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TV Carnage
• 11.05.09 11:12 am

They are the children of the greatest generation, they stopped a war, they have Viagra and they are just plain superior. Damn, they can even rock in wheelchairs and not actually play any notes! That’s why they will live to be 300 and never know when to gracefully, move over.
So we say FU guyes, we are ROCKING without you!

  1. OLDFART says:

    these guys rule the pretend world of, old active people.

  2. Fucko says:

    This is depressing because the proprietors and every one of the contributors to Street Carnage, as well as every person in its audience, will one day be old, obsolete, and clinging desperately to a long-faded relevance and vitality, and will be marketed to in a similar fashion.

    I can just hear the voiceover throwing around archaic slang like “totes” and “whatevs” as some group of sexagenarian, also-ran actors dressed in skinny jeans and Ray-Ban prescription frames plays an elevator music version of an Animal Collective riff.

  3. JuCIFER says:

    RIGHT-ON Fucko.

    And the future kids will laugh their digitally-enhanced techno asses off.

  4. JuCIFER says:

    BTW – Techno Ass the ass, not the music.

  5. bb says:

    people like brian ruined our lives

  6. PINKY says:

    DUH! Gavin and I are 3 years away from these guys. I still do not want to hang with them.

  7. snowboard with tits says:

    this is offended to mine, screw the library!

  8. grumpy old man says:

    I wish I was free to rock

  9. Gayness_in_Uranus says:

    Is that Gavin on drums?

  10. Professor Mudbutt says:

    This shit obviously covers medical marihuana.

  11. Uncle Josh says:

    Brian pays $100 for Beatles records and thinks Susan Sarandon is “one hot lady”

  12. nick says:

    what the hell is the drummer doing with his arm?

  13. Cadillac Hacksaw says:

    That was the Viva Viagra Band from a few years ago! What a Rip Off

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