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• 03.18.11 10:48 am

Our very own Pinky, of Pinky’s Used Television Clips and Carnage Imports, is bringing his rickety wagon to America’s armpit. That’s right, TV Carnage is going to Jersey.

Our very own Pinky, of Pinky’s Used Television Clips and Carnage Imports, is bringing his rickety wagon to America’s armpit. That’s right, TV Carnage is going to Jersey.

He’ll be unveiling the latest in Televised Carnage at 8 P.M. on Saturday, March 19th, at Asbury Lanes. If the years of mind-bending television carefully cultivated and lovingly sown together don’t convince you to check out the show, maybe this article from The Aquarian Weekly will:

“TV Carnage: The Apocalypse Of Boob Tube”
by John Pfeiffer

The Asbury Lanes, March 19

The Asbury Lanes has always been the area’s top purveyor of underground delights and gatherers of oddballs, trash and treasures. Their knack for finding cutting edge entertainment goes way beyond some doorman guarded dungeon and has included everything from burlesque to flea market mayhem.

Their Saturday night show is anything but the norm and that’s why it pleases me to discuss it here. Now I know you all understand how much I worship Ricky, Bubbles, Randy, Lucy and Julian of Trailer Park Boys fame. Most of you tell me to shut the fuck up every time I quote some moronic “Rickyism” but what you don’t know about my intelligent and underrated sense of humor is that I wisely embrace all Canucks that throw offbeat TV road kill our way. And that includes those wondrous snips of insanity from Canada’s own Derrick Beckles aka “Pinky” and his ongoing TV Carnage.

TV Carnage combines fast paced lunacy with talented, tongue-in-cheek timed clips of insanity and reactionary result from all walks of life, film and commercials. Director, screenwriter and producer Beckles has hit upon a formula that he has said comes from “years and years of collecting television footage, cramming it into his computer and mixing it all with more than a bit of whiskey.”

His Rosie O’Donnell footage from the Angelica Huston produced TV show Riding The Bus With My Sister is not only telling of that overblown star, but shows how scary, crazy and hilarious power and clueless behavior it can turn out. His uncomfortable white rapper ensembles in A Sore For Sighted Eyes also turns the viewer’s mind loose on yet another hilarious shade of society. Beckles shares my somewhat cynical view of white rap artists and their “style” and he pushes the envelope hard. TV Carnage is Beckles way of calling quick attention to the very fact that no one notices, or stops our so-called accepted methods and guidelines of broadcasting to the general garbage-guzzling public.

I like in his segment for Adult Swim, Totally For Teens, where he has the girls of the 1991 Mrs. Teenage North American Pageant do a sketch about drugicide, and how you can keep it from killing yourself… (read that again slowly)… in the sketch they end up buying bad drugs and put in a call to a dealer named Mookie for “good Drugs” and they say, “Hey, I’ll call him on this machine over here.” (A telephone.)

Whatever you do, try to make this show, as I promise you won’t be disappointed. Also on deck is the Asbury Lanes very own Bachelors and Bachelorettes, formerly the Asbury Lanes Dating Game. Show up and have some fun. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll find that one person left in Asbury who isn’t bat shit crazy. More info at

  1. Creepy McCreeperson says:

    Asbury lanes is awesome!

  2. fun-gus says:

    Saw one of your shows in the summer in LA. Funny as shit and People were talking about it days after. Not an easy feat in LA. Keep it up!

  3. Antinonymous says:

    I have a tape for you that I’m bringing to the show!
    “You want me to scare you?! BOO! BOO! BOO!”

  4. kilbs says:

    I wish writers would quit saying bat shit. It’s ape shit. APE SHIT!

  5. Assburger's Bowl-o-drome says:

    I’m gonna get rollin’ good and long and hard and show me hole pussy. I mean, show up with my whole posse!

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