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• 01.13.10 06:01 pm

Garage punk musician and DIY icon Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr., better known as “Jay Reatard,” passed away in his sleep early this morning.

Garage punk musician and DIY icon Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr., better known as “Jay Reatard,” passed away in his sleep early this morning. The 29-year-old was found dead in his Memphis home around 3:30 AM. As of now the cause of death remains uncertain, though Jay had recently reported via Twitter that he was feeling sick (and craving Vietnamese soup).


  1. He died of a broken feart.

  2. Anonymous says:



    OMG! That’s like the cool thing all of the sudden, everybody totally wants to like die and everything.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. homeless. says:

    “good?”???? fuck you fag! I would love to squeeze just one of your balls until they pop.

  6. ABJ says:

    R.I.P Jay

  7. Beef says:

    Did this dude like to pretend he was a paraplegic in parts of his videos?

  8. Taeil says:

    I get sick when I see blood visions.

  9. Zippy says:

    Wow, we lost a giant. And all this time I thought that music died with G.G. Allin.

  10. Gorilla Marketing says:

    He was so talented. R.I.P.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Clayton. says:

    You guys are dicks.

  13. freya says:

    rip. love you jay.

  14. pingpong says:

    as always people are gonna be assholes about this, but this guy was incredibly talented and made great music

  15. Narwhal says:

    I shouldn’t be amazed at the insensitivity, but I am.

  16. Anonymous says:

    He’s been on a bender all week. He OD’ed.

  17. Excessive says:

    Normal, healthy dudes don’t die in their 20s. I blame his friends for not giving a shit.

  18. Anonymous says:

    thought he was an over-hyped fag before, still do

  19. Niggy Smallz says:

    Craving Vietnamese soup huh?

    He must have “Pho”-D’d. Wokka Wokka Wokka.

  20. Jebbles says:

    Did any of you faggots know him when he was in the reatards, lost sounds, final solutions etc.. i doubt it. Bless his soul he left you faggots to suck on your own house blog hipster cocks. die.

  21. L(always-thinking-positive)Kilby says:

    Listen to one he does about death, pretty fucking sad.

  22. todd says:

    I’m really bummed out about Jay Reatard dying, and really pissed about hearing about it from Arv.

  23. L(always-thinking-positive)Kilby says:

    You gotta stay positive about these things todd. I think your going through a couple of phases that Jessica mentioned in one of her posts. Revert back to it for ways to cope.

  24. Mike says:

    I once was lucky enough to share a bill with the Lost Sounds. They were great and this is unexpected. Twenty-nine is too young.

  25. Taeil says:

    Honestly, I’ve liked everything the guy has done. Never got to know the man personally but he played bass in Evil Army which makes him pretty cool as far as I’m concerned. May he rock in peace.

  26. Taeil says:

    Dear God, why couldn’t you just take that guy from Wavves instead?

  27. Jim Goad says:

    I’m honestly puzzled why commenters on a site which seems dedicated to talking shit about every living creature on Earth suddenly demand reverence and sanctimony when someone dies. Do you think he can hear you? Do you believe in spirits? Are you honestly that stupid?

    It reminds me of when someone asked British serial killer Dennis Nilsen about why he had to rape corpses. He responded that they suffered less than if he’d raped them while alive.

  28. pingpong says:

    yea people have this weird primitive reaction to assholes pissing on the things they like

  29. homeless. says:

    his efforts were respected and sometimes death isn’t funny

  30. todd says:

    @Taeil I thought the same exact thing no shit

  31. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    @Jebbles: The Reatards were great. Didn’t listen to anything he did much after that, but from what I’ve been told it was good stuff.

    @Goad: Make that center column on your website a fairly narrow, fixed width. No one can read columns that wide, so it’s a waste to have it expand with the browser window. Seriously, it will make the people who read what you write happier, and more likely to finish each paragraph. No homo.

  32. Cpt. Obvious says:

    Jim Goad is a pretentious faggot (no homo)

  33. fighting women is easy and fun says:

    I want to suck Jim Goads ass and balls (no homo)

  34. Anonymous says:

    this dude SUX he peed on his band mates…they should have bashed his skull open with their guitars and ended his life then…

  35. Anonymous says:

    plus goad is awesomely awesome

  36. Anonymous says:

    lol. keep on doing drugs kids and you can die super early too. seriously, dont even fuck with drugs anymore, just get a revolver and play russian roulette until you shoot yourself in the face. you can get the same rush and the same end result.

  37. white power says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! NO WAY!!! Did he really take a piss on his band? Is that why they quit?!?!!?? That’s frickin’ hilarious. Respect. I’d have quit too, but that’s still some hilarious rock’n’roll shit. These kinds of charismatic rockers are usually total narcissist, assholes, but they sometimes do some outrageous and hilarious stuff. fuckin’ A, man.

  38. Bobby Retard says:

    It’s sad … but shit, he kinda stole my thunder there for a while. Oh, and it’s pronounced Ray-tard.

  39. john says:

    fuck. see this is how musicians are SUPPOSED to do it: die before 30 on drugs. anyone who says different is a fag who cares way too much about music.

  40. Taeil says:

    The Melvins made pretty good albums past the age of 30 John. Reatard probably had a few good 7 inches left in him.

  41. half off dai says:

    sad emoticon

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. Poo say says:

    Whoa No Fucking way!
    that pretty depressing

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