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• 02.28.16 03:53 pm

I don’t condone people stealing from my show and putting it on YouTube but if it’s already there, I would be remiss not to link to it, right? 

I mean, in small doses it’s just free advertising. Besides, it’s Keith the Cop’s job to police all this stuff not mine.

  1. R. Kelly says:

    “Twerk to end rape”
    The end-stage of Mad Cow Disease.

  2. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    These new feminists are what Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson were in the 80’s and early 90’s. They may not wear suits, pound the Bible or be fat old dudes but they’re sticking their noses in everyone else’s business just the same. The “death threats” they receive are coming from inside the house. “Rape culture” is a made up problem just like the “satanic panic” of the 80’s. “OZZY AND JUDAS PRIEST WILL TURN YOUR KIDS INTO SATAN WORSHIPPERS!!!” is equal to “VIDEO GAMES AND PLAYING SPORTS MAKE MEN RAPE!!!”. It’s all Salem witch trial mass hysteria. It’s dogs chasing their tails and cats chasing the laser pointer. However, as Gavin said, these lunatics DO have power and they can destroy lives. As a result it’s causing the rest of us to join forces with unlikely allies in order to put a stop to this bullshit. I haven’t given one single fuck about video games since about 1990 but the Gamergate hysteria actually got me to support the kids that want to play a video game with a bikini clad chick in it. I still think those kids should do something else that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a console all day but they’re not my kids.

  3. Houston says:

    Blah blah blah, blah, blah blah blah

  4. Woodrow Wilson says:

    When inequality of conditions is the common law of society, the most marked inequalities do not strike the eye; when everything is nearly on the same level, the slightest are marked enough to hurt it. Hence the desire of equality always becomes more insatiable in proportion as equality is more complete. -Tocqueville

  5. duh says:

    @ Woodrow
    Congratulations again on the new arrow in your quiver!
    What a cowardly Libertarian party in Canada that would be cowed by feminists to ban (even if reversed) Lauren Southern for defying Big Sister.
    Speaking of Slutwalks, Beyoncé is such a powerful feminist role model for young aspiring sluts. She twerks that powerful booty of hers, while paying lip service to female fans to be respected for their minds, not their bodies.
    P.s…Let’s all do an about face to Facebook, Twitter and any other organization that seeks to monitor and regulate speech.

  6. bifo berardi says:

    The kind of equality they’re speaking about is literally not compatible with the reality of the human condition, and they shouldn’t be allowed to try making it happening just because they’re unwilling to accept this world and this life the way it actually is rather than how they think it should be. Their bleeding hearts are going to have to suffer on this one.

  7. ??? says:


  8. dick lubin says:

    @Ground Control….”dogs chasing their tails and cats chasing the laser pointer” — you’re the expert.

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