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Street Carnage
• 08.08.17 01:58 pm

It can be an awkward and embarrassing chapter of your life when you’re thirteen or fourteen. Your body is going through changes and you’re simply just not prepared for what’s ahead. When you’re fourteen years old and the leader of an entire nation, it’s even worse. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. Charles DeGaulle says:

    Crétin Trudeau l’odorat sent comme de la merde. Putain perdant.

  2. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Ha! It’s true! I disagree with Rebel Media on more than a few issues (foreign policy) but I love how they call this guy “Prime Minister Zoolander”. That’s good. He’s not Pierre’s son though. His mom banged Mick, Keith AND Fidel Castro. Look up the pictures, the resemblance is uncanny! Also, how did that half-Injun Canadian politician not beat Justin in that boxing match? Half-Injun needs to lay off the firewater and meth the next time. Quit focusing on punching Justin’s face. Half-Injun should’ve remembered that Mexican liver and kidney shots work well too. Justin pulled a Muhammad Ali “rope-a-dope” and beat the half-Injun when he got tuckered out from trying to hit Justin’s face. Trudeau will do the same to his opponent in the next Canadian PM election if you’re all not careful. He only needs to stand up long enough to get the Female/Homo/Muslim vote. Look for left-wing parties all across the world to start grooming folks like Justin for high office. Vapid (but good-looking) vessels that appeal to the superficiality of females and homos but can also fake cry on command when they’re given a photo-op with some brown skinned refugees. That’s the double truth. Ruth!

  3. wingsio says:

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