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• 11.25.13 10:35 am

Meth Angels is a blog devoted to the sexiest women in America who were arrested for methamphetamine-related crimes.

For example, here is the lovely and talented Miss Tamera Elizabeth Pennell of Granite Falls, NC engaged in what appears to be a 71-hour marathon of adorning herself with body art:

Ms. Pennell, according to her Facebook page, has a beautiful little daughter. Her occupation is, “Dancer at night club.” And while she was not personally charged with a drug offense, she was arrested on an outstanding warrant when the cops found her in a hotel room with a habitual drug offender, and $2,800 worth of meth. Could you make better choices for the good of your daughter, Tamara?

Next up on our crystalline runway is the sexy, seductive, and slightly swarthy Brooke Schaneman of Mitchell, NE:

Today’s meth angel is a double surprise. First, we didn’t know they had meth in Nebraska. Second, we didn’t know they had good looking women in Nebraska. But, here she is, our meth angel of the day.

Bad news is, she has a 12 year old kid. Since she was bonded out on another drug charge when she was busted this time, looks like her son will be bunking with grandma for a while.

Every profile features a link back to the original news story about the girl’s arrest. Take a gander at these gakked-out cuties and try to decide who will wear the crown of Miss Meth Angel 2013. Betcha can’t pick just one!


  1. Bruce says:

    Does the Granite Falls tiny dancer have a tattoo on her leg that says “Bad to the Boner”? That in and of itself should be a sign of a person not ready to be a fit parent… Maybe that is just some partying inspired “wife writing” during her sexy time at the meth motel… Either way, retarded.

  2. CJ says:

    Looks like just sharpie, but it does indeed say “bad to the boner.” Above a squirting cock.

  3. Anonymous says:

    just scrolled through the site while sitting in my office saying “would. would. nope. would.”

    cripes, i need a girlfriend.

  4. Jote says:

    Pity for Tamara,a mother should always think for the betterment of her child.. :(

  5. GONZ says:

    If any of those other bitches are even half the skank whore that brooke is, then I think someone should organize the “Miss Sexually Transmitted Disease” calender!!

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