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• 06.28.16 03:24 pm


Championing the underdog is the road to hell and it’s paved with good intentions. 

Just because they’re losing, doesn’t mean they were meant to win.

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  3. John Thomas says:

    Can’t get 2-week-old episodes of Redeye on Roku anymore. Anyone here know where you can watch Redeye for free?

  4. McGuinness Gout says:

    In these no-brainer Mollyweird days, even cereal commercials can be made into summer blockbusters to entertain the sheeple.
    Gavin McCuckness’s agent needs to promote Mr. Lucky Charms as perfect for that role or any other leprechaun gigs. Of course if there’s a historical period piece about the Romanovs; Gavin could play the role of one of the greatest cucks of all times, Czar Nicholas the 2nd. Oh you say how can a Scot play a Russian, well that’s what was so charming about Europes Royal families who were one incestious bunch of diplomatic marital affairs. The inbreds in Windsor were kissing cousins to the Russian egg-heads in the Hermitage. Gavin is such a dead ringer for Nicholas that it makes one wonder if he isn’t some illegitimate heir to one of the dead Czars late night bastard making romps with a serf wench.

  5. Doctor Bendover says:

    ^ Yeah, bend over, way over, and wink at yourself with your bloody hemorrhoids.

  6. Cari says:

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