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John Pittsley
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People love to hold statistics in the highest regard and consider them to be the word of god. The problem with statistics is they need to be analyzed and put into context. This is especially true when examining the wage gap between sexes.

As has been pointed out many times before the fact women, on average, earn 78 cents for every dollar men make is not a sign women are being discriminated against in the work place. If this were true, we’d see a whole lot more employers hiring women over men for their “affordability”. What this statistic shows instead is that women may on average lack the same credentials, work ethic, and time spent at the workplace as men do. The modern day Salem witch trial is a perfect example of this.

A psychic witch priestess by the name of Lori Bruno took world-renowned warlock Christian Day to court for harassment and won a protective order against him in Salem yesterday. Supposedly, Day had been harassing her on Facebook and placing rude late-night phone calls to her for the past three years. The two were once business partners and acted like a mother-son team, until Bruno decided to start her own business. That’s when the relationship soured and Day decided to take vengeance.

When witches seek revenge they usually cast spells or hexes on their targets. But as many of you may know, that shit doesn’t work all the time. And when it doesn’t, sitting on your hands and doing nothing about it doesn’t help matters. That’s the problem with witchcraft. It’s an industry filled with lazy women who are satisfied with unsatisfactory results. Christian Day is a man and he wasn’t getting the results he wanted but instead of being a lazy little bitch and settling for nothing, he stayed at it till he got what he wanted and no one seems to care. It’s not just that he isn’t being commended for not being a lazy witch, he’s being punished for thinking outside the box.

Day’s harassment of Lori Bruno is proof of how much better men can do women’s jobs. Those in the sorcery community are known for their unorthodox methods. But that doesn’t mean they should limit themselves to casting spells when tormenting another soul. If you really want someone to feel your wrath, you should use every weapon at your disposal. Christian Day wasn’t satisfied with only putting a curse or casting a spell on Bruno, he wanted her to experience hell on earth. So, being the truly evil and innovative being that he is, he made some Facebook posts and prank phone-called her. The fact the Salem courts upheld Bruno’s request for a protective order just shows how much help women need to compete on the same level as men.

It’s fun to interpret stats incorrectly or manipulate them in order to fit your agenda. They need to be analyzed and put in context if they’re to be used correctly, though. Women may earn less than men on average but there are plenty of reasons for it. If you look at the witchcraft industry, which has been dominated by women for years, you’ll notice all of the innovators are men and there’s a reason for that: work ethic.


  1. Mark Henry's Hand Baby says:

    I don’t want to know anything else about Christian Day. He’s perfect in that photo and I want him to stay that way forever.

  2. Alec Leamas says:

    Christian Day is a premiership Rugby player in England. It must suck for him that a goth mall rat stole his name and is being a nerd n’stuff with it.

  3. DampTrepidation says:

    Has anyone seen my brother around?

  4. Ben says:

    Lol more like the world’s biggest faggot.

  5. ANon says:

    Allow me to relay the shortest story ever told.

    About 5 years ago, I was in the joint for spectacularly winning a fight. During my time there, some freak got sent up for embezzling a bunch of money from the company he worked for. Lets call him Larry.

    Larry, much like the “Christian Day” in the picture, had decided that he was some kind of ‘druid’ and capacitor of black magic. There’s always a feeling out process when new arrivals come in; within about an hour, word started getting around that the new guy thought he was a witch.

    So, imagine Larry (and really, you don’t even have to imagine him, just look at Christian Day there for an aesthetically accurate portrayal of what this dude ‘was’) out on the yard, surrounded by laughing negroes, furiously flinging his fingertips at them, warning of impending ‘spells’ that he was casting.

    To my knowledge he was never beaten or sodomized but I do know he spent the rest of his bid checked in to PC.

  6. Ray says:

    I’m a phd student in economics. I used to think similarly to you and Gavin. Econ 101 and market efficiency yada yada.

    But, I actually started looking at the evidence available and there are many natural experiments and RCTs that suggest the gender pay gap is affected by more than just ability.

    Here’s a study on the effect that blind auditions had on females hired in American orchestras during the 70s and 80s.

    Besides, on your point of work ethic and women… Most psychologists and other research scientists note that women score higher than men in conscientiousness (work ethic) in the standard five factor personality tests. Just look it up. Women may work less hours in the work place (children or expectations of children), but in general women have a much better work ethic than men; check women’s graduation rates in college versus men corrected for whatever you want to put in (SAT scores, IQ, GPA).

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