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Benjamin Leo
• 09.22.10 12:00 pm

Wow, listen to Shia LaBeouf sound stupider than fucking Snooki on salvia.

Oh my fucking god, we deserve to have Arabs flying planes into our buildings.

Listen to this fucking guy Shia LaBeouf try to pronounce “epitome” on Access Hollywood.

Here’s the context: He’s doing publicity rounds for his new movie Wall Street 2, starring Michael Douglas. So in this one interview, the reporter starts asking him about Michael Douglas’s health (if you don’t know, Douglas is battling stage IV throat cancer). That’s when Shia Labeouf turns on his tough guy mobster “respecto” persona just to show how much fuckin’ respect he pays to his venerable Hollywood mentor.

Duh duh duh, I pay my dues yaknow, I’m a tough guy, take a soda joey, anything ya like.

The problem is, while he’s acting all stand-up-goy, he shows himself to be a common gen-Y dumbfuck who even Paris Hilton laughs at:

[listen] | [watch, with fucking Ad]

INTERVIEWER: How does he (Douglas) seem to be doing right now?

SHEINSTEIN: He’s the ep-it-tome of strength. He’s a wolf.


a. How can he not know that fucking word?

b. He has to be reading this off of a card, right? But why exactly? I guess his publicist wanted to prepare a statement on Michael Douglas’s health. Fair enough I guess, if the kid is a total fucking idiot — but you mean to tell me that the publicist explicitly needed Shia LaBeouf to say that Douglas was “the epitome of strength?” And he can’t read the line??? AHHHHAHAHAHAHA, god, what a douche.

c. I can understand the interviewer not laughing in his face, but how could NO one in the media have mentioned this? It’s just as stupid as anything Snooki has said and there’s NO comment anywhere in the press, like some Emperor’s New Clothes shit.

I guess it ain’t worth it to ‘em. No one wants to be caught sullying throat-cancer-ridden Michael Douglas, even by association. Fuckin’ Jew media.

d. Watch to the rest of the interview, with Shia LaBeouf walking around like a big-dicked Entourage-livin’ Jersey fuckin’ tough guy. All that attitude and the little faggot can’t even read.

Joke’s on me: You know what he CAN pronounce? “Cash,” “coke” and “pussy.”

Little fuckin’ prick — god DAMN I wish I was him.


  1. yikes says:

    hahahaha what a bonehead.

  2. Therapist says:


  3. sharon says:

    who cares? it’s not that bad. if he pronounces it “liberry” then we can rag on him.

  4. Stephanie says:

    It doesn’t matter if he can pronounce words correctly, he’s good looking. We worship dumb fuck gorgeous women, why not extend the courtesy to poor Shia.

  5. ty says:

    Reminds me, Ben, I just heard that the nickname for Grand Rapids, Michigan is “Gay Rape Aids.”

  6. JuCIFER says:

    This kid’s lucky in a member of THE TRIBE.
    Had this been Mcconaughey, he would have laughed out of Hollywood.

  7. Scheisse Minnelli says:

    what a hobo.

  8. Rebel McEntire says:

    that sound clip just opened in the weird unlabeled zone of my itunes and THIS started playing right after it:

  9. Gary Gnu says:

    HAHAHA what a fucking dumb cunt.

    I lolled

  10. hi says:

    you suck for finding this

  11. Professor Mudbutt says:

    “we deserve to have arabs flying planes into our buildings”

    isn’t Shia an arab or some shia?

  12. VIET DONG says:


  13. JJ says:

    Haha, good job also highlighting the wolf part.

    Howard Stern mentioned this, too, but it looks like THAT mention wasn’t mentioned by anyone either so I guess your observation still stands.

    My favorite part is how Access Hollywood uses “epitome of strength” as the headline for the item with the video interview in it, and doesn’t do anything at any point in the article to even gently or discreetly remind how the word is pronounced. I think that means Access Hollywood wants the headline itself to be read as ‘Ep-i-tome’ as an act of stupid solidarity.

  14. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    ok so he’s dumb and he read it off a card.

    what’s the point of this article again?

  15. Anonana says:

    Alright you retards, firstly, I respect him. Why? He admitted that transformers and raiders sucked. That takes balls.

    Secondly, a mispronunciation like this is a symptom of someone who reads a lot rather than watching a lot of TV, etc. He obviously knew the word but didn’t know it’s pronunciation.

    So fuck your face.

  16. miss appalachian says:

    i like him a lot…

  17. chachi in charge says:

    Anonana: I hope your a fuckin 16 year old girl.

    Mispronouncing “eiptome” is a symptom of reading instead of watching TV? Get me off this planet. Benjamin, your right about the arabs. we deserve it all.

