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• 01.29.16 11:15 am

Does Macklemore really feel so guilty about his success? 

So much of American culture revolves around Black Failure / White Guilt, I’m beginning to doubt anyone still believes it.

  1. Dino says:

    Macklemore thinks that doing this will help him sell records.

  2. OogaBooga says:

    This faggot at the Washington Post has just one-upped his fellow white-guilt-selfie-porn-aficionados by saying:

    “I mean that if genuine contrition and meaningful apology are the purpose of self-criticism — for complicity in white supremacy or anything else — then the practice is a paradox because the very performance of self-indictment, in this context, functions as a form of self-congratulation.

    Make no mistake–he is not saying that white’s shouldn’t feel really, really guilty all the time, he’s saying that you shouldn’t make a big deal out of admitting that they acknowledge their own role in “white supremacy” in America, UNLESS you’re doing exactly that while saying that doing exactly that doesn’t make you any less of an evil white asshole. Basically I think he’s saying that he’s the only white person who really GETS what white privilege really means.

    Or something.

  3. Alec Leamas says:

    This guy just has to be the world’s biggest fag. I hope he dies from that terminal bad haircut of his.

    One presumes he has enough money to hire a full time Magic Negro to assuage his fabricated white guilt. Someone really needs to handle the hiring for him ASAP.

  4. Lisp Whisperer says:

    Get this oatmeal eating handcrafted betafag SJW a diaper already.

  5. BetaBoy says:

    Self-referential Gordian Knot introspective proctological ANALysis of de legacy of white guuuuuuuuuuiltyness.

  6. WiggerMan says:

    I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulpable.
    Wouldn’t you all love to see BLM STORM !!! his stage and grab his mic and dis his ASS for appropriating Nigga babble.
    While there at it they need to pay “Mathers” a visit and bitch slap his little ass off stage too.
    What would Boo do ? Boo hoo and I’d pay to see that shit go down.
    Gavin’s on fire.

  7. Zillow says:

    “Fredrik deBoer is an academic and writer. He lives in Indiana.”

    7th or 8th year of Ph.D. program in Cultural Studies
    Net worth: -$270,000
    Childless; has been laid 3 times during Obama Admin
    Has been renting an apartment since 2005 even though he lives in fucking Indiana
    Has a blog
    Has a Klout score
    Uses the wi-fi at Starbucks

  8. Alec Leamas says:

    Zillow says:
    01.30.16 at 06:38 am

    He’s probably the least bad and most honest SJW. I’ve interacted with him on twitter and he’s actually open to ideas that he doesn’t agree with. Just the other day Shitlords were giving him grief because his commie grandfather was purportedly a victim of McCarthyism and then drunk himself to an early death. He didn’t report/block/retreat to a hugbox and that is refreshing. That said, White Privilege probably has more to do with not having a quarter of its population distributed below IQ 70. They are technically morons unable to perform many executive functions and rudimentary planning. I don’t really think that there’s a way that those people are ever going to fit well into a post-industrial technology dependent “knowledge economy.” Naturally, we’ve imported less surly and violent prone Mexicans and Central Americans to out-compete them for the remaining jobs that they’re able to do, and have opted instead to pay them to sit in public housing or Section 8 and have more sub 70 IQ babies.

  9. TheMonkeysUncle says:

    So another words you’re saying the jigs up evolutionary speaking for the nigs.
    The future increasingly looks like the L.A. depicted in “Blade Runner”, which interestingly enough didn’t have many, if any, of our misfits.
    Zoolanders will be the pejorative term for Africans in America unless a program of eugenics can be instituted to weed out the bottom I.Q. dwellers and through some form of animal husbandry to elevate the progeny of the talented 10th.
    Economic carrots could be dangled to bribe their bottom DNA lottery losers to sacrifice their production of bastard spawn for a lifetime of fun fun fun. One generation of National $$$ sacrifice towards a “Marshaling-Out-Program” like the European post WW2 investment into no more Versailles-treaty-unintended-consequences( & Cold War investment ) could end that branch of dis function.
    Then it’s onto the talented 10th problem. Naturally that requires a sacrifice on the part of some other racial stock which should be the Aztec.
    The main purpose in this program would be to breed out the violent African tendencies with the relatively more docile Siesta stock.
    Could be a Frankenstein though as it brings to mind the Brazilian bee hybridization experiment of cross breeding the docile European honey bee with the more prolific, but aggressive, African honey bee.
    Well you know what happened, as instead of a happy compromise, they ended up with something even more aggressive than the original African bee.
    Of course no such program of Eugenics would ever happen so it will be the LCD dragging us all down.
    Still it’s nice to fantasize so here’s my personal prescription………
    We need our own YAKUB to reverse-engineer their saggy asses back to Congo-Eden, with the very Evil Aids-creating-vaccines-like-fantasies, coming-to-life, that the African imagination has always accused the White Man of.
    The bug will fixes their DNA to produce only Low-Downs-Syndrome Male negroes who have no interest in sheboons and fuck each other to a nice Evolutionary death.

