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• 09.07.17 02:00 pm

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Who the fuck does this Kim Jong-un motherfucker think he is? I know he’s insane but there ain’t no way he’s crazy enough to think he’s gonna trick all of us ‘darkies’ into liking him, just because he went out and did some goofy shit with The Worm.

Being on America’s shit list and having to worry about getting your ass bombed to kingdom come has got to be one scary situation. Trying to wiggle your way out of it by getting American blacks on your side probably isn’t the way to go about doing it, though. Especially when you’re trying to be cool with them by becoming homies with the weirdest black man on the face of the planet.

It’s annoying enough as it is, when some cracker asshole tries to prove he’s not a racist by telling you he’s got a black friend. When it’s a crazy foreign dictator, who already has no respect for his own people, doing that shit by kicking it with Dennis Rodman it’s straight up insulting. We couldn’t give a fuck about Rodman and being cool with him doesn’t get you any cred with us, even if he is black. That motherfucker’s like the Dave Navarro of niggas, and not just because they both banged out Carmen Electra. The fool wears makeup, gay ass jewelry, and always looks like he’s on dope. I know it looks like we all have a thing for drugs and jewelry but we ain’t down with brothas who look like they got their bling from a holistic counselor and sound like they should be sleeping in a trash bag on the street. If that’s what every black rapper looks like to you, then you one racist motherfucker.

This Chinatown dictator would have been better off trying to be cool with somebody like Shaq. It probably wouldn’t be as hard as you think too. That sucka is obviously hurting for money, just look at how many commercials he’s doing now. Getting a call in the middle of the night with the promise of a truckload of cash to hang with some crazy Asian dude and Shaq would hop his ass on a plan in a second. He is white-washed as fuck but at least he’s not the freak from the losers’ table, who everyone thinks is gonna shoot up the school.

If somebody wants to prove they’re cool with black people, they shouldn’t have ‘em hustlin around trying to clear their name. That’s what it looks like this Jong-un cat is doing with Rodman running around on this publicity tour of his. There ain’t no way The Worm isn’t getting something in return for talking about how chill a motherfucker (who has no problem launching nukes all over the place) is. If Jong-un really wanted to convince us he was alright, he oughtta try kickin it with a nigga we actually care about and then maybe some of the footage that “naturally” comes out will convince us.

There’s just one thing, they gotta be doin shit we’d actually want to do. We don’t have time for karaoke, skiing, or horseback riding. And if you think we do, then you don’t know black people and you ain’t no ally.


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