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Street Carnage
• 05.23.17 12:30 pm

I don’t think a lot of people truly understand what it’s like supporting Trump in 2017. The closest thing to it is being a gay dude in the 1950’s. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. Where are they now? says:

    Whatever happened to Milo???? Is he holed up inside of some boy?

  2. Miloimfuckingkidsapoopalus says:

    I’m under Gavin’s table suckin me laddie off. I’m full of his lovely spunk!

  3. Woodrow Wilson says:

    Rocky horror Picture Show MAGA edition? Write it! Better yet, an archetypical odyssey about MAGA men traveling this free land. Homage to homer and easy rider!

  4. OogaBooga says:

    It’s so twue 💋 Being a faggot today is like being a “I like Ike” during the Leave it to Beaver days. Not only did we knock down the closet door, we now are shoving our agenda down your throats. Gavin converted to Catholicism and formed the Proud Boys as a cover for his latent homosexuality. I OogaBooga, his most faithful disciple, will knock down – like a battering ram – his closet door so he can come screaming out full HOMO!!

  5. Make America Sane Again says:

    Trump’s MAGA train has derailed and is now a national joke. Even his most faithful disciple’s are realizing his administration is a leaking piss storm disaster. If he cleans house, what competent capable replacements will join his shit show. It’s guaranteed career suicide.
    MAGA IS SHIT, and Gavin’s career is an amusement park roller coaster wreck.

  6. #MAFA IS GAY says:

    Make America Fabulous Again!!
    A return to The Glory Hole 70’s when America’s queers came screaming out of the closet should be the goal of restoring America’s fabulousness!! Make America safe again for unre-strained Bathhouse Culture by developing an AIDS vaccine that covers all strains and cultures of HIV. Donald should appoint Ivanka as Czaress of a new department of Rainbow Arts & Cultures that restores the days of Disco that are sorely missed, as well as bareback ASS pounding.
    Only then can we truly say we have –

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