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Francisco Murphy
• 05.07.13 07:00 am

If you’re a big-city copper you WILL find yourself handling a mobile field force (crowd control) situation.

Nothing ever happens at Howard Stern book signings, Tea Party demonstrations, and most labor demonstrations (Kenneth Gladney notwithstanding). These groups are generally individualistic, and they have day jobs and don’t want to risk an arrest.

Pro-Lifers used to want to be arrested for civil disobedience. They’ve backed off this tactic recently. I’m not aware of Operation Rescue even operating in LA lately. They don’t spit or throw bags of their own shit and urine at you like Occupiers have done.

If they clinch a championship at home, Lakers fans are pretty awful. When TV cameras are on them they don’t even behave like human beings. They stop being individual humans and become some kind of disgusting herd animal.

The absolute worst, though, would have to be radical collectivists of any stripe (racists, socialists, revolutionary communists, etc.). The radical left seems to think that making coppers’ lives difficult and blocking traffic will help them win. While general strikes and violent labor conflicts are all the rage in Europe, that shit doesn’t fly here.

I suppose what Occupiers are trying to do is be like Martin Luther King. 

Big problem though: He was an ordained man of God who knew his scripture and made everyone who was in his inner circle sign a pledge of nonviolence. His adversaries viewed themselves as also Bible-believing Christians. He was holding a mirror up to those who were oppressing him and those who wanted equality under the law.

In contrast, the Occupy movement is seemingly motivated by rape and filth and now an actual Golden Calf. They are constantly trying to egg us on, but then they inevitably puss out. The night Occupy LA was raided was a total farce. These brain surgeons had made a bunch of homemade shit-and-urine bombs, but (thank God) they never used one. You had the National Lawyers Guild (A communist front group) running all over the place documenting any possible perceived police abuse. And you also had a Family Guy writer who then wrote a beautiful propaganda piece—not even mentioning that the Black Bloc was there.

And then you have your garden-variety lunacy that only seems to happen in Los Angeles. Take the case of Manuel Jaminez, some paisa boracho (Latino immigrant who was drunk) that was waving a knife around. He pretty clearly and dangerously threatened a pregnant lady. Coppers showed up and told him to drop the knife. He didn’t, so they dumped him. You would think the officers who stopped this dangerous, knife-wielding lunatic who had at least three different names would be roundly praised by the community for protecting them. Nope. LAUSD teacher (!?), community organizer, and certifiable idiot Ron Gochez first called the coppers who stopped the knife-wielding suspect "murderers." That could not have possibly contributed to the riots the following nights. He then asked (and got) our help so he could close down streets and ensure his safety while the yammerhead then yelled from a PA during the protest march a few days later against police brutality. Just days before, this motherfucker was calling us murderers; then he needed those same "murderers" to protect his First Amendment rights.




  1. zbow says:

    If the moral of this story = “people are idiots,” I’d have to agree.

  2. A person is capable of logical and rational thought. But people, mobs, committees, parties & factions are capable of some of the most abject stupidity or even pure evil.
    Typing that out I realize I just paraphrased K from Men In Black.

  3. Jim Goad says:

    “Madness is rare in individuals—but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule.”
    —Friedrich Nietzsche

  4. raymi says:

    I wonder how you would have enjoyed G20.

  5. Clovis says:

    Ron Gochez is one of those people who doesn’t understand that most “Hispanics” who run Latin America are actually white. This includes his idol Che Guevara who was Spanish, Basque, and Irish. Real Latins (Latinos) are from Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal. Indigenous Americans became Latin through association with their colonizers. Does this cunt even realize that Che Guevara’s Argentina is something like 97% white?

  6. fuck u-haul says:

    two’s company, three’s a bunch of fucking assholes. agreed. but the golden calf seemed like pretty obvious satire. granted it’s gay, but it’s pretty obviously a comment on greed. second, the nefarious communist lawyer’s guild seems to have some utility when stuff like this does seem to happen.

    and this is old news.

  7. You’re joking right? You’re actually citing the National (Communist) Lawyer’s Guild victory in winning a low six figure settlement (a true pittance) from the city of New York as an example of their “utility”?

  8. fuck u-haul says:

    uh, no i was actually just trying to note that there is wanton abuse by police of their powers during these protests. again, i find many of these protesters to be annoying as fuck, but more important than the paltry sum the guy got is perhaps that he avoided conviction for a crime he didn’t commit.

  9. real says:

    Wow. You must be someone made up by the left wing to make cops look bad.

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