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• 10.23.16 09:30 pm

Lindsay Lohan may have converted to Islam. But she certainly is adopting the culture of whining and speaking in broken English. The progressive capitulation of Islam is so out of hand and it has to end.

  1. JR Wirth says:

    Lindsay Lohan has been crying out for help for years. She has been telling us “please please please punch me in the face. Please punch me. I need it. Knock all my teeth out.” Since our Christian society won’t do that, she’s turning to the one that will. She needs to be abused. She needs to be punched. She needs to be kicked in the stomach when she’s down. Only a good muslim can do that for her these days. Only a muslim can give her the release that she needs. Even Italian men stopped doing this in the 50’s.

  2. Sniffy says:

    I buttfucked her pussy.

  3. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    So, if she’s converted to ISLAM…
    1-Why can we see her hair and her face?
    2-Why is the noisehole in that face making sounds?

  4. Retardo Boy, Warrior of Truth!!! says:

    And here I always thought her big conversion was from Samantha Ronson’s pussy to her boyfriend’s cock.

  5. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    She’s probably turning tricks for wealthy Arabs in Dubai and Qatar. Lots of washed up actresses go the call girl route after they hit 30.

  6. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Being photographed holding a Koran is a subtle way of her saying, “Hey, wealthy Muslims! I’ll fuck you guys for money! Anything goes! You can shit on my chest if you want to!”

  7. The Souls of a Billion Clitorectomys says:

    There’s some good news here. No more alcohol for Lindsay means no more DUI and TMZ.
    Janet Jackson is sporting the submission look these days so no more wardrobe failures for her. This reminds me of reading about a high percentage of LSD using commune hippie chicks back in the 60’s who uncannily would evolve into the religion of Wicca when they decided to clean up. It also reminds me of how so many porn actresses who’ve done shit like Bukkake anal gang bangs, and survived, have turned to evangelical Christianty – “Cum to jeeeezus born again whores.”
    Women who are alcoholics and druggies are better off remaining fucked up cause when they find religion they are just plain stupid attention whores. Drunk drug culture bimbos who find religion and start talking down to us boring normals are not the only ones. Men too but they do it a different way. Take guys like the drunk Glenn Beck who become cult figures and party whore mongers like Siddhartha and thirsty desert fever pedophiles like Mohammed who start actual religions to take advantage of these vulnerable women suckers. For everyone who’s fucked there has to be a fucker.
    Never trust a recovered AA & NA. LIKE my good deceased buddy JT used to say – “AA is for quitters”

  8. JR Wirth says:

    Most of these dime-a-dozen whores yearn for discipline. Miley Cyrus, that one wants a beating. Katy Perry, that one wants a slap. Janet Jackson was getting beatings from old Joe Jackson. She likely misses them in her old age. A good beating brings her back to her youth in 1970. Not sure if a Muslim beating is any different than a Jehovah’s Witness beating. Although never heard of the Witnesses taking away your clitoris, just your birthday parties and your money.

  9. frank says:

    Effective birth control is really the problem with these various high profile crazy chicks like Lohan and Paris Hilton and Janet Jackson. They should have got knocked up at about 24. With a kid or two in tow I’m sure they’d be reasonably sane. Obviously they had the libido for it.

  10. Firesign Theatre says:

    What if Allah exists and Mohammed IS his messenger. What if America is the big Satan and Israel is the little Satan. What if there is a 12th Imam who ushers in Armageddon and Jesus comes back as the Koran says to kick the infidelity out of our infidel ASS’S? What if Lindsay has found the truth and we smug more-intellectual-than-thou Westerners are doomed to burn forever like pigs on a stick while Lindsay sticks her little booty Allahward 5 times a day for all eternity blessed be the prophet. What if everything we think is wrong and Allah is a stand-up conmedian who created Satan, the Earth, humans, the entire script (including this comment) as shtick to amuse some of his God-like friends who built their own Universes to show off their own creator skills. Maybe that’s what all this Multi-Verse physicist business is about and our God is a clown and we are his stage props and the story he tells is called the Uni….Verse.
    If so, then we are all bozo’s on this bus and might as well lay back and enjoy the show.

  11. frank says:

    Anyone who talks about the 12th Imam in English is Jewish and therefore irrelevant.

  12. Duh says:

    “Anyone who talks about the 12th Imam in English is Jewish and therefore irrelevant.” – frank
    So that makes frank Jewish and therefore irrelevant.

  13. Anthony Weiner (Ex-Congressperson) says:

    Well, I’ve read all the outrageous comments above and think these bullies should just suck an Imam’s cock once in a while like me. I keep a gay Imam (sorry, it’s a redundant term in the rest of the world except the West) cuckholded while my beard, wait, sorry, excuse me, my wife sans clitoris, keeps Hillary sexually satisfied with her genetically deformed, very long tongue. Meanwhile, I keep sexting buxomous beauties to divert any controversies about my exclusive homosexuality. As Fred Flintstone sang, “Have a gay, old time!” regardless of what that big priss Anderson “Adult Diaper” Copper bitches about. I hate that bitch Glory Hole Vanderbutt Anderson. I should have his show on CNN.

  14. Sir Wackalot says:

    Egad! Pray tell that none of the above have produced progeny. Such comments are indicative of a paucity of good sense and proof that one should refrain from expressing with their lips what the folds of their hemorrhoids could have spewed more discretely.

  15. Charon says:

    Can you imagine the “thought” process that led to Lohans transformation into Lindsay Towel Head. What a splitting headache that would be. It probably is along the lines of what transgender confusion is like. Did it happen in a spastic epileptic like fit of pique? Recovering addicts are some of the most vulnerable marks on Earth. Many of the young terrorist recruits in western countries are Muslim prodigal children who were caught up in decadent western lifestyles who then suddenly hit bottom filled with regret and were consequently ripe for the picking by wiley Jihadi Imans. Redemption is a powerful lure, and the spiritual void begs to be filled whereas previously the never ending unfufilling one night stands being filled with strange cock was like heroin a temporary fix that leads to a shadowy shame. Lohan has crossed her river Styx and drifts onward to a unknown shore that hopefully is made of firm ground and not just another temporary lapse of her normal insanity.

  16. Moron for Trump says:

    Lindsay Lohan….

    The Donnie would grab that pussy. No doubt. The Donnie cares about people!

  17. Joey Buttafuoco says:

    ^JR Wirth…”Even Italian men stopped doing this in the 50’s.”
    Rest assured there are still Italian Stallions knocking the shit out of broads begging for it. Us friggin goomba wife beaters have not been tamed by America’s pussy ass melting pot and still know how to treat a lady that gets outta hand – bada bing bada boom! STFU.

  18. Sheik Your Booty says:

    Islam is teh awesome! It needs to be shoved down Western women’s throats till they completely STFU. Feminists are terrified (my kind of terrorism!) of it in Europe and are showing proper deference especially in castrating northern Europe. If secularist Scandinavian Cucks would fake-join Islam they could regain their manhood under the shade of the sword. Who would have thought that the 7th century barbarians would be so useful in the reeducation of our “progressive” Cunts. Thank you blessed Mooooohammed!

  19. It's 4:20, Do You Know Where Your Minds At?¿?¿? says:

    She be appropriating dar cult-eeeer!
    Talk about Stockholm Syn-droning yourself. It makes no sense. These same kinda Cunts go around parroting the oppressive White Western Male Culture mooing-mantra and then go full submissive by adopting the “style” and dress of the most repressed women on Earth! Someone please come up with a term to describe the Muslim converting White (blacks & browns adopt it as part of hate Whitey) Assholes who are the analogue to pathetic Wiggers acting like Niggers.

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