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  1. The Real OogaBooga says:

    More true tales from my tail:

    In retrospect, lighting the match was my big mistake. But I was only trying to retrieve the gerbil, I told bemused doctors in the Severe Burns Unit of ‘none of your business’ City Hospital. Me and my homosexual partner “Kiki” had been admitted for emergency treatment after a felching session had gone seriously wrong.

    I pushed a cardboard tube up his rectum and slipped Raggot, our gerbil, in, I explained. As usual, Kiki shouted out ‘Armageddon’, my cue that he’d had enough.

    I tried to retrieve Raggot but he wouldn’t come out again, so I peered into the tube and struck a match, thinking the light might attract him.

    At a hushed press conference, the hospital described what happened next. “The match ignited a pocket of intestinal gas and a flame shot out the tube, igniting The Real OogaBooga’s hair and severely burning his face.

    It also set fire to the gerbil’s fur and whiskers which in turn ignited a larger pocket of gas further up the intestine, propelling the rodent out like a cannonball.”
    I suffered second degree burns and a broken nose from the impact of the gerbil, while Kiki suffered first and second degree burns to his anus and lower intestinal tract.

    Another time when I was a teenager, and still in the closet, I arrived at the ER complaining of rectal bleeding. I was too embarrassed to provide the truth, but provided the examing doctor a clue: “There might be something stuck in my rear end.”

    The examination revealed a non-tender abdomen, but a rectal exam showed blood coming from my anus. A speculum exam revealed a bloody stool and a dead gerbil.

    I eventually explained that I slid cardboard tubing from a paper towel roll up my ass. I forced my pet rodent into my rectum. *sniff sniff* Once my little friend was in, I pulled the tube out.

    My brilliant idea was that as my gerbil suffocated, it would scratch and claw at the lining of my rectum, providing me an intense sensation. My little butt buddy should then have been defecated, but the swelling and bleeding had caused him to be entombed in my rectum.

    I required pain medication and antibiotics after my dead gerbil was removed, then allowed to go home with a sore ass and my head hung in shame.

    At that time I chalked it up as an episode of “Best laid plans of mice and men often go astray ” and that I’d just wrecked my rectum.

    I’ve grown since then and other than the fetching gone wrong episode I described up above have learned the proper techniques of gerbil riding and am proud of who I am, The Real OogaBooga.

