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Street Carnage
• 11.05.17 06:37 am

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Great news, the show is going to be available on iTunes soon. Even better news, the real Jimmy McInnes popped in this week to talk to Gavin. The two covered everything from drinking, to women, to living life in the slums of Glasgow. You can hear it all here.

  1. Joe Clark says:

    The CRTV RSS feed already includes Get Off My Lawn and a host of other Christian podcasts one must sort through to pull Gavin out of the holy water.

    iTunes is not necessary for a podcast to function. First you’ve heard of that, but it’s true. You need precisely three things: any podcast player (e.g., Overcast on iOS); audio files from the podcast source; and an RSS feed from the podcast source. We have all that already. We don’t have to wait, and something else we don’t have to involve is iTunes.

  2. Thank God it’s available in podcasts app now. I’m trying the show via CRTV website and app but the app is really annoying – the TGMS (Cumia) app was way better. At least I can get podcasts w/no hassle now.

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