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Street Carnage
• 09.25.17 02:30 pm

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Ok, retards. In case you haven’t heard, Gavin’s new show, “GET OFF MY LAWN!” is finally here. Sign up and use promo code “GAVIN”, if you do a whole year.

  1. 6Gorillion says:

    Watered down version of the Compound show? Pass.

  2. Bill W says:

    I signed up for a whole year so I’m patient but I hope you get a longer show if feasible. 40 minutes is just long enough to be annoyingly short.

  3. Bob says:

    So is this going to just be a Pittsley blog now that you are exclusive to CRTV?

  4. jbgsy says:

    Gavin’s new show “GET OFF MY LAWN! (unless you’re a Nazi, in which case: get the hell on my lawn right now! I love you guys!)”

  5. “GET OFF MY LAWN!” is finally here

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