  2. The Real OogaBooga says:

    “F-Father?”The young altar boy OogaBooga asked, haltingly, hanging up his
    “Yes, OogaBooga?” he answered, patting the boy’s head.
    “You got a big thing, doncha?”
    “Hunh? What in heaven do you mean?”
    “You know…your thing! It always sticks out a lot.”
    “W-well, gosh. I suppose I do, but…”
    “Yes, OogaBooga.”
    “Can I see it?”
    “Certainly not, my son! What on earth possesses you to make
    such a request? That would simply not be proper!”
    “Oh. Darn!”
    “OogaBooga? Why would you even want to see it? Are…are you
    becoming a homosexual, my boy?”
    “Is that the same thing as a fag?”
    “Well, yes it is…in the vernacular.”
    “Cause that’s what my brother said I was when he caught me
    doin’ it to Chuckie Nordstrom.”
    “Uh, doing it? Doing what, exactly?”
    “You know…suckin’ his thing.”
    “Um…you were caught, uh, s-sucking Charles Nordstrom’s
    “Yeah. He was doin’ it too. He was suckin’ mine! We always
    do it even steven.”
    “That’s…that’s terrible. It’s a…a mortal sin.”
    “Really? Gee, I thought you’d go for it. My brother said
    that all priests are fags and like to blow little boys. You’re
    handsome and I thought I’d get a chance to suck on a really big
    one! Chuckie said to let him know cause he’d like to suck on
    you too.”
    “MY, OH MY MY MY!” Father Templer was totally flustered.
    He had to turn away from the beautiful boy because his prick
    was raging beneath his cassock. But not before OogaBooga noticed
    it and reached a hand around and took hold of it.
    “OogaBooga! Stop that!” the priest slapped his hand away…
    “Nobody’s around, Father. Lemme see it. I’ll suck it for
    “I like the juice that squirts out, too. So does Chuckie.”
    “OogaBooga! Let me…understand this correctly, young
    man. Are you telling me you suck on penises until they explode
    in your mouth?”
    “Sure. That’s why you suck ’em, isn’t it?”
    “Yes, that’s true,” he gulped. “Uh, I mean…Oh, my,
    OogaBooga. You have an erection in your pants!”
    “Yeah, a big one. See!” He grabbed it and thrust out his
    crotch. “Chuckie loves to suck on it.”
    “Ummmm…this is certainly a strange affair. Come here.
    Perhaps we should try to analyze this.” He sat on the bench and
    drew the boy between his legs. “Don’t be nervous. I’m going to
    drop your trousers and inspect you to find out what Chuckie’s
    fascination might be.”
    “Sure, Father, go ahead. See if you can figure it out.”
    Tentative, his hands shaking, he pulled the boy’s pants
    down. The stiff little boner sprung right up in his face! He
    took hold of it, and turned it this way and that. Then he
    fondled the boy’s balls.
    “Well, you’re quite developed for a young boy, OogaBooga.”
    “It’s getting all tingly, Father. You wanna suck it for
    “Oh…I…if you won’t tell anyone.”
    “I won’t blab outside this room, Father. Quick!”
    The man immediately relented. He simply could not control
    the lust he felt for the boy’s penis. He began to suck on it,
    just as he heard OogaBooga snap his fingers.
    “It’s okay, Chuckie, he’s blowin’ me!”
    Charles Nordstrom entered from the doorway. He had his
    prick out of his pants and was smiling as he approached the
    “GOD DAMN!” the priest blurted. He was so flustered he
    ignored his own blasphemy. “What…?”
    “Your brother was right. Hi, Father. Wanna blow me too?”
    “Oh, goodness! What contrivance is this? I’m ruined!”
    “Don’t be silly, Father,” OogaBooga assured him. “We won’t
    tell. Shucks, we wanna suck your prick, too. Come on, pull it
    “OogaBooga! Charles! Boys! Stop grabbing at me! Charles, get
    your face away from there!”
    “Lemme suck it, Father, lemme suck it!” Chuckie gushed,
    burying his face in the priest’s lap.
    Father Templer pushed the boys away. He sat there gaping at
    them. He couldn’t deny the hardon tenting his cassock, but he
    certainly didn’t have to bow to its demands.
    The boys stood there, pricks in hand. The priest glanced
    from one to the other. Slowly–ever so slowly–he lifted his
    robe. He wore nothing underneath. He watched the eager gaze of
    the lads and finally flipped the material over his raging cock.
    It stood up stiff and long–never having felt so potent before.
    He’d masturbated thousands of times picturing a scene such as
    this. But never had he ever imagined living it out. But seeing
    the excitement in the young boys’ eyes, he knew the time had
    “You like this?” he asked them.
    “OH YES, FATHER!” they both exclaimed.
    “Then we shall let nature take its course. With sworn
    “Not a soul, Father, not a soul,” Chuckie promised,
    reaching for it.
    “Me either,”OogaBooga knelt down. “Lemme smell your balls!”