  18. dryrub says:

    dude used to date this am appy model in los angeles and was always like ‘drrr i feel like i’m not attractive enough for you’
    Cash, coke and pussy my ass, I don’t care how rich shiloh boof is, he’s basically a dweebier version of his character from transformers irl.

  19. Drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    Yikes, I can’t imagine giving a fuck about this. I’ve mispronounced words plenty of time, words I already know. Seems faggy to write a post about it. Ben, I imagine you to be EXACTLY like Jason on the Stern show. Which is to say I imagine you being the creepiest, most insufferable little shit in any given room.

  20. Hipstershite says:

    I had a 53 year old shmuck boss who went to Brown Univ. He wore a big Brown ring and mentioned it a lot. He also mispronounced epitome. He wasn’t very bright really. But i agree with dog dix, you want flawless pronunciation, go jerk off to your framed photo of William F Buckley.

    william buckley threatens to punch chomsky in the face

  21. Alex says:

    As far as I know he spells his own name wrong. I don’t think anyone except his insipid family spells LaBoeuf how they do.

  22. Danny Zuuuko says:

    Actually “drippy dog dicks,” you’re off by a bit. I’ve met Ben and he’s more like Howard: very funny, but old and lame and never goes out.

    And I’d like to point out that with your analogy you quite accurately wind up as at best Melrose Larry Green, a pathetic loser dialing into the show each week.

  23. Erik says:

    This post is the *epitomy* of strength. I’m a wolf. grrrr

    I think Anonana’s right about learning this word from reading. I remember that I knew the word “epitome” as people pronounced it in speech, then I came across that word while reading and I didn’t realize they were the same word for a while. It’s fucking spelled poorly. I think it should be epitomy, “epitome” doesn’t make any god damn sense.

    That said, I guess he still comes off kind of douchey in this video. That’s pronounced “DOO-SHEE”, and it has something to do with cleaning your vagina. Then again, making such a big fucking deal about someone mis-pronouncing a stupidly spelled word like epitome is even more douchey than mis-pronouncing it in the first place.


  24. Eine Kleine Arsemusik says:

    @Hipstershite: Ah, for the days when those hiding behind the rhetorical human shield of military hero worship, at least did so with Ivy League diction! The one with Gore Vidal is even better:

    In any case, everyone makes a stupid every so often, but chalk another one up for cruel irony that requiring the vice grip of a ‘handler’ to speak in proper English is par for course, but demanding that anyone with as much visibility as Shia LaBeouf pronounce a middle-school word like ‘epitome’ correctly is pedantic and smug.

  25. mr.meat says:

    Madonna is British

  26. Anonymous Q. Mootenstein says:

    Ordinarily I’d laugh, but its just been one of those decades y’know, when you very slowly and methodically become completely numb to the constant reminder that Warhol was kinda right, and any dumb fuck can become a millionaire over night, and fame and blah blah blah lasts all of fifteen minutes on a highly relative clock, and if I just greased my hair back, took steroids, pouted and acted like the worst slime you could possibly find at the bottom of an outhouse well shit maybe I’d shoot myself all the way to the moon; but once I got there I’d get so caught up in my image I wouldn’t care.

    Which means I’d be right back where I started, ostensibly, though at the top maintaining momentum’s an affair I doubt I’d stop, and the cycle would spin me out after a decade on the “where is they now” front, and if I wasn’t too haggard and old maybe I’d dance with stars or judge the ‘everybody gets a trophy’ generation’s singing abilities or, scraping that barrel bottom, join TLC’s nightly cavalcade of exploitation.

    At least Blaxploitation had funk, you see, something subversive to tie that knot a little tighter around the neck of the patient, war-winning middle-class. But what now? Where’s the subversion? Where’s the Kaczinsky’s and the Zodiac’s keeping us all in line and on our toes? I think I see where Chapman goes, strumming out long-haired rhythms in CIA codes.

  27. Gary Gnu says:

    yo b is the fuckin EPI TOME OF STREMPF

  28. Larry David says:

    That picture is prettay pritttay pritteee pritay

  29. guy says:

    Shia’s okay but ever time I hear or see him he’s got the earnestness of an autistic serial killer.

  30. imagoddamnlawyer says:

    montessori schooling.

  31. Joe Blow says:

    Shia LaBoof? Heard the name, not sure what he’s in / what his claim to fame is. Who cares

  32. Joe Blow says:

    In other news, 50% of celebrities don’t have high school diplomas

  33. Anonymous says:

    this is a really immature rant. only <25 year olds are irked by shia laboeuf. you should be ranking on someone in your own age group, like leaf phoenix.

