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HJ Fountain
• 07.15.15 11:34 am


I thought it was standard media protocol that when an attractive young blonde is murdered, the press overplays it. I’ve been under the presumption that Endangered White Woman syndrome is a very real physiological disorder that primarily affects only the snobby East Coast news establishment.

I guess I was wrong.

Most media outlets could care less about Kate.

Other than FOX News, I don’t see endless reportage of a totally preventable act of heinous violence perpetrated on a totally innocent woman. In fact, no one else seems to give a shit.

Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal Mexican felon who snuck back into America, God only knows how many times. She didn’t strong-arm rob anyone, she didn’t resist arrest, she didn’t throw her body around in the back of a paddy-wagon. She went for a walk and got gunned down by a person that had no right to be here in the first place.

Yesterday, a Congressional Panel grilled DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson about the incident. Jeh Johnson has no idea who Kate Steinle is. Jeh Johnson knows exactly who Miss Steinle is/was; he’s just a puppet for an administration too cowardly to confront an issue that isn’t politically worthwhile. He is either the biggest liar in public service or the most incompetent.


No one from the White House has called the Steinle family to offer condolences. Shocking…

I would also like to add that this is an administration that takes time to personally call gay NBA players to congratulate them for being gay. Being gay is as mainstream as chewing bubble gum.

Kate doesn’t matter. Turning illegal Mexicans into legal Democratic voters is all that matters. It’s humane, and the right thing to do. Kate is collateral damage. Thanks, liberals! I’m sure Kate’s family feels the same.


  1. Imrightyouwrong says:

    Make this go viral.

  2. Sniffy says:

    Kate was from the Bay Area and I have friends who knew her. I’m sick of living in a city that’s created a sanctuary for deadbeat illegals. ICE needs to come into SF and start cleaning house ASAP.

  3. Glasses says:

    I don’t know what you want. Your mad about how usually stuff like this makes it all over the news- and now your mad that it isn’t? Of course her life matters but your priorities seen to be mixed up.

  4. dick lubin says:

    hey man dont blame the shooting on lax immigration policies, blame it on drugs-
    thats what gavin says anyway…

    and this right here- “she didn’t throw her body around in the back of a paddy-wagon.”
    this is what keeps me coming to this site (now that its no longer funny and/or entertaining)
    to slowly drive past the car wreck

  5. OogaBooga says:

    dick lubin, you fucking idiot, it’s really chivalrous of you to defend your sweetheart–meds–but you’re just making a pathetic ass of yourself.

  6. Kram says:

    Obama sent 3 representatives to Michael Brown’s funeral in Ferguson MO.

  7. Real McRealnameson says:

    @dick: it’s only the meds fault when it comes to white murders. when it’s a colored murderer than it’s because of their inferior evil third-word savage nature.

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