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• 07.31.08 11:47 am

Somebody really hates snoring because cutting a man’s head off is really hard. It must be such a chore to get through the spine.

Somebody really hates snoring because cutting a man’s head off is really hard.
It must be such a chore to get through the spine.

  1. hounded says:

    winnipeg to alberta on a greyhound, I’d prolly cut a fool’s head off my own self!

  2. Boomerang says:

    Bloody abos.

  3. glendon rusch says:


  4. this is the most fucking says:

    insensitive way this could have been written about Kyle, don’t worry he wasn’t a person or anything…

  5. extremely sensitive says:

    I just checked the greyhound site, that trip was 44 hours long. If you’ve ever been on a greyhound, now imagine being on it for 44 hours. in canada. give the guy a break, you’dve been beheading people 15 minutes in, I bet.

  6. McBakkos says:

    These days, you’re really putting your neck out, riding public transportation.

  7. McBakkos says:

    After all, in a cutthroat industry it’s easy to lose your head.

  8. McBakkos says:

    Not the first time someone’s gotten head on a Greyhound.

  9. McBakkos says:

    What a spine-tingling story, though.

  10. Applejacks says:

    I can’t believe these comments???!!

  11. Beef says:

    “I can’t believe these comments???!!”

    they are douche bag comments. might get a pass if they were witty or funny or clever.

    or maybe not.

  12. McBakkos says:

    If this were written up so carefree in any other blog, heads would roll.

  13. McBakkos says:

    That last one wasn’t actually me, by the way. I’m caput.

  14. steve says:

    Gives new meaning to get head on the bus.

  15. McBakkos says:

    Sorry Steve, beat ya to it. Absolute last post on topic.

  16. MW says:

    Greyhound buss rides suck, being beheaded is far better than traveling for 10 hours beside some shit head that insists on talking to you for the entire trip.

  17. Ahhh says:

    It’s tough getting ahead in Canada.

  18. Boomerang says:

    I bet this guy woke up briefly thinking, “Ah, it was only a dream.”

  19. you're all says:

    fucking sick

  20. McBakkos says:

    I love Canadian slice-of-life stories like this.

  21. Cheetos says:

    Point taken, fellow rider. Again and again.

  22. McTaccos says:

    And the reporting is multiple-stabbings-and-saw-off-your-head good.

  23. McBakkos says:

    Stabby’s gonna make a killing when it comes to selling his story.

    A killing, I tell you. A killing. Kill.

  24. pepita says:

    so you guys are all going to pretty casual when jesus h cancer comes to take you home, huh?

    no regrets, i’m guessing.

  25. Fisty Phil says:

    McBakkos is a fucking jerk. Seriously, what an awful thing to say.

  26. SummertimeBreeze says:

    I totally agree. May he fall asleep one day and wake up on a Greyhound.

  27. McBakkos says:

    What the fuck is all this? Why are shitty people posting in my name?

  28. Fisty Phil says:

    Because your a fucking doochebag. Your a fucking internet tough guy hiding behind you’re keyboard. Can you even change a tire, faggot? If you were here Id punch you in you’re smartass face. I kick you’re teeth in, gaywad, and rip you’re dick off and shove it up my ass! You got that?

  29. hey says:

    I’ve liked every dorky thing posted under the McBakkos name. He’s not consoling the family ok?…or is he?

  30. McBakkos says:

    Well, what *I* wrote under the McBakkos name was sheer 26 carat polished turd gold, I agree. But the other McBakkos’ stuff is intentionally meh, just to frame me. I’m being meh’d to look bad.

  31. McBakkos says:

    SummertimeBreeze is funny, though.

  32. McBakkos says:

    Meh-th is a hell of a drug.

  33. Li says:

    Let’s play “Guess the Race”.

    At first I figured the attacker was Arab, but after reading the article, it seems likelier the guy is a no-good Injun. Arabs would often say a prayer before cutting someone’s head off. Injuns have no god.

  34. James Watson says:

    I can guess your race, Li.

  35. pixxie says:

    “We were watching Zorro; next thing I know, I hear someone screaming.”

    I cracked up when I heard this. Fucking hilarious.

  36. boing says:

    “I cracked up when I heard this. Fucking hilarious.”


  37. boing says:

    hey, they identified the victim.

    so now you guys know who you are laughing at.

    high fives.

  38. Terrible Person says:

    The least they could have done is use a picture from before the incident. Jesus.

  39. Thomas Bagge says:

    bit of a nutty coincidence but it turns out he was the head waiter at a local restaurant

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