    The priest layed back with his eyes closed, allowing the
    boys to smell and lick him as they wished. He opened his legs,
    encouraging them to feast on his starved genitals. Then he
    leaned up and watched them.
    Chuckie took the knob in his mouth while OogaBooga nestled his
    face into the crevice between the man’s testicles and thigh,
    right on the moist spot. His tongue came out and he started
    to lick.
    “Your balls smell good, Father!” he dove back in.
    “His prick tastes really good too, OogaBooga!” Chuckie sucked
    more. This went on for a while, and they even traded off. OogaBooga
    sucked on the stiff cock and Chuckie went for the balls. Then
    OogaBooga lifted his head. “Think we oughta smell his ass?” he
    asked his friend.
    “Yeah, let’s see if it’s as strong.”
    The priest gasped and lifted his own legs, lewdly exposing
    his anus and showing them the spot no one else had seen since
    he was young. “Gosh. It’s either real strong or Father doesn’t
    wipe very good!”
    “Lemme try.” OogaBooga pushed his friend aside and sniffed
    “Yeah, it’s real scuzzy!”
    “Let’s see you lick it, OogaBooga. Like you do mine.”
    “You too, right?”
    “Sure. Want me to go first?”
    “Nope. I don’t care if it’s dirty…yours always is!”
    Father Templer was in absolute heaven. The two dirty,
    obscenely filthy little boys were doing monstrously lewd things
    down between his legs…and he wasn’t about to stop them! Even
    when they began to thrust their tongues up his bottom, he
    reached down and opened his anus up with his own fingers.
    Having these precious youngsters licking his soiled anus and
    tonguing out his dirty rectum was worth going to hell for! He
    urged them on.”
    He was amazed at his own language. Obscenties that had
    remained dormant for many years were suddenly bursting forth
    from his foul mouth as he watched the wanton display between
    his thighs. He knew this was a dream. He knew it was only a
    fantasy. Nothing like this could really be happening. He’d soon
    wake up with wet sheets. But he wanted the taste of a boy’s
    asshole on his lips before that happened. He knelt on the floor
    and swung his robe over his back. Repositioned OogaBooga on all
    fours and ordered Chuckie to suck his asshole while he thrust
    his own face up OogaBooga’s cushy rearend and began to eat the boy
    Luckily, the dream hadn’t ended yet. Chuckie was rimming
    him for all he was worth, and Father Templer got a distinct
    smell up his nose and taste in his mouth. OogaBooga wasn’t all that
    fastidious down there either! Thank god he was a normal boy
    who didn’t wipe very good. He wanted to taste just a bit of
    altarboy shit…and OogaBooga gave it to him. He sucked on that
    pink rosette like a madman! Still, he couldn’t match the
    expertise of the young boy behind him. Chuckie had more
    experience, and he had a bigger, fluffier one to work with.
    Father Templer had a large, round, distended anus that was
    darker and more relaxed. Chuckie was able to get his tongue
    well up inside and work it around. He liked the way the priest
    smelled and tasted, and enjoyed the rubbery flesh.
    OogaBooga accidentally farted in the priest’s mouth, but Father
    Templer hardly minded. The aroma went straight to his brain and
    he pushed his tongue in deeper.
    Father Carrion stood in the doorway. His prick raged as he
    quietly viewed the lasciv-iousness. Unable to take it any more,
    he untightened his cassock, flung it over his shoulder and
    walked forward. With a tender nudge, he pushed Chuckie out of
    the way. Squatting down, he plunged his massive organ directly
    up Father Templer’s ass!
    The priest certainly wouldn’t have minded in the least had
    Charles decided to fuck him. But finding himself impaled beyond
    belief, he shreiked in pain and looked over his shoulder.
    “F-Father Carrion!! I…OH MY ASSHOLE!”
    “Yes, and a splendid one it is! I’ve lusted for this since
    you first came to the parish. I. can’t believe my luck.”
    “B-but Father. This is so immoral. Gawd, you stuff me!”
    “Moral schmoral. I lust for altarboys much as you do. But
    this protruding cunt of yours is too heavenly to resist. The
    boys can wait. Suck his prick while I bugger you. Suck them
    “Yes! Yes! Give me pricks in my mouth!”
    Chuckling, OogaBooga and Charles both presented their
    erection to his open mouth. He took them both in at once and
    ran his tongue between then, finding being sodomized the most
    intense enjoyment of his entire life! Fuck the church and their
    fanatic denial of the flesh. His belief in God was total, and
    he could not imagine what they were doing remotely approached
    sin. This was truly a religious insight. Love flowed through
