull such a sadistic prank on the decent folks looking for someone-something to save this country from going down the toilet. Trump is a cross dressing special edition of The Onion and the Weekly World News.
    As far as the above PR stunt, Boris thinks there’s probably a lot more going on here than meets the eyes. Medical treatment Mossad style.

  3. Milo Yaimfuckinkidsapoopalus says:

    Oi, Gavin! I can’t get your spunk out of me arse. By golly you came so deep inside me haha! xoxo Milo

  4. frank says:

    Are you going to interview anyone involved with bombing the shit out of Lebanon and Gaza in recent years? Is incinerating some innocent kid with phosphorus munitions “too nice”?

    What a hack.

  5. Israeli Fake News says:

    Happy Purim!

    Couple of comments from the article:

    “Ha’aretz is the mouthpiece of those Israeli Leftists who still haven’t accepted that the electorate could vote the Left out of power. Its hostility toward Israel flows from the growing recognition that Israel has abandoned the Left, possibly for good. Its hostility toward Netanyahu predates his rise to the Prime Minister’s office — they hate him because economic changes he introduced changed Israel’s economy from socialist poverty into the “Start-up Nation”.

    Even worse than Ha’aretz’s Hebrew edition (Quick poll: How many readers know that Ha’aretz’s native language is Hebrew?) are its English outlets. People on the Left, who generally know no Hebrew at all, are often unaware that what appears in Ha’aretz’s English editions doesn’t match what appears in Hebrew, where its lies would be picked up quickly by local people. Next time you hear someone quote Ha’retz (two syllables), you can ignore what follows: the speaker isn’t aware of his source’s name, “Ha’aretz” has three syllables.”

    “In fact, I consider Haaretz not as a news-paper but as a defamation-paper. Are the writers are pathologically self hating Jews? Because they notoriously defame, demonize and delegitimize Israel, its government, institutions and our IDF?

    Is the reason, that Haaretz is against Israel, Zionism and Judaism, that it is owned 20% by the German media group M. DuMont Schauberg? Are the writers of Haaretz obliged to write in a teutonian spirit or is their own evil wish?”

    Palestinian apologists love Ha’aretz.

  6. Manchurian Take Out says:

    ^Still doesn’t justify the reason for Israel’s existence.
    More arrogance?! Please Gavin the very nature of the state of Israel and Jewish character is CHUTZPAH.

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