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• 03.24.12 06:14 pm

What was supposed to be a simple book tour quickly morphed into a stand-up comedy tour starring two old buddies from high school revisiting all their old haunts. Unfortunately… 

twenty years is a long time to be keeping promises. After the car accident, I realized I was naive to think all those promises we made as kids meant anything. “No matter what” my ass.

Growing up is often about giving up and maybe there’s no sense in taking all that stupid kid shit so seriously. As Platinum Blonde proudly stated, “It Doesn’t Really Matter.”

That’s the end of the tour folks, thanks for tuning in.


  1. dicks says:

    congrats on the “gay” ending

  2. pogi says:

    what happened that made Steve have a change of heart? You forgot to put that footage in.

  3. blah says:

    Dude. As someone a year older that you, I can tell you, it’s amazing that you even keep in touch with High School friends. Where’s your wife and kid in all this by the way? When you have a child, you no longer have the right to risk your life anymore.

    Now that this comedy thing has played out, listen to your father and go down to the mill. Earn an honest wage and pension. You may have topped out at what your bullshit can bring you.

  4. omg sooo randummm says:

    The song by the Vaccines was good, but this would have been more fitting..

  5. Mich says:

    Where are the stats?

  6. humph says:

    wow that carcrash actually was fake, you got me

  7. Licador says:

    Seriously? Go to ‘bat out of hell’ post and read my comments which are poignant now. It was a baby step from it to the juvenile story arc that has been written here.
    Old guy who won’t act his fucking age has hurt feelings and CRIES? when charismaless loser tagalong notices that he looked up to a loser because he was a bigger loser and realizes its time to move on – even if that means defaulting on old pacts or pinky swears (for real. Thats fucking retarded) – forcing revelation on tired hipster.
    In fact this whole stream of posts is so off, that I can’t stand it anymore. I hope this fiction has a funny ending, and that Mr.McInnes has been acting like a gaylord as a clever ruse, but could fucking care less at this point…..and he didn’t. Not funny. Just gay.
    Am I the only one that has only found Mr.McInnes funny when he does videos with his kids? END IT GAVIN. GETS SOME BALLS. GROW UP. Your poor wife.

  8. the man says:

    the door is closed. the diaper full. bro hug

  9. so nice says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww <3

  10. chris says:

    fake. Gavin and Steve have been dead for weeks. you guys have all been had.

  11. fred durst says:

    “glory days” by the boss, or possibly “big leagues” by tom cockring. either one mirrors the same boy’s club sentiment. if this whole thing actually was a trollolo you certainly gave it a weak punchline. 2/10

  12. Courtney says:

    i liked this

  13. meep says:

    who cares, i just wanna fuck jon glaser. am i right, ladies?

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