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TV Carnage
• 08.29.08 11:39 am

Why are we waiting for jokes to be set up when we can have Just The Punch Lines. Less bullshit, less set up, less story more glory, just the cums hots for laughter.

  1. Black & White Guy says:

    # uno

  2. . says:

    You don’t read your captions before you post them, do you?

  3. Teddy Ruxpin says:

    This is awesome! I love TV carnage. This brings back fond memories of Black History Month.

  4. Sharky Favorite says:

    I think he’s worried about the Gooch.

  5. fuckoff says:

    reading captions is for fags. God . you are seeing genius and you complain? I get it ,it’s funny. Let me guess… you are an only child and your parents “take no prisoners”.
    Sorry that you had to witness this Pinky.

  6. Gayboners says:

    Just the way he moves always creeped me out. Like a little man-baby.

  7. Chachi ate Abraham the fish says:

    Arnold… what a dick.

  8. Ed says:

    He’s pulling an Andy Kaufman on us.

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