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• 01.28.16 02:16 pm

I am getting so yanked back and forth on this, it’s exhausting. I’m done worrying about it but the sheer number of them is hard to ignore. 

At 6:07 he goes “Shut up, Gavin” and that hurts.

  1. Timbo says:

    I wouldn’t feel too bad.
    I mean, look at that guy! Lol
    Who the fuck is Kurt metzger anyway? Never heard of him.

  2. Warren S. says:

    These defenses sound a lot like a guy who just got busted cheating and is grasping at straws: “How the fuck would I even know that girl? I don’t ever go to Starbucks! Fuck it! I’ll take a polygraph right now! You want me to take a polygraph? I’ll do it!”

  3. Jokemageddon says:

    Fuck…fuckfuckfuck…fuckingcuck…cluckcluck…GavinSucks…fuckfuckfuck…my Joke…notnotnot…cluck…youSuck…fuckfuckfuck…you Stole…fuckingcuck…AmyFat…hohoho…fuckingNeedATuck…cluck cluck…fuckfuckfuck…fuckingRepub…CuckCuck…Cuck-A-doodle-do…fuckAduck…fuckingA…fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  4. TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryAssholes says:

    Kurt is the Prodigal-StormTrooper-Son of the Neo-Nazi/GrandWizard Tom Metzger.
    His Vocabulary & grammatical modifiers are 50/50 – “Fuck” and “Fucking”.
    Welcome to the sad-sack World of Class-Clowns, who never grew up, but talk shit for a living.

  5. Vaaar says:

    Amy Schumer is more famous than the comedians she stole from, therefore it would impossible for her to steal from them. Got it.

    Also Marc Maron knows the real culprit: rape culture.

  6. David says:

    Anyone who knowingly and willingly does a show with Sherrod Small is no friend of mine. Talk about fucking ear cancer.

  7. Otherkin says:

    Dude is a fucking fanatic. He’s just replaced his Christian fundamentalism with………. New York Liberal Fundamentalism?? Cuckold Absolutism? (Hope I used the word in the right way, fag)

  8. Otherkin says:

    Is the real issue here an industry that’s full of people who are hacks is kind of being exposed as such and the reason they’re piling on in defense of the Schume is that what’s being exposed is that none of them are original, insightful or have anything of worth to say they just go for the first hack shit that comes into their head?

  9. Turd-R-Us says:

    She’s also a Yid so therefore technically an oppressed minority of the WoodyAllen tribe.
    All good jokes were appropriated from people of color and are being returned to their rightful owners.
    One clowns thief is another clowns Civil Rights activist.

  10. Mark Henry's Hand Baby says:

    I think comics are so terrified that they’ll be accused of stealing material out of honest accident or coincidence, that unless the case is especially blatant or they don’t like the accused, they’ll defend a fellow comic in a case like this.

  11. Dan of the Mole People says:

    I thing the joke accusations are tenuous, but I don’t like her for something that I know is true: the bullshit about how she was playing a “right-wing racist Republican character” earlier in her career.

    I remember Amy being on Red Eye 6-7 years ago actually being very damn funny every time she was on, and I got no pretense she was playing a character; she was actually just being funny.

    Honestly, fuck her for walking back her earlier funny because it was un-PC.

  12. Indiana'sJohnson says:

    Just had an ironic thought while reading this thread. What if a future archeologist, thousands of years from now, came across this discussion, and like a Rosetta Stone, had no other sources to decipher who these Americans were.
    We’d be a time capsule/ark repository of totally useless knowledge, and yet the archeologist would have nothing else to base his view of us on.
    His conclusions might be that we ceased to exist due to an inward navel gazing retreat into infantilism, that led to a hierarchy of Clown-Priests who led a children’s crusade into oblivion.
    I wonder what he’d make of my comment.

  13. OogaBooga says:

    BULL FUCKING SHIT! Fuck you, Metzger, you obsequious, starfucking ass kisser. Yeah,i t’s a vast rghtwing conspiracy, right? I hope she crushes your ugly face next time she sits her fat ass on it to reward your obedience.

  14. Sahara Messica Packer says:

    Louis CK’s much worse. Can’t stand that guy.

  15. corey says:


  16. Kyle Ryan says:

    Kurt Metzger is always talked about with such reverance in stand-up circles. Having seen him several times live, I cannot understand why. He is a snarl, overly defensive and thoroughly irritating. Race Wars podcast is unlistenable with the combo of Metzger and Small. They don’t stop for air- both shouting over their guests constantly.

    I like Big Jay more as a personality. However, again there is this almost Holy respect for him as a stand up. I find both Oakerson and Metzger to be prime examples of overrated comedic mediocrity.

    Metzger and co. are always saying how Gavin doesn’t understand as he’s not a ‘Stand-up Comic”, well I know who I’d prefer to sit and watch at a comedy cellar somewhere. Metzger is so forced and unlikeable.

  17. 74% says:

    There are more women emulating Amy then there are men emulating behavior displayed in rape jokes.

  18. OogaBooga says:

    Kyle Ryan, I suspect he is talked about with such reverence because he is such a pitbull when defending powerful comics, but he clearly has zero respect for the grinders-listen to the derision in his voice as he mocks no-name comics who dared to point out that Schumer was robbing them blind and smirking all the way to the bank.

  19. Farook Ja Booti says:

    He was good doing MTV news back in the day.

  20. Stanley Kubrick's 2001 says:

    Dude’s got the impression of the Comedy Central “buh-boop-boo-boo” sting down

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