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Street Carnage
• 03.13.17 12:09 pm


  1. NYU BahaiClub member (Sarah) says:

    Walls didn’t save Jericho from the Chosen’s brass section. Did the chauvinistic Gallic Maginot line stop the ‘neighborly’ end around blitzkrieg waltz? The Make China Great Again Wall didn’t keep out the Mongolian Kahn’s dreams of greatness. The Atlantic Wall defences didn’t defeat the Normandy tidal wave invasion. The Dykes in Holland are always leaking. Tony Montana’s estate walls didn’t prevent his business partners from coming to collect a debt. The Iron Curtain and Berlin Wall eventually fell not to tanks and soldiers but to populist uprisings.
    Walls are exclusive and suppose that there is a right to privacy that is selfishly individualistic, xenophobic, and isolationist. Walls are close minded and discriminate by closeting the ‘other’ out. Borders are arbitrary lines drawn by patriarchal misogynists who believe in “protecting” OUR women. Walls divide and prevent the GAIA given universal right to free movement upon OUR Mother Earth. Because War Lords have always done thus doesn’t make it so. Private property is an illusion of freedom.
    It’s a new age and the Paradigm is shifting. Slavery was throughout all of Mankind’s history universally practiced until the just recent NOW. Other bondages remain and nation states are preeminent among them. ALL barriers in the post-modern world are being deconstructed from bathroom access to NATIONAL BORDERS to LANGUAGE to IDENTIFY to every ISM and PHOBIA that enslaves humanity, all life, and spaceship Earth.
    Globalism is the cure. One World Federation. One Race of People – THE HUMAN RACE. One Fair & Social Justice.
    No religion just US. We. Can. Do. IT.

  2. John Lennon from the Beyond says:

    That Jew-guy is correct; a wall is NOT the answer.
    Love is the answer and you know that for sure
    Love is a flower
    You got to let it, you gotta let it grow
    You would have to have a hole in your head to think a wall could solve this.
    Believe me, I would know!

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