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Donna Deliva
• 02.03.09 11:05 am

You know when you’re on acid and you’re worried you’re going to stay like that forever? This is a perfectly natural fear. In fact, when kids come back from the dentist and they’re still high that’s the first thing they ask.

You know when you’re on acid and you’re worried you’re going to stay like that forever? This is a perfectly natural fear. In fact, when kids come back from the dentist and they’re still high that’s the first thing they ask. It’s true that there are a few cases of guys who stayed on acid forever but it’s very rare and they usually did over 10 hits at once. The best way to handle being too high is to ride that motherfucker like a roller coaster and take whatever it has to dish out. This seems to be the philosophy the tripmaster dad is taking, God bless him.

  1. bob barker says:

    man. daddies are the shit. it almost makes me want to be a dad and considering that i had no dad for the first 16 years of my life that says a lot.

  2. whiners suck says:

    I am so glad that no one is near my desk right now because that just made me laugh uncontrollably.

  3. peeps says:

    I love this.

  4. Dim Sum says:

    Dude, what is this kid on??? I have NEVER been this stoned on ANYTHING. And this kid is easily 8 years old (older?). If I were him or his dad, I would be worrying about whether I’d be like this forever, and legitimately!

  5. T3 and the ZZZ's says:

    I believe this young fell’er is having every possible kind of drug trip simultaneously. I know toys have changed alot since my days, but kiddy drugs too? If I had known Flintstone vitamins were this great now, I would have been trying to stop Barney from stealing my fruity pebbles too, the slippery little, tubby-chubby idiot.

  6. HOMO says:

    the dentist gave him pcp!

  7. showponies says:

    i wish zach galifianakis was MY dad… sheesh.

  8. man says:

    and that, ladies and gentleman, is what nitrious oxide does to the non-calcified nerve endings of a 7 year old. i’m 22, and no stranger to pharma, and when i had that stuff when they gave me a crown, i was higher than i ever had or ever will be, hopefully. totally worth the 50 bucks

  9. Booglaboo says:


  10. anonymous says:

    He’s not stoned, he’s just a Gator fan. Totally normal…

  11. imyar says:

    that dentist should have his license revoked – the kid should have been given the freeze needle holy shit this is inapropes, albeit hilarious.

    there’s a guy in a small town who never came back from acid and everyday he lurks this coffee shop and they bring him his coffee and he never pays for it he just sits and then it’s there, my friend worked at said diner and was like what the? turns out he was the smartest guy with most potential goin’ places ever then took acid with all his buds and it changed him completely his person never came back so all his old high school chums pre-pay his bill forever and ever out of guilt to this day, so sad he’s like 40+ now.

  12. imyar says:

    ps once the mask is removed and you stop inhaling the high goes away within 15 secs

  13. CaptainQueef says:

    i cant wait to have kids

  14. Constable George Butterwetherworthingsteinberg says:

    imyar, are you suggesting that his kid, who is too young to know what being high is, is faking it? because that is fucking retarded.

  15. imyar says:

    i’m saying from my own personal experience from it once you stop breathing it in the cuckoosauce subsides and your panic attack fades away, it’s much like weed paranoia. i do not know what this kid was given however i was not a 5 year old when given the gas so who knows how it differs for children, but no i am not suggesting he’s faking at all.

  16. babs says:

    Maybe he’s seen tripmaster pops all loosey goosey on the mary jane

  17. bob barker says:

    you know what’s even more innappropriate? typing “inapropes”. what a fucking douchbag

  18. bob barker says:

    Wait till he find’s Dad oxycontin.

  19. ChachiBonobo says:

    I like when he goes all Woody Allen with the hand gestures and the “Is this gonna be for-EVER?” Hnnnnnn existential.

  20. Wattie says:

    Go Gators. Trust me, everything is cool until they start chewing a hole in their lip that hurts really bad tomorrow.

  21. consuala says:

    Iv’e never wanted to go the dentist before

  22. Taeil says:

    There’s something very weird about this guy putting this shit on the internet.

  23. imyar says:

    inapropes is douchbag [sic] bait you little wiener.

  24. hammer says:

    It won’t be so funny when he is doing the same trip 10 years from now going to rehab!

  25. Satan Davis Jr. says:

    How do y’all think Iggy got started?

  26. idk says:

    the only thing that happened to me after I got my wisdom teeth taken out was spontaneous crying

  27. Kaye says:

    fucking junkie scum

  28. Danielle says:

    “you know what’s even more innappropriate? typing “inapropes”. what a fucking douchbag”

    Shortening “personality” to “person” is also totally fucking lame.

  29. imyar says:

    any other tips you fucking gits?

  30. imyar says:

    and to say one’s person is a completely different thing than one’s personality

    like having money on my person rather than on my personality

    shut up

  31. !!! says:


    except this kind of made me sad

  32. rita says:

    as a parent I am not saddened or freaked out by this. I do find myself hoping dad pops back and gives the little squirt a hug towards the end however.

  33. kewkew4cocopuffs says:

    imyar is a douchie douche doucher!

  34. hammer says:


  35. stereo rectal steroid says:

    ‘is this real life?’…beautiful.

  36. vegan jules says:

    that lil bitch made me hard!! wooow!!

  37. Who Dat Ninja? says:

    @ vegan jules: yeah!! i’ve been imagining what his little boner looks like! fuck yeah!!! win!!

  38. aac says:

    that is a bad trip…jejeje

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