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TV Carnage
• 06.06.09 05:36 pm

One day away LA. An evening of succulent CARNAGE including:he Adult Swim Special Extravaganza: TOTALLY FOR TEENS, a chunk of the new, soon to be released TVC comp “LET’S WORK IT OUT” plus other various delights.
Followed by a special screening of the classic COP MOVIE “ONE MAN FORCE” This film helped me through some rough times… then helped me back into a lot more rougher ones.

SAT JUNE 6TH 10:30 PM @ the Silent Movie Theatre 611 N. Fairfax Ave Los Angeles
shhh, it’s silent in there.

  1. buzzorhowl says:

    nice cut

  2. […] Web sobre moda street però amb un canal de vídeos molt interessants, com ara aquest. […]

  3. Quadruple x says: has all this shit. They did it way before you. Way better too. How many times can vice and you guys bite off Chunklet, then sell out to cheezy sneaker companies and other lame hipster crap. Your going to fail.

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    ^ wow you have absolutely no idea. get a clue before you do some unfocused ragetrolling

  5. agree says:

    ^ Nice comeback hippie!

  6. gimp says:

    its simple darling

    this makes me happy!

  7. fukinhell says:

    Man the haters on this site are sad. are pretty completely wrong about 5 minutes to midnight.
    Really their stuff is that amazing? They do exactly what these niggers at TV Carnage do? Let me guess.. you never picked up a TVC DVD.
    Woe they transfered 20 minutes “That Teen Show to ” DVD for $20. Thanks.
    Or they put together clips that Sleazamania put together 20 years ago? Thanks again.
    Rage on Ignoramuses!

  8. fukinhell says:

    I The carnage guys win. Sorry man. Why am I arguing with a key board…

  9. famfam says:

    LA screening was amazing!
    As for these gay posts… TV Carnage is fine crafted furniture and the other comps of old TV/movie stuff people sell on DVD is crappy lumber.
    Hope that helps.
    Thanks PINKY.
    Your Silverman slaughtered. Seriously genius.

  10. lindseyballz says:

    HA HA! did someone pay Quadruple X to write lies? or does the Quadster do it for free?

    Carnage please put out another comp soon. Jazzed to exercise to this new one.

  11. Ted Dancin' says:

    cop movie on da back burnner? :(

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