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• 11.24.14 11:05 am

  1. Goalie Mask says:

    “NFL players make the decision going in knowing they can get hit.”

    That just about ends the argument if you’re rational and don’t have a compulsion to adopt hopeless new causes every 3 months. But then rational and secure human beings are not a part of the permanent grievance class, so we can expect more of this overblown issue. It’s amusing to see progressives/libs campaign on behalf of the guys who essentially kicked their asses all through middle school and high school.

  2. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @Goalie mask, because what progressives are really doing is continuing to neuter anything they think is overly aggressive, while they safely role-play and run around in costumes playing make believe aggressive superheroes, and play call of duty, because they can’t quite honestly admit their own lust for violence. The only thing that alarms me about the NFL deal is how we’re finding out a lot of those guys are killing themselves because their quality of life sucks after their careers are over.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Ghetto Defendant, progressives play Call of Duty?!?
    You’re painting with the wrong broad brush.

  4. @ghetto d says:

    True about the NFL retirees of yesteryear. I worked with a former player for the chargers and his legs were seriously fucked up. His brain was ok though.Goalie Mask

  5. Robert Probert says:

    Fighting belongs in hockey, hockey is a game best played with emotion.

  6. Hockey Teeth says:

    Fighting on ice is a great Canadian invention, born out of circumstance (it’s cold, the ground is frozen) and necessity (anger — cuz the fucker on the other team keeps grabbing your stick). Also, you’re wearing knives on your feet. That’s kind of amazing.

    I remember some NHL fights vividly (“Coxe vs. Probert”, “Bruins vs. Red Wings Brawl ’91”), despite being 8 years old and only seeing them once. Couldn’t tell you who won those games though… And if YouTube views are any indication, the hits of those fight videos far outweigh most of the ones involving goal scoring.

    That’s not to say fighting supersedes every other aspect of the game (it doesn’t), but it’s a thrill. And if you’ve ever played the fuckin’ sport, it ain’t a cheap one either.

    Hockey is an aggressive game. It’s tense as fuck. It’s hard to explain to the spectators and outsiders who’ve never laced up a pair of skates to play at a competitive level… but from the moment you skate onto the ice to the final whistle, your stomach is in knots, your focus and senses are heightened to an aberrant degree, and you want nothing more than to level the opposing team in order to get that fucking puck into that fucking net at all costs. Fighting is a byproduct of that. Accept it and quit fucking yakking. Let the players decide.

  7. Goalie Mask says:

    @Hockey Teeth

    Fuck yeah, Bob Probert (RIP). Nice to see his name. It brought back fond memories of the NHL as it should be. For the uninitiated:

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