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• 09.01.10 11:44 am

This is brutal…

I come from Denver
The city and the center
Of destinies considered manifested please remember

That rhetoric was tainted
The picture that it painted

Whitewashed the human beings right off the map and sought to name it
America they dreamt it
Perceived it as redemptive
To conquer land and treasure and
Whatever the expenses
They covered them quite quickly

Discovered with efficiency
A way to make their gains and pay with other people’s misery

They sent us off and hunting
To fight for god and country
Kill and enslave and rape the land and resources for squandering

But while these plots unfolded
Human beings were bought and sold

Folded another dream that shook me from the demons and revolted
From railroad tracks and stations
Factories and plantations

The wretched of the earth dared to imagine a new nation
In which they’d like to live in
In which they’d finally fit in
And so they fought for this new world from picket line to sit in

And when such efforts yielded defeat
They never wielded
But clung tight to the vision of this world and how to build it

And even as they passed on
And saw much remained the same
Their children took the mantel up and shouted out for change

So now we stand here shouting down another needless war
To speak of thousands drowning in the streets
While helicopters soar over desert sands
Where their only assignment to destroy

We register demands for all of us to redeploy
So no amidst the chaos let’s embody this new world
And recognize the chaos that transcends confetti twirls

This candidate’s selection must be seen as an improvement
But never can elected leader’s substitute a movement

You can’t stop A Movement.

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