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Street Carnage
• 10.30.17 04:34 pm

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Gavin went on Jim Goad’s podcast to talk about drinking, alcoholism, and pissing the bed. They both share some war stories, while Jim gives his case against booze and Gavin defends it. You can hear it all here.

  1. eeer says:

    This was amazing: an hour long interview with Gavin where he didn’t praise, defend or celebrate Judaism.

  2. Name (required) says:

    Gavin, I’m sorry to confess you made me a white nationalist. Now stop sucking the Jew dick.

  3. run 3 says:

    iTunes is not necessary for a podcast to function. First you’ve heard of that, but it’s true. You need precisely three things: any podcast player (e.g., Overcast on iOS); audio files from the podcast source; and an RSS feed from the podcast source. We have all that already. We don’t have to wait, and something else we don’t have to involve is iTunes.

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