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• 04.25.08 04:54 pm

We were so fucking baked for this most of the questions got lost in the mix. This is a compilation of the outtakes from part 1.
We were so fucking baked for this, most of the questions got lost in the mix. This is a compilation of the outtakes from part 1. One section that’s kind of hard to hear is when Slut Machine says her mom has permanent Frenches which I had never heard before and thought it meant getting tongue-kissed for eternity. Also, “Big Nose on the porch” is that scene at the end of The Last Kiss when Zach Braff sits on the porch for three days because he’s prepared to do “whatever it takes.”

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    i haven’t watched this yet but the other one was kind of boring, it made me crack up a few times but took a million years to load and I dunno, I would have sex with that girl in a flash but the only parts were Jambi. also there were a couple uncomfortable moments which if Jambi hadn’t changed the subject I would have changed the channel bigtime. her tits look really nice..

    what the fuck is this Last Kiss movie I just went and looked at the trailer.. over here in britain we don’t even know those movies exist… you see a 2006 date on shit like that and fell thankful you didn’t know about it back then when you were delicate and considering killing a bunch of people at your O level. that guy Zach Braff sucks, I saw that shit on punked where he laid a fuckin egg over his car. just saw Garden State late last year and was struck by how it became the worst movie I’d ever seen after that part at the party at the beginning



    sorry I’m baked

  3. legedezbenz says:

    Um, Rich TOTALLY gives Gavin the stink eye! hahaha! you better watch your back Gavin!

  4. Anonymous says:

    RICH hates Gavin. Really.

  5. meckaleckahiwantofthatho says:

    that batty man is not feeling your jokes at all.

  6. Gay Bay says:

    unfortunately cool straight guys and cool gay guys although you’d think they could be friends they can’t. they are totally coming from different directions and have zero in common. the odd kiss to impress a chinese chick on K is one thing but come on gay guys what are you thinking? you like us? more than them? you are wrong

  7. Loomis says:

    This is a good point. I have known a few gay dudes where we have tons of shit in common and have basically had the same lives only with diff sex preferences and we just cannot make it work. Either they want to fuck me or I find their conversations too self indulgent or they get all competitive about our female friends because they know I have a dick that can cause trouble if it wants. Harry Met Sally said, women and men cannot be friends and I’d like to extend that to gays and straights cannot be friends. Dykes and straight males yes. Male gays and women, sure. But any sexually attractive combination is a no go.

  8. Applejacks says:

    You have to do this more often.

  9. bandooni says:

    i fucking hate ‘garden state’. that movie made me hate natalie portman and zack braff. any white guy over 25 who ‘likes’ natalie portman is on some creepy sex-offender shit.
    that shitty band in the headphones at the start when she says the song will change your life fucking make me want to puke too.
    these pot-confessional guys are good.

  10. bidet says:

    this was the moment the ‘Pot Psychology’ show Jumped The Shark.


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