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• 07.28.17 05:20 pm

There are a few requirements to become a member of the United States military. You have to pass a physical fitness test, have decent vision, not be flatfooted, and be mentally stable. That means if you’re unsure of who you are and are willing to cut your dick off, you probably aren’t fit to serve. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. Terminal Asshole says:

    Honest question:

    So if you’re on the front line in combat (and who the fuck knows how many transgendered are in the military the estimates differ by 9,000 depending on the source) and you can’t get your hormones, what is going to happen? Will they become suicidal due to their dysphoria? If you’re a transgendered man and you miss out on your testosterone shots for a certain period, you start getting your period again. I’m pretty sure they’re not going to drone in Tampons as shit is hitting the fan because your dysphoria doesn’t fucking matter in the grand scheme of things.

  2. Absolute Wierdo says:

    Hey you fly in a bunch of trannies and they start charging across that battlefield with a Nathan’s Famous’ duct taped to their pelvis or a pussy gouged out with a melon ball scoop and our enemies will flee in terror having seen the very vision of hell that all men fear.
    General Pannick
    US Fuckin’ Marines

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