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TV Carnage
• 05.29.08 10:07 pm


Super-macho Jimmy Somerville proves once again that he can destroy any super-macho action film with his compositions, turning them into a gay melodrama only to be rivaled by Douglas Sirk.

  1. Gayboners says:

    That song gays up all my favorite scenes, activities, social events and poultry dishes.

  2. Mr. Happy says:

    even on mute that is gay softcore porn. (though power sliding a burning bike to explode a car is a solid move.)

  3. Swilliamson says:

    You should do a DVD of de-macho stuff with Communards, Pet Shop Boys, Man Parrish, etc… over it called “A Street Boner And TV Car-nage Named Desire” and be bloody done with it.

  4. aleke says:

    what the hell is this movie

  5. MAH MEMRY says:

    That would be “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man” starring none other than Mickey Rourke alongside Don-motherfucking-Johnson.

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