  34. poop, says:

    honestly, he’s a retard AND a shitty actor… but i’ve heard a shitload of people pronounce “epitome” like that. not saying it’s right, just saying i wouldn’t be surprised if half of hollywood is saying it right now.

  35. Beef says:

    The picture irritates me the most. Douche chills up and down my spine.

  36. Atheist says:

    When I was seven my parents knew this lady. I was drawing a boat and she kept calling it a ‘yatch-t’. Pronouncing the ‘ch’ and then the ‘t’. Even when I told her, that wasn’t how you pronounced ‘yacht’, and besides, it was clearly a fucking boat, because it didn’t have sails. You can only call it a yacht if it has sails, and say it properly. Fucking asshole.

    Still, she called the boat a fucking ‘yatch-t’.

  37. Myst Yang says:

    wow. this was the biggest waste of my time and energy. If I wanted to hear the ventings of a bored, sad, and either obvious Jew-hater or way-off-the-mark satire, I’d listen to one of Ahmadinejad’s speeches. big fucking deal that he doesn’t know the pronunciation of the word epitome (eh-pih-toe-mee), you’ve revealed yourself to be nothing more than a bully, putting celebrities on pedestals, and expecting them to be better than us. Your attempt at showing us how much better you are than someone else merely shows the world how much of a jealous, fucktard, douche-nozzle you really are. *Golf Claps*

  38. Hahahaha says:

    Misty Wang, how did you even find our site?

  39. jordan says:

    man so many fucking haters, get over it so he said a word wrong, who gives a shit? shia is a leg-end

  40. .l. says:

    who gives a shit?

  41. butt muncher says:

    this was on The Soup last week.

  42. CUNT FUCKER says:


  43. C and the MS-13s says:

    And apparently he was accepted to Yale.

  44. todd says:

    he does look autistic.

  45. [obviously not] benjamin leo says:

    Hey guys, sorry about my extremely stupid and boring post. I was just really peeved from the other day when my cat clawed me while I was trying to fuck him. He ran away, and now I cant find him anywhere in my loft on the williamsburg waterfront! I hate it when he does that! I also lost one of the discs to my Dawson’s Creek box set and now I dont know what to do with my free time! oh well, I guess ill go visit my parents in the upper west side and ask them for money so I can go see Pavement in the park!

    Your buddy,
    Ben Leo

    p.s. Im allowed to make fun of jews since im half-jewish, idiots!

  46. benjamin leo says:

    No, that really is me who made that last post!

    Ben Leo

    p.s. anybody know of any good matthew mcconaughey movies I can netflix?

  47. Poo says:

    It’s not the mispronunciation that pisses me off, it’s just the sheer pretentiousness of mixing in a word you don’t really ever use and not knowing how to say it right. Like Morrisey trying to say “chasm”. Ugh. Now how do you say “chasm”? I honestly don’t know

  48. Rob says:

    Myst Yang Says: [[ wow. this was the biggest waste of my time and energy. ]]

    Did reading this really utilize a significant amount of time or energy? And why did you choose to compound that by penning a relatively long reply?

    [[ If I wanted to hear the ventings of a bored, sad, and either obvious Jew-hater or way-off-the-mark satire, I’d listen to one of Ahmadinejad’s speeches ]]

    Oh that Ahmadinejad and his way-off-the-mark satire.

    [[ big fucking deal that he doesn’t know the pronunciation of the word epitome (eh-pih-toe-mee) ]]

    I enjoy how you showed that you know how to pronounce it. Most of us are just taking it for read that we know how it’s really pronounced but good job stepping up to the plate and proving it.

    [[ you’ve revealed yourself to be nothing more than a bully, putting celebrities on pedestals, and expecting them to be better than us. ]]

    So in your world the proper pronunciation of a word would make someone better than us?

    [[ Your attempt at showing us how much better you are than someone else merely shows the world how much of a jealous, fucktard, douche-nozzle you really are. *Golf Claps* ]]

    But the post prompted your reply which was quite entertaining indeed so I think it was all worthwhile. Ben wasn’t “trying to prove something.” It’s a given that we all know how to pronounce the word so he doesn’t get points from anyone (nor was he attempting to get any). Only dumb people see something like this as an attempt to “prove something.”

    When people made fun of David Hasslehoff’s cheeseburger video did you think that was just an attempt for people to prove that they could eat burgers properly?

  49. Jenni says:

    He actually talks about this in another interview, how he can’t believe no one corrected him :L (around about 1:20)

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  51. Mark Hughes says:

    I tell you what I am sick of being mispronounced….Adolph Hitler. American narrators of World War 2 documentaries insist on calling him AY-dolph…….Ay-dolph is what you yell when you see Dolph Lundgren coming out of the gym,….

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