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John Pittsley
• 08.30.15 12:20 am


It’s pretty easy to hate feminists for constantly complaining about how sexist our society is and how men are pigs. Just like it’s easy to hate your buddy’s shitty girlfriend who makes his life a living hell. After a while though, you end up hating your buddy for putting up with the crazy bitch and not dumping her.

That’s where we’re at with the current state of feminism and the constant accusations of sexism. It’s hard not to point the blame at the women bitching and moaning about how men want to oppress women and keep them miserable. The problem is, behind every whiny feminist, there’s an emasculated beta whispering “you go, babe.” THESE are the people we should be focusing on, our fellow man.

Feminists already have a mighty fine time of drumming up some ridiculous controversy to prove how sexist men and our society are. We don’t need to give them a hand. Yet there’s an army of pussy-starved sallies willing to do their bidding, in hopes of getting some slizz. Say for instance, an editor at a newspaper who squeals on a couple of men for talking about a chick’s giant tits. That’s what the city editor at The Durango Herald did and it’s one of the most embarrassing displays of beta-male feminism I’ve seen in a while.

Supposedly, after leaving a polite and perfectly gentlemanly voicemail for a reporter, some police officer at the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office managed to fuck up hanging the phone up correctly and proceeded to leave a recording of a normal conversation between a couple of guys at work. How this is a controversy, I don’t know. To me, it sounds like three guys talking about tits at work, amongst themselves, off the record. If the reporter was there, I could see what all the hoopla was about, but she wasn’t. She didn’t even hear it when she listened to the recording. It took her editor turning up the volume and writing a transcript to show her how awful these guys were.

Obviously, this pussy is in the business of selling newspapers and a ‘scandal’ like this with the police department would most certainly sell more papers. But there isn’t a doubt in my mind this great defender of equality and women’s rights thought he was improving his chances with his big-breasted co-worker by exposing sexism in the La Plata County Police Department. I can just see the nervous nelly spilling coffee on himself and fumbling with his pen and pad whenever the broad walked into the newsroom with her huge cans. The dweeb probably gets so nervous around her, he isn’t able to formulate complete sentences and instead, chooses to email her. He probably goes so far as to send her kudos every time she submits an article, in hopes SHE will ask him out for drinks.

Nerds like this doofus are the same cry-babies who whine about how they’re great guys but are always thrown into the ‘friend zone’. What these ninnies don’t realize is they aren’t helping themselves, by cowering to feminists’ demands and attempting to fulfill, what they assume to be, every woman’s wishes. In fact, they’re only making things more difficult for themselves. Just ask Ray Romano. More importantly, they’re making life more difficult for the rest of us.

It may be fun to laugh at these pathetic losers but letting them wallow in misery is only fueling the insatiable beast known as radical feminism. We can’t go head-to-head with these crazy cunts anymore. We need to focus on the sissies behind them and help educate these sorry excuses for men. Then and only then can we truly fight this battle head on.


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    I was thinking about that and wondering what I could have done in my life that would totally ruin it for forever like those cops. Maybe start a blog.

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    Love dem titties

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    so this is basically a website for “mens rights” dudes now?

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    Why be for mens right when you can just ignore what women tell you to do?

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    Shit? Fuck? Tits? TITS!

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