    his body as intense as his lust. Drinking the warm sperm as the
    lads simultaneously spurted into his mouth was indeed profound.
    The contraction in his sphincter as his fellow priest
    buried his organ to the fullest and filled him with the nectar
    of existence, brought him closer to the creator than ever
    before. This was the secret. That all humans abandon violence
    and hate, and connected their bodies thus. When all humans
    joined their bodies in unison, together they would suddenly all
    rise to heaven in ecstasy!
    After the climax he backed up and put the other priest’s
    deflated prick into his mouth. He tasted of himself and the
    juice of his colleague. It was the natural thing to do. Father
    Carrion sucked abandonly at his asshole, drawing forth his own
    seed from the gaping hole. He pulled back the priest’s cock
    from between his legs and drew the nectar from his balls.
    All sated, they rested in a pile of naked flesh with many
    Soon, the boys, with their youthful powers of recuperation,
    gave the priests a show as they performed on each other. Suck-
    ing pricks and balls and tonguing assholes, they gave the holy
    men an extraordinarily spirited voyeuristic titillation.
    “Gee, that was swell!” Chuckie gushed. “We never saw
    anybody get fucked before.”
    “Yeah, Father. You must have been fucked a lot. Father
    Carrion sure has a big prick and you took all of it!”
    “Boys, I’ve never been, uh…fucked before. But it
    definitely won’t be my last time, that’s for certain.”
    “It sure won’t,” Father Carrion declared. “Not as long as
    I’m around! And you scamps were certainly a surprise. Sucking
    pricks and licking assholes. Where’d you learn all that?”
    “By ourselves,” OogaBooga smiled. “We were jerking off together
    one day and decided to try sucking. We liked that, so we
    checked out each other’s butts, too. I guess it’s nasty, but I
    kinda like the smell.”
    “But we didn’t know we could fuck, or we would have tried.”
    “Sure wish I could tell my brother he was right…but, I
    “What’s that all about?” Father Carrion asked, perplexed.
    “He said all priests are fags and like to blow boys,” OogaBooga
    said. “But Father Templer made me promise not to tell him about
    “Heh! That’s not really true. I guess he kept his own
    promise, though,” Father Carrion chuckled. “Your brother
    probably thinks that since I used to blow him when he was an
    altar boy.”
    “Gosh! You did?” OogaBooga cried.
    “Many times. I caught him trying to masturbate into the
    chalice one day after mass. I told him it was a sin to waste
    his seed and suggested he do it in my mouth instead. I didn’t
    waste it!” he laughed.
    “Does he have a big one?” OogaBooga asked.
    “It was about like yours. Probably gotten bigger since
    “Gee, I wonder if he’d let me suck it some time.”
    “No, no. Now that would be incest…strictly forbidden! You
    boys feel a need for bigger ones, you come see Father Templer
    or me.”
    “Would you teach us how to fuck, Father?” Chuckie
    “I suppose we’d better. Because the way I did it was not
    right. I was just too excited. I should have gone real easy,
    but I was afraid Father Templer would buck me off.”
    “No shit! I mean, no kidding,” Father Templer said. “Good
    thing Chuckie had my butthole licked out real good. You really
    skewered me. But maybe that was the best way for my first time.
    You boys should go easy, you’re a lot smaller back there…and
    be sure to lick it open real good first. You boys are good at
    “We haven’t licked yours yet, Father Carrion,” Timmy
    “Yeah, then maybe Father Templer can fuck you,” Chuckie
    “I’m afraid we both have some important business right now,
    fellows, but here…I’ll let you lick it for me if you want.”
    The priest bent over and bared his bottom to their faces. He
    held his cheeks apart and let them smell and lick his anus.
    “This is great, hunh Chuckie? It’s hairier and stinks
    Father Templer got way down and licked Chuckie’s asshole
    since he hadn’t gotten the chance yet. The boy smelled divine!
    He told Father Carrion how wonderful the boy smelled and
    “Well, I suppose I’ll have to try that some time,” he

  3. OogaBooga says:

    Wow. This is true commitment, fake Ooga. Can you keep it up? Do you have the staying power?

  4. Rear Admiral Gaylord Perry says:

    Ooga are you giving yourselves another reach you no life pathetic loser?

  5. Kill All Fags says:

    Real or fake or whatever, all OogaBooga’s are faggots.

  6. OogaBooga says:

    Ah, the ol’ switcheroo, eh? Still just me, the one and only.

    In case you missed it, hasbara-with-a-thousand-gay-faces:

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