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Street Carnage
• 02.26.13 06:30 am

Datta Phuge, 32, is an Indian—not the feather kind, the other kind. He is also a money-lender. And the poor homely chump can’t get laid to save his life.

So he plopped down the American equivalent of $235,000 for a “solid-gold shirt” that he says he hopes will send the girls stampeding his way so fast, he’ll be forced to corral them all in a hog pen.

“I know I am not the best looking man in the world, but surely no woman could fail to be dazzled by this shirt?’ he asked.

Well, we’re not women, so we don’t know. What say you, ladies? Does his shirt make you want to fuck him?


  1. Lasse says:

    I’d fuck him.

  2. Christine Keeler says:

    What’s he got besides the shirt?

  3. raymi says:

    I’m afraid all my sweaters and scarves would stick to him like cray.

  4. Ecgtheow says:

    Idiot. You buy them a meal and lie. All it takes.

  5. anne-onymous says:

    are they making an bollywood a-team?

  6. Mccaf says:

    geez, guy, jus buy some nice hookers. anyone else notice that not just indians, but asians generally, have the worst game in the world?

  7. ski doo says:

    “not just indians, but asians generally, have the worst game in the world?” -and yet they are multiplying like termites.

  8. Geronimo says:

    He should have spent $30 on a haircut instead.

  9. My girlfriend just told me if I don’t get one of these she won’t have sex with me. Help!

  10. Mccaf says:

    @ski doo ya they aren’t too savvy with birth, that whole wanting-their-own-race-and-culture-to-continue thing they have going on

  11. lester says:

    “and yet they are multiplying like termites.” males only though

  12. Chapter After says:

    Dear sir: You can’t get laid because you’re too busy coming up with dumb ideas like this one.

  13. Lila says:

    Indian men are the most unattractive men on the planet. They all look like little pussies. The fact that they throw acid onto their womens faces as foreplay only backs my opinion of them further.

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