  10. DrDooDooLittle says:

    Nice Rx. I don’t advise mixing Monkey shines with Aztec heart snatchers as we’ve seen how that works out in that bio-hazard Lab called L.A.
    The samples we have of such mistakes, and fortunately a low sample due to extreme prejudice, is not only fugly, but down right loco.
    A better match, coming at the expense of the Yellow Man, is to herd them towards China town. Now the chinks hate them more than the Burrito brothers, but it’s all about incentivizing.
    My Rx would be to dangle in front of the Nancy Kwons, the HighYellow end of the hood with the stuffing their geeky kind can’t provide.
    Mama San & Papa San must be convinced that the high-yellow are kissing cousins who got lost leaving on the way outta of Africa, kinda like that lost tribe of Israel, and now have come home homies.

  11. NigglyWigglyPrivilege says:

    Everything is ass backwards.
    The most pampered-spoiled-stupid excuse of a species of ingrates the World has ever known are being enabled by the most self/hating-delusional-spineless ungrateful members of the greatest Civilization the World has ever known.
    This P.O.S. is yet again another poster-child of Western HOMO-WHIMPUS Man.
    These warranty-expired pieces of manual labor should get on their knees and thank Kunta Kinte that their ancestors were sold by their Slave-dealing brothas to Colonel Sanders which was a better fate than landing in a cannibals pot.
    Today, these EBT’s, who’ve never done one day of hard labor, but get to eat finger-licking-good drive-through KFC, every day, are shucking and jiving to their new-age minstrel show revival of ancient jungle boogie, and our children are on their knees worshipping the Negroes protruding gyrating ASSES as they do it.
    I’d shave the head of every mud shark like the Frenchys did to their collaborating whores after the Allied armies liberated France.
    Our young wigger men should be castrated and balls nailed on the Washington monument as a new kind of phallic symbol in the age of CUCK.

  12. Regular Guy says:

    Niggly Wiggly you drew a picture in my imagination of the Washington monument covered in nut-sacks from top to bottom that I fear may stick with me any time I see it, or a picture of it.
    Do us a favor, don’t use any other of our country’s landmarks in any other forthcoming illustrations of your sick imagination please.

  13. Spaniard says:

    Libs ignore all their pets sins, unless it’s so egregious that it’s impossible to ignore, and then they get to work with the excuse-making, spin-machine.
    Whether it be Black-rapper-philosophy, or the Muslim-Gay-AeroSpace-program, or Mestizo-La RAZA-racism; they never really cared to begin with, and the pets are a means to an end. They hang on language-offenses, and hurt-feelings, and hypothetical “backlashes” in the face of real tangible acts of violence and terrorism, b/c it’s all about tactical Warfare against the real enemy > Daddy. That’s what gives their faux PC culture and convenient situational-ethics away as nothing more than a sociopathic, shallow state of mind.
    It’s all about posturing, and only in a deviant, idiot popular culture like ours, is an embicile like Macklemore even exist.
    In mature societies his kind would be recognized at birth and exposed to the elements as unfit.

  14. WhereTheWhiteBitchesAt says:

    Yo ho ho !!!
    Macklemore be my prison bunk-boy, bitchs. Sees dis priv sheeeeet got you boys g-strings in a roid twist. I knows it’s a bunch of bull but I do enjoy the show Whitay. You all so gay and you can cut the cheese the guilts so thick my needle dick, stir sticks.
    Ooooh and you boy “dick” is getting mighty bold these days as he’s gay and proud and likes the Chilluns. He is kinda representing this blog.
    I’ve sent a invites to all my homies to checks out this fresh white pussy site so get readys cause my boys ain’t as nice as I am.
    “iiiiiiiiiiii have ah dreeeeeam that allllllllll God’s chilluns will come together as oneeeee….what-the-fuck am I looking at…is that what I think it is…oh shiiiit !!! The Washington monument is covered with White nut sacks !!!!!!”

  15. raymi says:

    he needs to just own it and stfu. this track is very kanye. messy and awesome.

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