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• 01.15.10 06:43 pm

So Gavin sent my last post over to Japanther, who wrote a point by point rebuttal (the parts in bold), sorta dropping me on my ass. Enjoy.

So Gavin sent my last post over to Japanther, who wrote a point by point rebuttal (the parts in bold), sorta dropping me on my ass. Enjoy.


“Playboy please, don’t be mad at me …” -Ninjasonik

“The only reason this irks me is because of Japanther’s ostensible political rhetoric, which is alluded to in these lines from their song ‘Um Like Yer Smile Is Totally Ruling Me Right Now’:

So get on our bikes
Ride downtown
By the Clear Channel billboards
Tear them down!

It’s “CLIMB the Clear Channel billboards,” actually. Rosa (Houston, TX) wrote this song. With the permission of these young anarchists, we did an electric version for Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt. Bands like Rosa and Defiance, Ohio, Against Me!, and Ghost Mice are part of the Plan-It-X label with whom Japanther has enjoyed a long standing alliance.

“Angst, direct action, anti-establishmentarianism, anti-corporatism, environmentalism — it’s all there in a passionate, anarchic call to arms.”

Didn’t music journalists try to crucify Tom Gabel and Against Me! for roughly the same thing?

“But let’s get this straight: Clear Channel is a villainous corporation and Time Warner, owner of HBO and the fourth largest entertainment conglomerate in the world, is cool to do business with?”

Hahaha, “villainous”? Really? It’s the smaller, “cool” companies who often times don’t honor agreements and steal our music out right. HBO has been really great. Our song “Fuk Tha Prince A Pull Iz Dum” is on the first season of True Blood.

“Go ahead and make your music and your money, but you can’t expect be all anti-establishment, pro-anarchy, then go and collude with monstrous corporations similar to the ones you’re deriding as evil, and not expect to get shit for it.”

Japanther doesn’t “expect be all” anything. We sing, dance, paint, travel, and sometimes ride our bikes to meetings in Manhattan. Fluidity is an important aspect of our survival. Labels like “anti establishment” and “pro-anarchy” are your assignment.

“P.S. For the record: I fucking LOVE Japanther.”

Thanks! We both love the old TV Carnage VHS tapes.


P.S. 10 Deep stole “Challenge” to sell clothes and claim beef with the HBO spot too. When we offered this much older similar video, it fell on deaf eyes.

  1. funn stuff says:

    think global not brooklyn. sheesh! i guess you got to get in where you fit in. sheesh!

  2. remembrance dai says:

    Main point being that ten deep is bollocks. Favoured by latent homosexuals and those preying on them.

  3. a4awesome says:


    P.s. I love you guys too.

  4. poopsmear says:

    japanther is the voice of my bk gen

  5. doprah says:

    game recognize game…

  6. asdf says:

    “Fluidity is an important aspect of our survival.”

    Haha, nice. I agree that avoiding making or thinking through any commitments is a good way to dodge responsibility.

  7. BJ says:

    LEt’s face facts. The only reason anyone has to be mad at people for getting paid is jealousy. You can whine all you want about ehtics but unless they’re doing cigarette ads or shit for Pfizer, it’s just people living in a non-communist country getting paid for their work.

  8. aesk47 says:

    I tought the US was communist now, you know, because of health care and the fact that Obama is a Nazi-Socialist…

  9. Anonymous says:

    nobody gives a shit

  10. fighting women is easy and fun says:

    file under: “sucks”

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